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[Joseph Cary] Ù A Ghost in Trieste [contemporary PDF] Read Online ↠´ Gem Of The Adriatic, Trieste Sparkled And Beckoned Through The Pages Of Poets And Novelists Drawn There In Search Of Literary Ghosts, Of The Poet Umberto Saba And The Novelists Italo Svevo And James Joyce, Joseph Cary Found Instead A City With An Imaginative Life Of Its Own, The One That Rises, Tantalizing From The Pages Of This Book The Story Of Cary S Travels, A Ghost in Trieste, Is Also A Tale Of Discovery And Transformation, As The Bustling World Of Port And Airplane, Baggage And Trams And Trains Becomes The Landscape Of History And Literature, Language And Art, Psychoanalysis And The SelfHere Is The Crossroads Of East And West A Port Held In Turn By The Romans, The Venetians, The Austrians, The Germans, The Slavs, And Finally The Italians, Trieste Is The Capital Of Nowhere, Fertile Source Of A Unique Literary Florescence Before The First World War At Times An Exile Home And An Exiled City I Cannot Claim To Have Walked Across It All, Wrote Saba, The Poet Of Trieste In Of The City Cary Crosses And Recrosses, Seeking The Poetry Of The Place That Inspired Its Literary Giants Trieste S Cultural And Historical Riches, Its Geographical Splendor Of Hills And Sea And Mysterious Presence Unfold In A Series Of Stories, Monologues And Literary Juxtapositions That Reveal The City S Charms As Well As Its Seductive Hold On The Writer S Imagination Throughout, Literary And Immediate Impressions Alike Are Elaborated In Paintings And Maps, And In Handsome Line Drawings By Nicholas ReadThis Clownish And Adolescent Parsifal, This Trieste Of The Prickly Grace, This Place Impaled In My Heart Like A Permanent Point, This Symbol Of The Adriatic, This City Made Of books Here The Book Remakes The City The Trieste Of Allusions Magically Becomes A City Of Palpable Allure, Of Warmth And Trying Contradictions And Gritty Beauty Part Travel Diary, Part Guide Book, Part Literary History, A Ghost in Trieste Is A Brilliant Introduction To An Extraordinary Time And Place In Joseph Cary, Trieste Has Found A New Poet, And Readers, A Remarkably Captivating Companion And Guide

I actually enjoyed this book than I thought I would, especially after the first pages, in which the author explains that he set out to write a scholarly project about the interactions of the three great early twentieth century writers associated with Trieste, James Joyce, Umberto Saba, and Italo Svevo, only to discover that there really were not that many interactions.
Instead of a scholarly treatise, he wrote a kind of cultural history of Trieste, in a light tone without any footnotes Nicholas read draws some little diagrams, makes some squiggly lines between things, and Cary throws in a section of translations of Saba, Scipio Slataper, Ettore Schmitz Italo Svevo , and Joyce poems penned in Triestine dialect, as well as translations of these from the Italian of Montale.
It s a lot of fun, as long as one doesn t expect it to A few interesting insights here and there about Trieste but really, a book researched and written on the basis of a three week stay

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