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[Suravi Thomas] ✓ Adventures In Antarctica [fire-engines PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ It Was The Best Christmas Gift Two Children Could Get An Expedition To Antarctica, The Mysterious White Continent When Suravi And Rishi Thomas Got A Place On A Chilean Navy Ship Sailing To Antarctica, They Couldn T Have Imagined The Stormy Time That Lay Ahead Four Storey High Waves Battered The Decks, Ferocious Winds Sharp As Ice Blades Lashed Out, Hulky Icebergs Came Crashing In Until Their Ship Began To Teeter Like A Paper Boat In Rain There Was Only One Thing For The Brother Sister Duo To Do Hold On To Their Bunks For Dear Life It Has Never Been Smooth Sailing To Antarctica The Coldest And Windiest Continent On Earth For Even The Most Intrepid Explorers The Dangers Have Never Stopped The Brave Ones, Though And As Their Ship Scissored Its Way Through Sea And Ice, Suravi And Rishi Became Fearless Discoverers, Driven By A Passion For Penguins And Spellbound By Antarctica S Many Extraordinary Sights Gigantic Blue Icebergs, Playful Pods Of Whales, Legendary Albatrosses, Rainbow Skies At Midnight And Vast Carpets Of Thick Ice Adventures In Antarctica Is The First Hand Account Of Two Young People On A Journey To A Desolate Yet Magnificent Wilderness The Real Story Of Suravi And Rishi S Voyage To The End Of The Earth Antarctica

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