µ Cant Touch This (Resisting Temptation, #1) Ü Download by î Marley Gibson

µ Cant Touch This (Resisting Temptation, #1) Ü Download by î Marley Gibson Stick with this story if you love romance slow starting storyline but a cute happy ending.
This was a nice quick read about a girl Vanessa Virtue working in a technical industry in marketing There is a new guy who is very hot and all the girls want to know who he is Vanessa gets a promotion suddenly gets to take trips to marketing conventions with the new guy Kyle and a couple other friends They do their thing with customers new exsisting making them happy On their down time, they get to see what the towns offer Vanessa meets a competitor, Rory, and distracts him so Kyle can snag one of his clients Relationships build from their This story was written in first person using Venessa s perspective She has several funny friends she can be pretty snarky funny at times My favorite was Will Everyone has their token gay friend, and what would our lives be like witho A nice funny story with two guys for the same girl that finally decide for the good one Thanks to Netgalley for the preview This is a story of Vannessa Virtue who found herself on the road promoting her company s products and found there are just so much of temptation which she may succumb Vanessa s company have a policy of strictly no dating with colleagues which has posed difficulty for her when she found herself to be attracted to Kyle Nettles who has recently joined the company To make matter worse, they seems to be travelling together and the temptation is getting out of hand for both of them Meanwhile, while they travelling, Vanessa met Rory Elliot who is her competitor s director and they seems to be sharing the night together each time they met However, unbeknown to her, Rory have an ultimate motive i.
e to get close to her for her company s secret potion I like Vanessa most of the This book is full of temptation, it s coming from all over the place.
Vanessa Virtue finds her self in a full deaconship That she believes it real However, she has feelings for her new co worker as well She just cannot seem to come to term with it Its agenst the rules You know the rule book no dating Co Workers I found my self lost in the words and the way they are put together There were how ever a few parts that I did not like too much I felt that Vanessa was a little to blind to what was happing right in front of her But other then that, I really did enjoy the story 3.
5 starsHappy Reading Everyone

Nell azienda dove lavora Vanessa Virtue, la nostra protagonista, vige una severa direttiva che vieta relazioni sentimentali tra colleghi e fino all arrivo di Kyle, Vanessa l ha sempre seguita diligentemente Ma come si fa a resistere a un tipo del genere, affascinante, sensibile, dedito al lavoro, ma soprattutto bellissimo Semplice, bisogna trovare una distrazioneCan t Touch Thisil primo libro della serieResisting Temptatione proprio di questo si tratta resistere alla tentazione In questo caso, Vanessa tenta con molti sforzi e con una scelta sbagliata di distogliere l attenzione e l ormone da Kyle, ma alla fine l attrazione tra loro non le lascia scampo e deve cedere.
La storia gradevole da leggere e alla fine mi sarebbe piaciuto Can t Touch This by Marley Gibson is an amusing foray into what goes on behind closed doors in Corporate America, especially when you have a crush I enjoyed reading this story, I found interesting the fact that it was told in first person There were times I felt as if the characters were younger than they were Vanessa was a diverting character, she had the ability to make me laugh on numerous occasions There are great moments in the book, corky sayings that are sure keepers.
Most people dream of getting a promotion, but dread getting a new boss Vanessa Virture gets both and she gets to go to work events with the geeky Rory as well While his attraction to here is obvious, she is completely oblivious Over all it is an okay title, but I find all the drinking unnecessary I also found the entire story too predictable and drawn out People who really like this author, will probably like this book, but I don t like a heroin who lives to party.
This is the first book in the Resisting Temptation Series It is a good read Vanessa is so much fun and has so much to learn Looking forward to the next book.
For Vanessa Virtue, All Work And No Play Leads Straight To Temptation, One That S Too Hot To Touchor Resist A Well Deserved Work Promotion Opens Up A Thrilling World That Vanessa Could Only Long For Until Now Exotic Travel, A Corporate Credit Card, And The Opportunity To Ogle Hunk And A Half Kyle Nettles Unfortunately, Their Employer Has A Strict No Dating Within The Company Policy So Instead Of Succumbing To Her Feelings, Vanessa Hones Her Flirtations On The Competition A Rock Star Sales Exec Who Works For Their Rival Company Rory Ellery Has Dreamy Blue Eyes And A Kiss That Threatens To Obliterate Vanessa S Taboo Crush On Kyleand Just Might Provide A Great Chance For Spying On The Competition That Is, Unless Rory Is Actually Spying On Her When Vanessa Goes Digging For Dirt With Rory, What She Uncovers Is Scandal And Risks Losing Her Job Completely To Make Things Right With Her Employer, She Ll Have To Enlist Kyle S Help But To Make Things Right With Her Soul, Is She Willing To Risk Her Job And Her Security In Order To Open Her Heart To Kyle Resisting Temptation Book Can T Fight This

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