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[ Pdf Allies ↠´ tanzania PDF ] by William Shawcross Ð This book was written by a European correspondent and as such gave a view of the Iraqi War from someone who was European AND supported the war He doesn t really cover any new ground, just a snapshot of the justification for the war before the problems of creating a new Iraqi constitution and government was seen A short book that adds another dimension to Operation Iraqi Freedom.
A scathing indictment of French German EU policy going into the Iraq War which lauds the heroics of President Bush and Tony Blair This book was written just following Bush s now infamous Mission Accomplished speech so obviously we look at with some hindsight and skepticism In addition, the book is short on information and chopped full of opinion That said, the author is one of the foremost journalists on foreign affairs and most famous for his early writings which were not friendly toward conservative, or for that matter any US, foreign policy Taking this into account, it s a bit eye opening to see such unabashed support for Bush and somewhat refreshing to read about, yes, his early accomplishments The most interesting passages are where the author provides veteran insight into the international relations framework that A hugely unfashionable book now Published in 2003, it makes the case for the war in Iraq very well He points out, as just about no one else has since about 1963, that the UN Charter does not prohibit the taking of unilateral preventive action in self defence prior to the occurrence of an armed attack Oh yes read this book if you do not believe everything on Comment is Free is true.

Le principal int r t du livre de William Shawcross n est pas son contenu mais son auteur Allies se pr sente comme un plaidoyer sans nuance en faveur de la politique anglo saxonne en Iraq C est un mauvais travail de journalisme, forg partir d une documentation de seconde main et non exempt d erreurs mat rielles Si l auteur critique les carences am ricaines reconstruire l Iraq il crivait au lendemain de l attentat qui a co t la vie Sergio Vieira de Mello, son ami, et alors que les actes de r sistance l occupation am ricaine se multipliaient dans le pays , c est la seule ombre une pr sentation idyllique du combat qu auraient men George W Bush et Tony Blair contre le terrorisme et pour les droits de l homme Qu aucun lien cr dible n ait jamais pu tre identifi entre Saddam Hussein et Al Qa da ne g ne en rien William Shawcross, alors m me que Allies Is An Analysis Of The Risks Taken In Iraq, The Reasons For Them And The Ways In Which The Challenge Posed By Iraq Was Unlike Anything Faced By The Post War Western Consensus Perhaps For That Reason, The Decision To Go To War In Iraq Threatened, And To Some Extent Still Threatens, To Smash That Consensus To Smithereens

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