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✓ Affairytale (Affairytale, #1) µ Download by Ð C.J. English NO RATING DNF 25%I know I haven t completed the book and maybe all that I ll be saying will be irrelevant if I had read it all but I just can t move forward.
First let me apologise to the author, I am so sorry but this one wasn t for me To be honest I rarely dnf an ARC but this one was getting on my nerves I tried reading this one three times after taking breaks but Nope Ironically it is the writing that I loved and also hated I loved the lyrical flow of her writing which really impressed me because that s her first book however there was too much of Telling instead of Showing , I really wished there weredialogues instead of narration Then the second thing that didn t work for me was the solo pov I know that the genre doesn t permit multiple povs but I was really lost as I was getting only CJ s pov Moreover for me I felt like Levi was the v Affairytale is a memoir of a woman who fell in love with the right man while she was in the wrong relationship For years this had remained a secret desire, but their chemistry was palpable and they couldn t keep it platonic any True Love always finds a way Sometimesit starts with an affairThis is a story that will stick with me for a very long time I think it s one of my unforgettable reads And I m saying that in the best way that you can say that this is a memorable love story And most importantly A real love story.
I don t like judging people I never liked that and I was always against that In fact, I m a hater when it comes to gossip Maybe because I was grown up in a big city, visiting my village often and Kindle Bestselling Book Diaries And JournalsI D Fallen Tragically In Love With A Man Who Was Always Just Out Of Reach I Knew Two Things For Certain Levi Was The Man I Could Never Live With Grant Was The Man I Could Never Live Without Grant Was A Rare Gentleman, Intelligent And Gorgeous A Man Every Woman Desired Every Cell In My Body Was Telling Me That He Was My Happily Ever After I Was Stuck In A Marriage Of Mediocrity, I Ached For Red Silk Romance And Carry Me Away Passion, But Not With My Husband I Craved Him Living Without Him Was Cruel And Unusual Punishment, Even For My Wandering Heart Finalist, National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist, Readers Favorite Book Awards Finalist, Independent Author Network Book Of The Year Awards Finalist, Beverly Hills Book AwardsA Story You Only read Once In A Lifetime Her Writing Was Unconditionally Spell Binding Belgian Naughty Reader Book Blog Together They Prove True Love Is Worth Waiting And Fighting For Beaute De Livres Book Blog We Found Ourselves Riveted Totally Booked Blog Mesmerizing, Breathtaking And Spectacular SueBee Prepare To Love It Or Hate It Affairytale Will Rip Your Heart Out And Make You Hate The Author So Bad You Ll Want To Throw It Her At The Wall Or, You Will Understand And Root For Love To Win Not For Readers Under , Not For Readers Who Can T Stomach Real Life Affairs And Why They Happen, Not For Readers Who Send Hate Mail And Not For Readers Who Like To Settle In And Get Comfortable This Is A Cringe Worthy, Stomach Wringing, Pain Inducing True Account Of A Real Life Affair That Will Leave You With No Doubt That True Love Really Does Exist 2.
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99 6 12 14 All Consuming Stars Photo credit Pinterest Affairytale CJ and Grant English photoshoot Affairytale, A Memoir, was unlike any other reading experience I ve encountered EVER Let me preface my review with the fact that I have NEVER read a non fiction book I guess I always thought non fiction was autobiographies and I, quite frankly, could care less about famous people s self absorbed life stories I had no idea non fiction has love stories This is the life love story of a young woman named Charmaine nicknamed C.
J her story to tell and nobody else s And what a beautiful one it was Affairytale takes place in Minnesota and spans a timeframe of twelve years CJ is our narrator and we take a journey in her shoes one day at a time From those early days of first love with Levi, th Everyone gets a do overI m pretty sure this is the only memoir I have read to date I loved the author s ability to paint herself in her best and worst light and tell her story To be honest, I found the first 40 percent of this story pretty slow going and wished she had givenin most areas For example, not until after forty percent did I have any connection whatsoever to Grant the man of her dreams, the man she feels she should have married It was all just glossed under the umbrella that they had a lot in common and continuous fantastic conversation each and every summer However this could be reduced to the fact that this is in fact a memoir He was my greatest loss, yet I hadn t even had him yet Once C.
J and Grant actually address their feelings the story takes flight and so does the affair This is the point where I started my fall for Affairytale is a memoir, a story about a young woman who marries the wrong man, and as the years go by, finds herself unable to deny the true love of her life An honest account of an affair, and falling in love It s heartbreaking, yet beautiful I can t judge CJ s story, what s right or wrong, I haven t lived her life In the end, I simply wish them all happiness and love.
The path to happily ever after isn t always straight and narrow, sometimes it s messy We all make choices, as flawed beings, sometimes those choices may not seem right At some point in our lives, we will all bare our share of shame, disappointment and weakness That s life, and that s loveIf all marriages are unhappy and take work, then mine was no different I stayed because I was foolish enough to believe those things were true CJ has found her soul mate, but 5 Consuming gripping yet Beautiful stars First of all I just want to say how awed I am by this author not only because this is her first book but because she has given us something special she s put her heart and soul into this book This isn t a fiction Novel it s A.
Memoir, it s her life it s her experience its raw, intense and had me gripped at the edge of my seat and reading at all hours to see where it was going and how frankly she became who she is today This is C.
J and Grants story and although it is an Affair for me it didn t feel wrong nor much of an affair as I connected to both and saw C.
J s struggles at the beginning, it didn t phase me if your worried about Angst I really honesty don t think you need to worry here again just My point of view What s it aboutDon t when young want love we want t My love, you were so worth the wait Affairytale is a unique read exposing the the ugliness of a broken relationship and the transformation of one woman who found her true love before it was too late In reality, I am not a fan of books with cheating Being a married woman myself, I don t want to question my own marriage I don t want to expose the cracks that surface when times are difficult I don t want to experience the anxiety of what if or why not And yet, as I fearfully made my way through this read, I found admiration for a woman who never stopped fighting for herself I found courage in the knowledge that I am exactly where I am meant to be And as I finished this read and snuggled closer to my husband, I found peace in his arms Emotionally exhausted and on the brink of a melt

FOUR STARS BR with Mel and Sharon I wanted to live, really live before I die I wanted to know what it feels like to be loved by the man of my dreams.
Levi was the man I couldn t live with, and Grant was the man I couldn t live without This is the second non fiction book I ve ever read of my own free will The first was Rob Lowe s autobiography, and let me just say, I enjoyed C.
J s book farThat s really a compliment because back in my early days, I was head over heels in love with Rob Lowe In the beginning of the story, I started to question if it was a good idea to read someone s real life memoirs because what if I ended up hating this book It would be hard to criticize the author I m not going to lie, in the beginning I was having a tough time liki 5 riveting STARSI ached for red silk romance, and carry me away passion, and I ached for it with nobody else but him He was a breed of charming I couldn t resistI just read the most beautiful and unique story Colour me surprised, but this book was one of my absolute favourite reads in a long time, quite possibly the last few years And it s non fiction, a memoir Everything is real and it just makes it all so muchwonderful I laughed, I was heart broken, I got angry and I wanted to scream and I cried tears of joy Stunning book about a woman who had an affair and the consequences that came with it.
Affairytale was a gamble for me C.
J English is a first time author and she very kindly asked me to review her book We all know how that doesn t always pan out, but this time around I got a complete win I actually feel like buying copies and givin

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