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[ Read Online Aftershocks (The Palladium Wars, #1) ↠´ wizards PDF ] by Marko Kloos ¿ After 5 years as a POW, Aden tries to come to terms with reality and forge a life for himself in a system that disdains his people as warmongers But when a Palladian security force is wiped out and an advanced warship stolen, it s clear that a time of dearly bought peace is about to end.
I really enjoyed Aftershocks by Marko Kloos Correction I WAS really enjoying it And then it stopped Rather abruptly Like when you re watching a really great show and then suddenly the power goes out That s what it felt like at the end of Aftershocks.
But let s not start on a downer Aftershocks is still a great read I ve sorta cherry picked the afore mentioned Aden as the principle character but I confess I m not entirely convinced There are a few other characters, for a start And the format of the book basically revolves around a different character spearheading a particular chapter So As much as I think the finale of Star Trek Deep Space Nine might be one of the best TV finales ever, I do wish we had seen canonically, on screen what the aftermath of the Dominion War brought It s one thing to tell a war story and DS9 told it well and another to talk about after the war About picking up the pieces, rebuilding, and healing wounds of all varieties Aftershocks is exactly that kind of book Marko Kloos drops us into a solar system five years after the last official shot was fired and, through a select cast of characters, asks us to consider how we would rebuild trust, empathy, and our own personal lives Thanks to 47North and NetGalley for the eARC Perhaps the main character, because we meet him first and get the most pagetime with him, is Aden At the beginning of the book he is a prisoner of war, because he was on the losing side He is soon released, Ahoy there me mateys I received this sci fi eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review So here be me honest musings .
Okay mateys, I know I haven t even finished Marko Kloos Frontlines series and yet here I be starting another series by him I have no regrets I picked this up and devoured it in one sitting It also helps that it be under 300 pages.
In this book a nasty war has ended and it has been five years since the peace treaty But peace seems to be faltering This series has multiple points of view Ye follow four perspectives Aden a POW from the losing side of the battle who is released five years after defeat to start anew Idina a soldier from the winning side who holds a grudge, she is part of the occupying military force on the defeated planet Dunstan a member of the winning naval space fleet whose simple guard dut Quite an unexpected hit for me as I started but never progressed in the author s debut six volume series Frontlines anprime book of the month in July 2019, I got a sample in my email and the first page intrigued me, so I started reading and couldn t put the book down until the end, while volume 2 became a clear asap Closer to space opera than pure military sf though on a multiplanet solar system scale , the novel starts some 5 years after the end of a brutal 4 year interplanetary war in which Gretia, the main Earthlike but militaristic society and with Nordic German like names and racial description of the population to boot of a 6 planet system the others being much less hospitable to humanity but compensating in their own ways tried to subjugate the other 5 and eventually lost to the alliance led by their main opponents Rhodia having the main alliance fleet and Anglo like names and I was fortunate to receive an ARC of this via NetGalley, and was excited to dig in The premise appealed to me it has been years since the aftermath of a war that spanned solar systems, in which an alliance of planets finally succeeded in overtaking the miltaristic society of Gretia Now, after a period of peace as society struggles to right itself and the Gretian way of life is all but dismantled, unrest is stirring onceA mysterious group is appearing with technology far beyond anything seen during the War, and they bring destruction with no discernible agenda beyond fostering fear and discord.
There are a handful of point of view characters, and each are unique and well written, with their own voices to distinguish themselves A space naval commander, a young woman who is heir to the wealthiest family on Gretia and their company s last hope at survival, a

Space opera I love a solid space opera Not to be confused with space fantasy, where people have mystical powers and laser swords, and there are space dragons and the like Marko Kloos writes plausible, believable space opera with a military bent.
So, this was my free Kindle book this month I agonised over the choice Most of the other choices were crimey or weepy, by the looks of things, and this was straight up science fiction I vaguely recognised the name, and wondered why, so I did a quick Google before clicking okay Kloos was one of the writers shortlisted for the Hugo Award in the contentious 2015 Sad Rabid Puppies nonsense He withdrew his book from consideration, which I thought showed he had some grit, and for such a classy move I d happily take his book for free fromhis publis Aftershocks is a very solid first book in a new science fiction series that revolves around six planets striving for stability after a war has ended The story is told through multiple points of view each showing a different area of how order is maintained within the solar system and how it affects different individuals However, it doesn t take too long in the story before we see that the order they are striving to maintain is fragile and occurrences of guerilla type warfare begin occurring Throughout the entire book, you can almost feel the drumbeats of war coming but the question is from whom and how are they doing what they are doing In fact, this story is a very large prelude to something major you can feel it with every page you turn.
Often science fiction leaves me fee Thanks to Netgalley for providing a copy of this book for review.
I was interested to read this book all I knew about Marko Kloos was that he got caught up in the Sad Puppies Hugo kerfuffle against his will a few years ago and acquitted himself honorably This was th start of a new series so it seemed like a good place to jump in.
There is a LOT of setup in this book There are four points of view One is Aden he s a prisoner of war from an interplanetary war who has just been freed and wants to return to his home planet His journey of return is his plotline in the book Next, there s an infantry commander and veteran who ends up stumbling into farthan she bargained for in a routine patrol on a conquered planet She then has to learn to work with the police force on the world of her former enemies in order to figure Solid opening on two counts The beginning of the novel was pretty strong with the whole what are we going to do after being in a PoW vibe going on, full of space opera MilSF goodness between two human populations.
The other solid opening was for the expectation of a full series.
Unfortunately, the actual novel does not feel all that much like a set piece It might be fine and rather perfect as long as you re reading it along with a full set of novels to come, but since the wait time will be somewhat long, I have the distinct feeling like I ll have to re read this one just to pick up on the other various character s viewpoints and the details leading up to the hanging plot threads One or two is no big deal, but this opener promises a bitcomplexity.
Not bad, mind you, and great for MilSF space opera fans, but it does come with that cavea A Solar System Fights To Survive And Reform In The Wake Of War, But The Real Battle Is About To BeginAcross The Six Planet Expanse Of The Gaia System, The Earthlike Gretia Struggles To Stabilize In The Wake Of An Interplanetary War Amid An Uneasy Alliance To Maintain Economies, Resources, And Populations, Aden Robertson Reemerges After Devoting Fifteen Years Of His Life To The Reviled Losing Side, With The Blood Of Half A Million Casualties On His Hands, Aden Is Looking For A Way To Move On He S Not The Only OneA Naval Officer Has Borne Witness To Inconceivable Attacks On A Salvaged Fleet A Sergeant With The Occupation Forces Is Treading Increasingly Hostile Ground And A Young Woman, Thrust Into The Responsibility As Vice President Of Her Family S Raw Materials Empire, Faces A Threat She Never AnticipatedNow, On The Cusp Of An Explosive And Wide Reaching Insurrection, Aden Plunges Once Again Into The Brutal Life He Longed To Forget He S Been On The Wrong Side Of War Before But This Time, The New Enemy Has Yet To Reveal Themselves Or Their Dangerous Endgame

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