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[Tove Jansson] Ä Kometjakten [abuse PDF] Read Online ä When Moomintroll Learns That A Comet Will Be Passing By, He And His Friend Sniff Travel To The Observatory On The Lonely Mountains To Consult The Professors Along The Way, They Have Many Adventures, But The Greatest Adventure Of All Awaits Them When They Learn That The Comet Is Headed Straight For Their Beloved Moominvalley Just delightful I never read these as a child, but I believe this is the beginning of a new obsession.
Note Rating increased from 3 to 4 stars after reading the first moomin book, The Moomins and the Great Flood Moomintroll s quiet life is upended when foreboding images of a star with a tail send him journeying to speak with the Professors at the Observatory Meeting new friends along the way and forging through perilous adventures together, Moomintroll and his companions arrive at the Observatory where they learn a comet is headed towards earth Worse yet the comet is predicted to land precisely where Moomintroll lives with his Moominpappa and Moominmamma Moomintroll must find a quick way home if he s going to warn his family in time It s not difficult to see why Moominmania exists Jansson s book conveys an innocence rarely found in modern titl

As I ve said many times on this site, I dislike translations on principle but I am trying to do something about my miserable German, and when I saw this book at Foyles last week it immediately seemed like a good idea I know the Swedish original well, and I figured that it should be easy to read and would improve my sketchy vocabulary That worked out even better than I had hoped, and I already feel measurablyconfident What surprised me, though, was that for once I experienced the translation as utterly convincing Not has been casting scorn on my claims here, and asking the obvious questions given that my German is terrible, how can I know this is brilliant But I just know Even though I m no good at the language, I have heard it spoken a great deal, and I understand how it s pronounced I can hear it in my head wh Moomin and Sniff explore a path which leads to the beach, they play, look at nature and find a cave, but they feel uneasy as they start to notice patterns carved into trees and objects, even seagulls arranged into the shape of a star with a tail Moomin and Sniff set off on a journey to the observatory to find out what is happening.
We really enjoyed the details in this story, and the ideas Before reading this for the first time as a child I had never thought what the ocean floor would look like if the sea disappeared, or what you would do if a comet was coming towards the place where you live or what belongings you would take if you had to suddenly leave.
As with all the Tove Jansson books we have read, we loved the relationships, the philosophy, the little creatures, the kindness and the reassuring safety of the moonin house that is there t

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