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↠´ Big Sur ç Download by Õ Jack Kerouac ok i still have a few pages left of jack s drunken manic breakdown, but i have to say that i am just not impressed with kerouac, at least not based on what i ve read i read on the road years ago, and all i really remember is that i wasn t significantly impressed with it, and i couldn t get past his misogyny And now, 20 years later, I feel the same way I respect kerouac for what he was at the time, the new kind of literature he helped create, the irreverence for convention, the love of art and attempts at making meaning of life in the postwar 50s ozzie and harriet world brilliant i m not sure, maybe, in some way i saw an exhibit at the NY public library of some of his artifacts, the scroll he wrote on the road with, a fantasy baseball league he created as a child, complete with elaborate stats and base Should you read this book Well, to quote Jack Kerouac himself, I don t know, I don t care, and it doesn t make any difference What inspired me to read Big Sur, which I somehow skipped in all earlier Kerouac stints, was Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar s 2009 LP One Fast Move Or I m Gone Kerouac s Big Sur If you ve not heard about the album, its genesis was Kerouac s nephew Jim Sampas requesting songwriter Jay Farrar Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt to compose some songs based on the Big Sur text for the soundtrack of a documentary film attempting to depict the period of Kerouac s life when he was dogged by the celebrity resulting from the big sales success of On The Road, trying to quit drinking and writing this novel According to Noel Murray s review of the album in the A.
V Club, the original intention was for a variety of name musi Kerouac s last stand, for all intents and purposes The Beat Legend is in top form here, as he describes as best as we could ask him to the sickness and insanity that plagued his final years, shortly after the publication of On the Road We watch in horror and sometimes sick fascination as his mind and body deteriorate under the pressures of the bottle, the sudden fame, and the sadness of existence which took his life just a few years after the novel s publication I couldn t help but feel guilty to even be reading this, and hooked on it, like a grim soap opera where I want to see just how shitty things can get for our dear protagonist over the course of the events being described Ah, Jack, you were one of the best we had and I believe I owe you an apology I m sorry I ever said a bad word about the writing you left behind for us, and I m sorry I criticized your style for not b Forgive me for this ramble in the kinda sorta manner of.
ohmygodno I did not want to read this book right now, I really did not I am in the middle of reading the later books of the recently departed Philip Roth, unflinchingly facing decay and death, and I had to drive a few hours in a car and I am about to head west On The Road soon and so I wanted to set myself up not with a framework of aging but a sense of eternal youth of joie de vivre of zest for life and go west young man, I was looking for Dharma Bums, and yikes oh no I stumbled into the sad beat drunken Breton the delirium tremens dream of Big Sur, which I had read first at maybe twenty within a year of the time I also read another alcohol ravaged book of self destruction, Under the V Grabbed Big Sur after avoiding it for sometime Grabbed Big Sur as I walked out the door for my third solo trip to Big Sur Because I had had enough Enough of everything As I said to someone on my way out, I just need to not talk to anybody for a little bit So I grabbed Big Sur, not knowing exactly what it was about.
I bombed the curves of Big Sur, passing people I shouldn t have passed Got to my campsite, and set up camp After people told me I shouldn t, no, I couldn t camp alone I m a girl.
Actually, I m a grown ass woman, and I can handle myself.
Grabbed Big Sur.
Hiked 11 miles Because there is nothing like hiking in Big Sur Chaparral, redwoods, ocean The Santa Lucia mountains abruptly rise from the Pacific, creating an amazing and unrivaled ecosystem and landscape Wildflowers Scouted out the next campsite for the next trip, in which I backpack in Because girls s

I think this is Kerouac s most honest work On the Road is awesome and I love it s exuberance for life and experience, but it s ultimately a book of youth all go go go without a thought or consideration of others or consequences that s fine when you re 25, 26, 27 but as I ve gotten older, I ve come to regard On the Road as somewhat blind exuberance and Big Sur is the cliff that Kerouac jumps right off full speed with his eyes open Big Sur is a crack up book and it shows how Kerouac lost his mind to alcohol In this book, Kerouac describes his regimin of drinking in painful detail, and still manages to sound somewhat go go go ish in boyish On the Road terms Jack never grew up, as we can see by the unconvincing ending to this book all hell and horror falling apart and then Bam Everything is Fine right Kerouac woul My fourth Kerouac, and the best I have read of him so far But unlike the others where he simply goes a wandering from one place to the next, Big Sur mostly takes place in, yes that s right, Big Sur, California Damn, what I d give to be there now All that sun I m due a much needed break Jack Duluoz the fictional Kerouac who is suffering with mental and physical exhaustion as a result of not being able to cope with a life in the public eye seeks comfort in a secluded cabin There he drinks, types, drinks some Actually he drinks a lot In fact Big Sur is a novel about the effects alcohol has on the body and soul Kerouac s description of the paranoia and existential disconnectedness he feels during his marathon binges makes for some pretty despairing writing, but then that is the whole point Big Sur eschews the almost Jack Kerouac is not for everyone It s not writing, it s typing said Truman Capote I have read a good amount of Kerouac and his contemporaries works Usually I would rank him 3 to 4 stars Big Sur is different The book stays with me It s bittersweet It follows the same character line up, the people in Kerouac s novel, are people from his real life, Neal Cassady, Michael McClure, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, etc It is very helpful to know which characters refer to specific people.
The focus is on the beat scene in and around San Francisco.
A key difference in this book compared to his others, Jack, creates his alter ego as a successful author, well known to the public He is coping with the stress of fame as he is trying to heal up his alcoholism This book is about alcoholism He is surrounded by friends who care When I was in Saint Petersburg, Florida this past spring I m going for a week again this coming December I noticed that in every book store I visitedJack Kerouac s books were on display He died in Saint Petersburg in 1969.
yet his presence is still felt today in 2106 in Saint Pete So, when I discovered Big Sur , was a 1.
99 Kindle special recently having not read it I bought it The writing is intimate from the start Now since reading Big Sur , I want to rent the movie with Kate Bosworth, Jean Marc Barr, and Josh Lucas I saw clips and it looks great So what s this book about Jack Kerouac spent three weeks in Big Sur.
struggles with alcoholism, and has an agonizing love affair He describes his hallucinations in ways that are are to imagine He s so honest, vulnerable and clearly struggling Towards the end of the book Jack returns home to be with his mother and its all so very sad There s Cada Libro De Jack Kerouac Es Una Pieza Nica, Un Diamante Telep Tico Con La Prosa Engastada En El Centro De Su Mente, Revela La Conciencia Misma Con Toda Su Elaboraci N Sint Ctica, Narrando Minuciosamente El Vac O Luminoso De Su Propia Confusi N Paranoica Esta Escritura Natural Y Tan Rica No Tiene Paralelo En La Segunda Mitad Del Siglo XX Es Una S Ntesis De Proust, C Line, Thomas Wolfe, Hemingway, Genet, Thelonious Monk, Basho, Charlie Parker Y La Percepci N Atl Tica Y Sagrada Del Propio KerouacBig Sur Es Un Relato Preciso Y Humano De Los Estragos Del Delirium Tremens Alcoh Lico Sobre Kerouac, Un Novelista Superior Que Tuvo La Fuerza Suficiente Para Completar Su Narraci N Po Tica, Tarea Que Pocos Autores Han Podido Realizar En Tales Condiciones Encontraremos Aqu A Los Poetas De San Francisco Y Reconoceremos Al H Roe Dean Moriarty Diez A Os Despu S De En El Camino Allen Ginsberg

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