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☆ Read í Challenge to Honor by Jennifer Blake æ This was just perfect for getting out of my reading slump Blake always well, almost always delivers a good solid romance, evil doers always with a believable historical setting and appropriate mindsets This is the first in a series centered around sword men plying their trade and skill in New Orleans, it looks like each of them gets their own story Note this series was written later in Blake s career, and if the first is any indication, not so much with a lot of the old skool tropes found in her earlier books She still has to get the heroine into bed with the hero, but maybe not so much with the forced seduction bit.
Rated 4.
5 Always to the Rescue Brotherhood StarsI read this book, well the entire series, about 6 years ago Gosh, I loved them all but this one was the best of the bunch but not by much It s a tie with the 3rd book actually They were all so good though I remember getting so sad during the last book cuz I knew the series was ending.
I got really close to all the charactersthe men gorgeous dangerous , the women who stole their hearts the orphans who stole ours.
The action had you gripping your seats.
Great love scenes the sexual tension was high.
I learned a lot about swordsmanship I found dueling to be quite interesting.
I don t read a lot of Historical Romances but I really enjoy this series by Jennifer Blake I ve read quite a few of her books Some were fabulous and others, not so good.
Oh, my lord, is this heroine DUMB Of course, the best examples of her dumbness occur late in the book and are serious spoilers But there s one example that isn t a spoiler, since it starts the whole ball rolling.
Premise Rio de Silva, a ma tre d armes that s Frenchy fartsy for fencing instructor has been challenged to a duel by a young French Creole aristocrat Seems Rio made snarky comments about the lad s sister, who s about to be betrothed to Count Some Gawdawful Long Friggin Name Rio hates the count, and for some reason he thought making snarky comments about the bride to be would cause the old phart to call him out Rio has plenty of reason to know the count is a pissy little coward who never fights his battles directly So his plan well Our pulchritudinous heroine shows up at Rio s digs and begs him not to kill her brother Cuz it never occurs to her, wha Jennifer Blake can put you in 19th 1800 s century Louisiana as thought she and you were there.
Oh Wow WHAT A Book This is an absolutely fantastic book with all the intrigue, romance and danger you could want I will definitely reread this one many times.
I wasn t sure I wanted to keep reading this book as it seemed very ordinary at first It is a good job for the genre Then it started me thinking about the situation in which the woman has no choice in a husband It seemed so far in the past, but it isn t There are many women alive today who have no say, arranged marriages, which may be only for financial advantage So I went back to reading and realized it was realistic than I had thought It isn t Benjamin January and Barbara Hambry s books about New Orleans, but still a good portrait of the city.
Think I will try the second in the series.
They Were Professionally Trained, Highly Skilled Men Of Valor, But The Roguish, Dangerous Sword Masters Were Not Always RespectableWhen Her Brother Challenges New Orleans S Most Infamous Swordsman To A Duel, Celina Vallier Boldly Confronts His Opponent, Rio De Silva, Determined To Thwart What Would Be Her Brother S Certain Death The Legendary Ma Tre D Armes Agreesfor A Price Celina S InnocenceThough Rio Is Captivated By Celina S Beauty And Courage, She Is Also The Perfect Pawn For His Revenge She Is To Be Betrothed To His Sworn Enemy, The Count De L Rida And What Sweet Vengeance It Would Be To Take The Bride Before The WeddingBut Neither Anticipates The Tangled Web Of Scandal And Danger That Will Soon Follow Devious Plots Are Afoot, And Celina Is Wary Of Trusting Anyone, Including The Man Whose Brazen Sensuality Tempts Her To Think Of Nothing But Her Own Desires New Orleans, Louisiana, 1840Intram in lumea maestrilor armelor spadasini a aristocratiei franceze si americane stabilite in aceasta zona, lumea creola si dialectul cajun O poveste plina de intriga, pericole, dueluri, pasiune si onoare Povestea unui maestru spadasin care cauta razbunare si a unei tinere inocente care din intamplare se afla in calea planurilor lui.
Propunere indecentaCelina Vallier, este fiica unuia dintre cei mai puternici aristocrati din oras, este o tanara frumoasa si foarte hotarata care isi iubeste extrem fratele Tatal lor nu este un om care sa si arate iubirea fata de copii, fiind autoritar si incercand sa si vada doar interesele Isi iubeste copii, dar are o iubire ciudata fata de ei, din aceasta cauza cei doi frati s au apropiat foarte mult unul de altul Intr o vreme cand tinerele nu aveau multe de spus si nici prea multe optiuni, Cel Love and bladesI have learned so much by reading Ms Blake s novel of Louisiana and the creole Cajun history It s fascinating to be transported to the 1800 s and read about all the perils wars and ownership of Louisiana This particular story much like all her love collection novels has a happily ever after The hero and heroine go through a great deal of adversity Celina finds herself going to the hero s dwelling to ask to forfeit the duel He of course does this but again the pair goes through a roller coaster of emotions In the end true love conquers all I of course always cheer for the good guys.
On the positive side of things, I felt that the dialogue was very accurate, from the Spanish inflection to Rio s heritage and the French style of Celina Vallier from New Orleans Unfortunately, I didn t feel the deep down romance that I had been expecting from a novel written about one of the most romantic aspects of history sword fighting I felt there were times the writing was a bit choppy and while Rio was, at times, a very stimulating character, he never seemed very sincere in his feelings for Celina, and, in fact, didn t even say those three most important words that you would expect from a romance novel, though expected her to do so Meh.

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