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Download Epub Format µ Bitter Leaf PDF by ¿ Chioma Okereke It started off slow but I really got into the story in the second half, roughly around the 200s I really would read a book about Jericho and Babylon.
5 5Bitter Leaf is poetic Okereke words sang in my veins and my blood twerked to its melody The story is about Babylon, a highly talented musician who made women of Mannobe village envy his guitar that got the strokes of his hands, hands they fantasized stroking them instead Babylon love the women too, he was ready to stroke any woman he fancied with his deft hands, but when Jericho, a beautiful, strong willed, adventurous girl returned to the village after experiencing life in the city Hearts were meant to lust and love, Lives were meant to abruptly change and the things that mattered most were meant to disappear right in the faces The story is further driven by forces embedded in complicated characters Two twins, Mabel and M elle, Mabel s daughter and Babylon s Ex Magdelena, the wise man who ate little and spoke in parables, Allegory I loved this book It is set in an African village, we know not where, filled with loveably eccentric characters It is whimsical, musical, magical and quite lovely.

Delightfully colourfulComplete review at Bitter Leaf Is A Richly Textured And Intricate Novel Set In Mannobe, A World That Is African In Nature But Never Geographically Placed At The Heart Of The Novel Is The Village Itself And Its Colourful Cast Of Inhabitants Babylon, A Gifted Musician Who Falls Under The Spell Of The Beautiful Jericho Who Has Recently Returned From The City Mabel And M Elle Codon, Twin Sisters Whose Lives Have Taken Very Different Paths, Magdalena, Daughter Of Mabel, Who Nurses An Unrequited Love For Babylon And Allegory, The Wise Old Man Who Adheres To Tradition As Lives And Relationships Change And Mannobe Is Challenged By Encroaching Development, The Fragile Web Of Dependency Holding Village Life Together Is Gradually Revealed An Evocatively Imagined Debut Novel From A Promising New Writer About Love And Loss, Parental And Filial Bonds, And Everything In Between That Makes Life Bittersweet

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