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À Ask Again, Yes ï Download by » Mary Beth Keane Four angsty, dysfunctional, mind blowing, pushes you take a forty years journey of vivid characters and you got speechless on some parts of it starts Questions 1 Is this book including real big problems that the characters are dealing with as like alcoholism, mental illness, parental abandonment, cheating, deadly diseases, murder attempt YESSS 2 Is it also about dysfunctional two families and your daily dramas YESSS 3 Are there also a big love story between two families children YESSS 4 Are these two children, Kate and Peter, forcedly separated after a family tragedy One of them s mother shot the other s father, oh yesss, that s what I called big tragedy when they were 13, but they occasionally find each other YESSS but hmmm okay YESSS 5 are we having a great 40 years journey of those two family members YESSS 6 Did the book remind you of True Detective episod 4.
5 stars I have always enjoyed reading family stories that take me on their journey across time This is a story of two families over several decades and how their lives intersect in a tragic way as well as one that is filled of love and ultimately forgiveness Two NYC police officers, living next door to each other in the suburbs, connected mainly by the friendship of their two young children Abruptly the things going on in one of the families impact the other in a way that changes everyone s life and the two young friends are separated In less capable hands, this book could have been melodramatic, but it wasn t The author addressed some tough, realistic issues mental illness, alcoholism, parental abandonment and the effects on these characters, who I was vested in throughout, felt for throughout This could never be 5 Stars Edited after much thought to revise rating from 4.
25 Stars to 5 Stars The ramifications of this novel and its ending have stayed with me Ask Again, Yes is Literary Fiction at its best This novel is an exploration of life, love, family, mistakes and the tragedies of everyday life The Stanhopes and the Gleasons are at odds Will they ever heal the rift that tore their families apart Alcoholism, friendship, forgiveness, mental illness, love and tragedy These are the themes of Ask Again, Yes This is one heck of an engrossing novel I truly felt for the characters of Peter and Kate The trials and tribulations of two families your heart will literally be pulled in two, feeling bad for each, at certain points in time, almost feeling as i Book of the Month selection June 2019The thing is, Peter, grown ups don t know what they re doing any better than kids do That s the truth You ve seen this book around before You know the one I m talking about it s got an aesthetically pleasing blue green cover, boasts of domestic drama and in depth character study of the darker side of families, while promising the reader that they will experience a grand range of emotion by the time the final page is turned These books are one thing, pure and simple book club bait While I always fall for the cover, the inside of such books rarely leaves a longterm impression on me, because it is truly difficult for a book that follows the same procedure and format as every other in its genre to attain a memorable status in my internal hard drive Yes, this book did foll The cover of this book is remarkable and behind the cover is a remarkable book At first glance, the cover appears to be an example of a painting technique known as impasto I think Closer scrutiny reveals a typical suburban neighborhood that could be Anywhere, USA And so it is with this novel At first glance, Ask Again, Yes seems to be an American dream or coming of age novel and in some ways it is but beneath these obvious themes lie much A violent act leaves two families forever changed and another event leaves them forever linked You will live the decades of these characters lives right along with them Mental illness, stoicism, alcoholism, achievement, love and forgiveness mark this marvelous novel and the author treats her characters with

NOW AVAILABLE This is one of those books that, as I pondered writing this review, I have changed my rating from a 4 to a 5 The I thought about it, the I realized how incredibly strong the characters in this book are, I finished it last week and I m still thinking about them.
, all of them If you love strong character driven books, you will love this one I had a bit of believability issues with one of the main characters but it doesn t take away from the entire body of work.
From the blurb you know that this novel is about two neighboring families, both husbands are policemen who started out as rookies on the NYPD force The book is told from several points of view which I think greatly improved my understanding of how the individuals felt and acted.
Francis Gleeson has had a great career, he is strong willed, intelligent, diligent Mary Beth Keane s novel, Ask Again, Yes is ultimately about family, love, mistakes, forgiveness and being able to move forward in life, to move past tragedy and embrace our lives both the good and bad moments This is definitely not my typical type of read but I m so glad I gave it a try The Gleesons and the Stanhopes fully captured me I easily found myself invested in these people as I followed their family histories through time Brian Stanhope and Francis Gleeson are rookie cops who meet at the academy and are then assigned to the same precinct Years later they find themselves living next to each other, their children becoming friends and the families forever intertwined This is also a story that sheds light on some of the darker a NOW AVAILABLE heads up to whom it may concern this book is primo book club bait in general, the best book club choices are ones with juicy conflicts at their centers which inspire strong, differing, politely expressed opinions from your assembled booknerds and the best of these have an extra component they allow the reader a sort of peripheral empathy taking recognizable, relatable issues like illness, marital job stress, disputes with the neighbors, etc, and then dramatically inflating them into situations one hopes never to have to live through, providing that there but for the shiver the publisher s synopsis seems to want to keep its secrets, so i ll play along and summarize in the broadest terms it s Lying in my bed at night, after finishing this book, I found myself unwilling audience to a seethe of objectionable thoughts about the story, like watching a flickering home movie projected into a makeshift screen My mind refused to release me to oblivion, and, although the ending brings to mind the setting of one s soul at ease and the wheeling of stars into alignment once again, I turned the last page feeling heavier with what I knew I still do So, what s this book about Brian Stanhope and Francis Gleeson are friends, but perhaps friends is an inaccurate word to use They moved into neighboring homes in the small town of Gillam with their respective new brides, Anne and Lena, but mainly were thrown together by the fact that they were both rookie cops in a tough Bronx precinct a situation which, at the time, did not seem necessarily unpropiti How Much Can A Family Forgive A Profoundly Moving Novel About Two Neighboring Families In A Suburban Town, The Bond Between Their Children, A Tragedy That Reverberates Over Four Decades, The Daily Intimacies Of Marriage, And The Power Of ForgivenessFrancis Gleeson And Brian Stanhope, Two Rookie Cops In The NYPD, Live Next Door To Each Other Outside The City What Happens Behind Closed Doors In Both Houses The Loneliness Of Francis S Wife, Lena, And The Instability Of Brian S Wife, Anne Sets The Stage For The Explosive Events To Come Ask Again, Yes Is A Deeply Affecting Exploration Of The Lifelong Friendship And Love That Blossoms Between Francis And Lena S Daughter, Kate, And Brian And Anne S Son, Peter Luminous, Heartbreaking, And Redemptive, Ask Again, Yes Reveals The Way Childhood Memories Change When Viewed From The Distance Of Adulthood Villains Lose Their Menace And Those Who Appeared Innocent Seem Less So Kate And Peter S Love Story, While Tested By Echoes From The Past, Is Marked By Tenderness, Generosity, And Grace

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