[ Read Online Apollo 13 Manual : An Engineering Insight into How NASA Saved the Crew of the Crippled Moon Mission Ó turc PDF ] by David Baker Ó usobet.co

[ Read Online Apollo 13 Manual : An Engineering Insight into How NASA Saved the Crew of the Crippled Moon Mission Ó turc PDF ] by David Baker Ó Good Photo and Technical Information.
On April , Apollo Suffered A Near Catastrophic Explosion The Planned Lunar Landing Was Instantly Called Off And The New Challenge Was To Get The Spacecraft Safely Back To Earth When The Carbon Dioxide In The Three Astronauts Exhaled Breath Threatened To Asphyxiate Them, The Crew Improvised A Filter Device, Which Had Been Tested In Mission Control, To Make The Air Breathable Only Hours Before Hurtling Back Into The Atmosphere Did They Power Up The Apollo Spacecraft Again Not Knowing If It Had Been Fatally Damaged In The Explosion Here Is The In Depth, Inside Technical Story Of How A Potential Disaster Became NASA S Finest Hour, Told By A Member Of The Team Working In Mission Control During The Crisis To Ensure The Astronauts SafetyDr David Baker, An Englishman, Worked For NASA On The Gemini, Apollo And Shuttle Programmes Between And , And Was Part Of The Team Within Houston Mission Control Throughout The Apollo Mission He Has Written Than books On Spaceflight Technology And This Is His Fourth Haynes Manual, Following NASA Mars Rovers Manual, International Space Station Manual And NASA Space Shuttle Manual If you are looking for almost down to nuts and bolts of the Apollo this is the book for you, This is a excellent technical source of the Apollo spacecraft It explains the story of the Apollo 13 mission which include the process of the fixes done in space.
I worked in the Apollo as a technician It was me the inspector and the astronaut running intergraded plug in plug out ACE checkout tests in Downey plant where this bird was built I would have liked to have a book like that back then.
The book covers thoroughly the basic equipment systems of the Apollo Command module, Service module and the Lunar lander.
It integrates the information with the Apollo 13 mission It is great to give to someone without the basic knowledge of the Apollo spacecraft It has a balance of photos and documentation to get a clear pic This book does a fairly good job of explaining the Apollo 13 mishap Diagrams photos complement the text quite well Recommended for the space buff.
Great book Highly informative As described and shipped quickly good transaction The book is quite interesting from the enegineering and managerial point of view Great and uncommon data about the astronavigational computer electrical systems and CSM architecture and how the Apollo fixed its own position in space A detail that was missed the water evaporation cooling system of the LEM, since water was a critical consumable there is no diagramam explaining how it worked and the rate of how water was consumed I have to add that this is not a book for a beginnner since the author asume that the reader has a full knowlege of the Apollo complex.
The book really overpass my expectations.

Excellente s rie de livres techniques Tr s bien illustr et plut t compl te C est un vrai plaisir pour un public assez large.
J avais celui sur les missions Apollo, mais celui ci pousse vraiment dans le d tail Passionnant pour passionn Je le recommande vivement

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