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☆ Read à Awakening by Kitty Thomas ☆ This is a very short story, but it s nicely written and heavy on the erotic elements It s about a mermaid, Nerina who s taken captive by a human man, Kyros Legend has it that if a man can arouse a mermaid sufficiently, she will transform for him growing legs in place of her tail Kyros is convinced that the legend is true and determined to make Nerina transform for him so that he can keep her as his own.
Positive Comments I m fond of mermaids and other fantasy sea creatures The use of them in this story is simple, but compelling Thomas manages to describe a little bit about mermaid culture and way of life, and we get a small glimpse into how important those things are to our heroine They also serve as a sharp contrast to the new life and way of thinking she encounters after she s captured.
I liked the idea of using This dark and twisted adult fairy tale unfolds like a classic myth Mermaid Nerina is captured by a human man who wishes to tame and seduce her rather than dine on her fins as his comrades wish to do The power play, fear, and fascination make for a compelling read Recommend for fans of mermaids and myths This Work Is Dark Literary Erotica, Not Romance If Any Romance Genre Conventions Seem To Be Followed It Is Purely CoincidenceSCRIPTION Nerina Has Lived All Her Life As A Mermaid, Fascinated By Humans And Land But Also Repulsed By Sex And Unable To Understand Love Her Curiosity Gets Her Captured By A Human Male Intent On Awakening Her Lust And Turning Her Human But Nerina Doesn T Believe The Legend Is Real And Fears Kyros Will Kill Her When He Learns She Can T TransformThis Work Is A Novella Of , Words Which Will Take The Average ReaderToHours To Read, Depending On Personal Reading Speed Other books By Kitty Thomas Full Length Novels Comfort FoodGuilty PleasuresTender MerciesThe Last Girl Latest Release Novellas The AuctionIf You Enjoy The Work Of Kitty Thomas Please Consider Trying Tiffany Reisz, Annabel Joseph, And Claudia D Christian Previously Published on my blog Welcome to Larissa s Bookish Life NO SpoilersKitty Thomas is such a fantastic author I have yet to be even a little disappointed in anything she has written She just keeps dazzling me with every story she puts out.
Therefore, it is NO surprise to me that Awakening in the same footsteps of her previous novelas.
Awakening is definitely a tamer story by Kitty, in a awayromantic than her other works, but never compromising her style or genre while being compelling and hypnotic just the same.
I feel that if you ever wanted to read a Kitty Thomas story, this is the perfect place to start Danielle from ALPHA Reader says Kitty takes what would otherwise be an uncomfortable and squirm inducing idea and crafts it into a beautiful tale of human dynamics and lust, exploring the many face originally reviewd at AsianCocoa s Secret Garden4.
5 StarsAwakening was an interesting, dark love story between a human named Kyros and a mermaid named, Nerina Intriguing, right Legend says that if you catch a mermaid and can seduce her and awaken her lust she will be transformed into a human Merfolk don t have sex for pleasure or reproduction The females lay their eggs and then the males fertilize them They live together in large schools, like fish, and don t show each other affection through kissing or touching Nerina has seen humans and monkeys having sex and the thought of it does not appeal to her at all Nerina never believed the legend that a mermaid could be turned human She always dismissed the story as a scare tactic to keep mermaids from swimming too close to the shore Bu Once again, Kitty Thomas provides a story that sucks you in from the beginning and is relentless in providing a griping tale that leaves you analyzing the characters and completely captivated by character dynamics and an unique plot line.
The mermaid species does not view intimate and sexual interactions like that of the human race In fact, they don t even have sex However, tales have been passed down throughout the generations of curious mermaids being seduced by humans which caused them to loose their fins and gain legs, leaving them without hope of ever being able to return home again Nernia is determined not to become one of them But when she ventures to close to shore, she s caught in a net and becomes the captive of Master Kyros Immediately Nernia realizes how easily the tales can be true, for Kyros awakens something in her she s never felt before, nor realized she was ca Nerina, a beautiful mermaid, has been caught Tangled in a net and exposed to the lascivious gazes of fishermen she is at their mercy, and could end up as a delicacy on their banquet table, or subjected to their monstrous human rutting.
But then the captain arrives a dark and beautiful man called Kyros He has been fascinated by sea nymphs, sirens and mermaids for a long time and has often wondered what he would do if he ever caught one.
Now that Nerina is in his clutches, he intends to replace her fin with feet and introduce her to mankind s baser pleasures Awakening is the new novella from dark literary erotica author, Kitty Thomas.
I love Kitty Thomas Everything she writes is a delightfully dark delicacy and Awakening isof the same.
In the past, Thomas has written to the extremes of BDSM and fetishism From captive torturer plots to an island community dedicated to t For those of you that know me and those that don t this is my little statement about short books I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that short stories So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out , yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer but it is a short story So with that said here is my reviewI have been given this book for my honest thoughts So please let s get on with the review For those of you that know me, know that as hard as Ms Thomas work is sometimes, she is one of my favorite authors Her writing style, as difficult as it may be sometimes, brings you to a place that you would never venture alone They are not for the faint at heart But with this story She gave hard a rest and gave us a great other world story One that will have you rethinking

So this is The Little Mermaid SM version basically I have been reading a lot of Kitty Thomas lately and this lady has a penchant for dark themes which grace all of her novels bondage, slavery, non dub con you get the idea This was one of her tamer novels.
One thing I like about her books is that despite dealing with such controversial subjects, they still somehow steer clear of being crass I mean, yeah, such novels are supposed to titillate the reader and she delivers on that front , but it s not disgusting, you know Unlike the abomination that was The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Seriously, smh I surely do love Kitty Thomas dark fairy tales This one was only slightly twisted I mean, compared to her other novels novellas.

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