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Ñ Read Ñ Boundaries by Val J. Peter Ñ This book is about how to set your Boundaries and what bad and good relationships are The book talks about what to do when someone crosses your Boundaries and doesn t respect them It also talks about you and your friends relationships If someone is not respecting your Boundaries you should stop talking to them, don t be friends with them any, or break up with them Overall this was a good book.
I thought it was a good book and that people should read it.
It talks about all the good and bad Boundaries How you can be a good friend and a bad friend And some people should take into consideration so people don t think they are mean or a bad friend or anything like that.

I liked this book a lot It taught me didn t ways to set Boundaries It also taught me how to show respect between friendships I recommend this book if you want to learn about Boundaries For example if you wanted to know what is good and what is bad between relationships this book would be great.
I think that this book was great I liked how they tell us about Boundaries I also like how they tell us signs that friend relationships are healthy or not I like how it tells us about unhealthy Boundaries I recommend this book to people that want to know how to set your Boundaries and if you have good relationships with your friends.
This Book Invites Young People To Examine Their Lives And Relationships It Begins By Helping Teens Define What Physical, Emotional And Sexual Boundaries Are Stories Illustrate How Personal Space And Feelings Can Be Either Respected Or Violated The Book S Journal Format Encourages Teens To Reflect On And Record Feelings About Their Own Relationships

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