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[ Read Online A Portrait of Joan ✓ yuri PDF ] by Joan Crawford Ô This is an interesting read, but it is pretty much just a straight autobiography It is nowhere near as fun or amusing as My Way of Lifeif you are short on time, read that one first The Warm, Sincere Account Of An Underprivileged Kansas City Girl, Who, Through Hard Work And Determination, Rose To Become An Honored Actress Of Great Magnitude And A Respected Figure In American Industry It Is Full Of Glamorous Moments, Heart Warming Episodes, And Exciting Personalities I m surprised by how much I enjoyed this, given that I knew next to nothing about Joan Crawford going in other than the infamous Mommie Dearest stories Her memoir is obviously tailored for maximum positivity, but I was completely absorbed by her experiences in early Hollywood It s pretty remarkable to have a strong film career from the 1920s into the 1960s, with massive changes in all aspects of the industry The development of Los Angeles around Hollywood is a weird niche interest of mine, and this book definitely satisfied that curiosity.
Beyond Divalicious Interesting take from Joan s perspective.

Love this bookJoan was talented and beautiful.
She is a legend and will always in my mind no matter what She had to work her way up the ladder from her horriblebchildhoid to become a big star.
The last few chapters were like a long advert for Pepsi But still a good read

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