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[Dan Abnett] Õ Magos (Eisenhorn) (French Edition) [read-for-school PDF] Ebook Epub Download Õ The Magos connects Abnett s Eisenhorn short stories together with a few of his other 40k shorts, and adds a whole new novella into the process I can t assess the old short stories properly I grew up with them and don t have the distance But the new novella works VERY well.
Structurally, the Magos provides connective tissue between Abnett s Ravenor and Pariah trilogies, providing additional details on the metaphysics behind the creation language Enuncia and the investigative leads Eisenhorn follows in Pariah But it s also a nice piece of writing in its own right Abnett mixes in folklore concepts of fairy tales with extraplanar dimensions in a way that unites both under the cosmology of 40k Characters both lead and trivial are written in a charming, compelling fashion, and Abnett plays with language in a fashion most surprising for a licensed tie Dan Abnett Is The Author Of The Horus Heresy Novels Horus Rising, The Unremembered Empire, Know No Fear And Prospero Burns, The Last Two Of Which Were Both New York Times Bestsellers He Has Written Over Fifty Novels His Other Work For Black Library Includes The Acclaimed Gaunts Ghosts Series, The Eisenhorn And Ravenor Trilogies, And I Am Slaughter, The Opening Novel In The Beast Arises Series A Prolific Comicbook Writer, He Scripted The First Horus Heresy Graphic Novel, Macragges Honour He Lives And Works In Maidstone, Kent In The UKDan Abnett Has Written Over Fifty Novels, Including Anarch, The Latest Instalment In The Acclaimed Gaunts Ghosts Series He Has Also Written The Ravenor And Eisenhorn books, The Most Recent Of Which Is The Magos For The Horus Heresy, He Is The Author Of Horus Rising, Legion, The Unremembered Empire, Know No Fear And Prospero Burns, The Last Two Of Which Were Both New York Times Bestsellers He Also Scripted Macragges Honour, The First Horus Heresy Graphic Novel, As Well As Numerous Audio Dramas And Short Stories Set In The Warhammer , And Warhammer Universes He Lives And Works In Maidstone, Kent Dan Abnett s writing is always incredible, and his eisenhorn and ravner series both got me completely sucked back into 40K again I absolutely love The Inquisitor books and can t wait until he has an opportunity to finish the Bequin trilogy as well Definitely recommend these books and this one is nice because it adds not only a new longer story about a new character but several other many stories that help to flush out some of the background of the characters that I ve come to know from the other books Would definitely recommend picking these up if you are a fan of the Warhammer 40K universe or just really good characters If your an Eisenhorn fan this is a great book Even if your not it is extremely well written and a great plot.
What can I say about Dan Abnett If you ve never read one of his books, then may I suggest starting with the Gaunts Ghosts series For those of us that have had the pleasure of Mr Abnetts stories, this is another great story by a great author.
Another excellent addition to the Eisenhorn series Although the short stories had mostly been reprinted elsewhere, having them in the same volume with the Magos really helped build up to the novel itself The main novel is wonderfully paced and successfully delves into the tragedy of Eisenhorn and what drives him I especially enjoyed the humor of Drusher and his interaction with Eisenhorn s retinue Finally, upon finishing I immediately went and re read Pariah and found that the Magos makes that novel even better and some of the events like that concerning Voriet impactful Nobody creates such an immersive environment as well as Abnett.

As usually, I love it The only negative to Dan Abnett s Inquisitor series comes from the supposed competence of Ravenor, which isn t there A honest contest between Eisenhorn and Ravenor would result in Ravenor defeated and not dead if and only if Eisenhorn didn t want him to be , but this series doesn t seem to be heading that way Great bridge between Pariah and the Eisenhorn trilogy So far, Dan Abnett s best series, unlike the rather disappointing and clueless Ravenor and the degeneration into random wandering and rinse, repeat of the later Gaunt s Ghosts the first six are great, but all the foreshadowing disappears into dust as Gaunt and the Ghosts descend into obscurity and sideline stories.
It has been so long, I actually limited myself to a chapter or part of a chapter a day to stretch the story out instead of de This is arguably Dan Abnett s best book for the Black Library It is utterly unlike anything else he has written and for those who prefer Eisenhorn to Ravenor, it is a must have It s comprised of multiple short stories, a novella, and ends with the new novel Magos which is excellent It is filled with older beloved characters and introduces new characters that quickly become favorites Slight Spoiler Alert if you have read the original Eisenhorn Trilogy, you will know that he consider himself a low delta on the psyker scale yet he always seems to beat superior opponents like Pontious Glaw and Qxious This book explains the very WHY of the that and it is not even knowledge Eisenhorn knows himself Or about himself He is not just hyper lucky Also, the novel Magos at the end is a direct PREQUEL to Pariah THAT is a must read Look at the cover It says, The Magos ,

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