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[ Pdf Broken Veil (Harbinger #5) ↠´ star-wars PDF ] by Jeff Wheeler ë Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Jeff Wheeler S Epic Harbinger Series Comes To A Breathtaking Conclusion As Two Women Are Swept Into A Battle That Could Destroy Two WorldsRescued From A World Of Poverty, Cettie Pratt Has Avoided A Bleak Destiny Until Now Deceived And Manipulated, She Has Been Groomed For The Ultimate Betrayal To Destroy Her Best Friend And Stop Peace From Uniting Two War Torn Worlds Her Path Leads Her To A Mysterious Underworld Where Appearances Can Be DeceivingSera Fitzempress Knows The Value She Has To Her Enemies As Heir To The Empire, She Must Keep Her Foes At Bay And Prevent Them From Unleashing A Being Of Unspeakable Evil Upon The World While Fighting A Brutal War But Her Enemies Are Cunning Than Sera Expects, And The Key To Their Plans Is None Other Than Her Best FriendNeither Woman Knows What To Believe Neither One Knows If She Can Trust The Other Both Cettie And Sera Have Made Decisions That Have Irrevocably Changed Them But The Decisions They Have Yet To Make Will Determine The Fate Of Their World I loved how the story unfolded in the Broken Veil and how the trilogy ended I do think this is an awesome conclusion of Harbinger Series Bringing back Owen and the nostalgic memories the way Jeff does is very pleasant And this book gives both Cettie and Sera an equal amount of attention I still like Jeff s Wheeler writing and storytelling I ll be keeping an eye open to see what he is going to create next 5 Whole Stars and I will give if I couldI cannot tell you how beyond excited I was when I receive this advanced copy for this awesome conclusion of Harbinger Series First of all, I so LOVE the cover art and I would like to give major props to the designer It s very impressive and it tells you how fantastic and magnificent the Sky Manors are that Jeff Wheeler createdThe veil within the universe had brokenIn this finale, Cettie of the Fells and Empress Sera s characters evolved in so many ways I could count From Sera s selfishness to a great ruler of her Kingdom and Cettie, who rose from poverty to an even wiser woman she had become I had goosies reading it from the very beginning till the end It s a very gripping book that I read it

I really liked the beginning of this series, and I have read many, if not most, of Jeff Wheeler s books, especially the ones set in this same world But, I didn t love this final book in the Harbinger series and I didn t really love book 4 either I think that my biggest complaint was that it just got too complicated There was too much cross over from past books I felt that I should be remembering , and the religious elements got too confusing and overwhelmed the story.
I do appreciate how quickly Jeff Wheeler publishes books, and I may give his next series a try, but I just don t know.
Thank you Net Galley for the free e ARC in exchange for my honest review.
This is one book I was waiting on pins and needles to read Broken Veil is the fifth in the Harbinger series, written by fantasy author Jeff Wheeler, who I think is a master at building suspense And truth be told, Prism Cloud, book four in the series took readers including me on a roller coaster ride that left me wrung out Characters I thought I knew went in different directions and left me wondering how Wheeler could possibly tie all the strings together in the last book of the series and help me make sense of their choices And by the end of Broken Veil he had done just that He also employed a technique I really like of dropping in characters from past books that added a nice touch Wheeler does this in a way that doesn t take anything away for readers who are first timers to this world he has created, but provi

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