Download Epub Format é Britannia's Fist: From Civil War to World War: An Alternate History PDF by ¾ Peter G. Tsouras

Download Epub Format é Britannia's Fist: From Civil War to World War: An Alternate History PDF by ¾ Peter G. Tsouras Once Too Often In The War Between The States, Great Britain S Support For The Confederacy Takes It To The Brink Of War With The Union The Escape Of A British Built Confederate Ironclad Finally Ignites The Heap Of Combustible Animosities And National Interests When The US Navy Seizes It In British Waters, The Ensuing Battle Spirals Into All Out War Napoleon III Eagerly Joins The British And Declares War On The United States Meanwhile, Treason Uncoils In The North As The Anti War Democrats, Known As Copperheads, Plot To Overthrow The US Government And Take The Midwest Into The ConfederacyBritannia S Fist Strikes Quickly And Hard Along With The Canadians, The British Invade New York And Maine, And The Royal Navy Strikes At The South Atlantic Blockading Squadron The Clash At Charleston Is History S First Great Naval Battle Between Ironclads Meanwhile, A French Army Marches Into Texas From Mexico, And The French Navy Attacks The Gulf Coast In The Midwest, The Copperheads Rise In Revolt To Liberate Confederate POWs And Arm Them With Stockpiled Weapons Never Has The Republic Been In Such Peril Britannia S Fist Brilliantly Describes Not Just A War Of Stroke And Counterstroke But One In Which New Technologies Repeating Weapons, Observation Balloons, Advances In Naval Ordnance And Armament Become Vital Factors In The Struggle Of The Young Country Against The Old World S Empires For One Of The Great Missed Stories Of The Civil War Was Not The Advance Of Military Technology But Its Impediment By Incompetence, Disorganization, And In Some Serious Cases Outright Refusal To Contemplate Anything Innovative This Is Also A War In Which The Union Finds A Combat Multiplier When It Organizes History S First National Level Intelligence Effort Britannia S Fist Is The Compelling Story Of Powerful Historical Personalities Who Come Together As The Union Goes Into Total War Mobilization In The Fight For Its Life Love me a good alternate history and this be one of them.
I am a student of the American Civil War.
I thoroughly enjoyed this alternate history the first volume in a trilogy.
Starting vol 2 today.
Excellent characterization I got to know the people involved.
Unlike some of these type of stories, the author uses actual equipment that was available during the 1860 s no flights of fantasy here.
Unlike many of Peter Tsouras books, Britannia s Fist tells a tale rather then a collection of scenarios He has gotten better at telling tales, but ends the book in the middle of the fight with the dreaded words Tobe continued excellent Now we re fighting the bloody British in Charleston harbor Good civil war era alternative history Can t wait until the next one.
I have really been enjoying alternate history books lately and I read this book because my dad recommended it Tsouras seems to have an excellent grasp of the international politics of the American Civil War period and makes the idea of Great Britain getting involved in the war believable There is very little character development to speak of in this book, as the author wants it to readlike a history text Each chapter has footnotes, most of which are real but some denoted by an asterisk point to sources that don t actually exist While I enjoyed this book, there were a few glaring errors and typos which became distracting Tsouras writing style is also awkward and can be hard to follow at times Still, I will be looking forward to reading the second installment of the trilogy.
Excellent story and characterization Some distressing and avoidable typos, and the dreaded to be continued ending but otherwise great Britannia s Fist is the first iteration in a series of five alternate history novel s written by Peter G Tsouras The original edition of the book was first published in 2008 and was distributed in North America by Potomac books The book series seeks to examine the effects and ramifications of British and French intervention in the American Civil War on behalf of the Confederate States of America Although most of the first book focuses upon events occurring in Britain and the United States the first book seeks to examine and explore events in the opening stages of the conflict involving all four nations The writing style in Britannia s Fist is similar to the style used in traditional historical narratives The book is written as if was authored as if it was an actual historical work and the events depicted in the book actually occured

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