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[Lorna Peel] ò A Summer of Secrets [religion PDF] Ebook Epub Download á I hope I m not doing this novel a disservice by calling it a modern Downton Abbey but as I read A Summer of Secrets I couldn t help but think of how the Crawleys will have to open their home up to the public in order to make ends meet like Lord Thomas Heaton in this book is forced to do In doing so he meets Sophia who is employed as a tour guide and they fall for each other but are reluctant to commit I became immediately involved with Sophia and Thomas and their will they or won t they relationship They, and the unfolding mystery kept me reading and I will definitely read of Ms Peel s work.
A great novel with love complications and family responsibilities I enjoyed it very much.
A Summer of Secrets is a great romantic mystery Sophia Nelson starts a new job as a tour guide in Heaton Abbey House, home of the aristocratic Heaton family, just as a dark secret hidden for decades concerning Thomas, Baron Heaton s parentage is uncovered This novel was a real page turner as Sophia and Thomas try to fight their attraction to each other while the consequences of the secret s uncovering unravels leaving none of the characters unscathed.
I loved the storyline and the characters made me laugh and cry Quite often at the same time A great read.
A sweet book Very enjoyable.
A well written story about what it s like to be a lord in the 21st century I highly recommend this book.
A Manor House Mystery Romance Crackling With Sexual Tension, Family Secrets And Ancestral IntrigueSophia Nelson Returns To Her Hometown In Yorkshire, England To Begin A New Job As Tour Guide At Heaton Abbey House There, She Meets The Reclusive Thomas, Baron Heaton, A Lonely WorkaholicDespite Having A Rule Never To Become Involved With Her Boss, Sophia Can T Deny How She Finds Him Incredibly AttractiveWhen She Overhears The Secret Surrounding His Parentage, She Is Torn But Is It Her Attraction To Him Or The Fear Of Opening A Pandora S Box That Makes Her Keep Quiet About It How Long Can Sophia Stay At Heaton Abbey Knowing What She Does MehPlot was good enough but characters lack development and depth The action is most of the time rushed from one context to another without any indication.
An engrossing romantic suspense The author did a great job of providing the reader with a balance between the romance and the suspense All the characters are well developed and read like real people The relationship between Sophia and Thomas unfolded naturally and didn t feel forced A Summer of Secrets kept me turning pages to the very end.
A very enjoyable read with an unusual setting, a believable romance, main and secondary characters with depth, genealogy research and family secrets and intrigue.

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