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[John Simpson] Ó Condor and Falcon (Condor, #3) [parenting PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ need to check when this was written was surprised that King William was datiing Lady Katherine.
Shane s and David s relationship is out in the open now, with Shane officially moving in and taking on some of the duties usually reserved for the First Lady Meanwhile, international politics in the form of aggressive posturing from Iran are also keeping President David Windsor busy.
So, let s just get this out of the way Yep, awkward dialogue is still awkward But I dare say three books into the series people have either given up on it or or less gotten used to the somewhat clunky writing style This third book focusses a lot on the relationship, with the action taking a bit of a backseat The timejump at the end came a bit abruptly, might have been better IMO to end the book with view spoiler the wedding hide spoiler President David Windsor S Former Secret Service Agent, Shane Thompson, Is Now A Permanent Partner In His Life, And David Is Determined To See Shane Receive The Respect He Deserves As The First Gentleman Assigned The Codename Falcon, Shane Will Be Taking On The Traditional Duties Of The First Lady As David, Codenamed Condor One, Continues His AdministrationBut The Tests Of The Presidency Are Still Looming As David Faces Both Domestic And Foreign Political Challenges Just Doing His Job Could Mean Extreme Danger For Himself And Shane, The Man He Loves Most In The World The Man David Wants To Marry, Despite All The Press And Attention It Will Bring Them And The Possible Repercussions On A Run For Re Election I liked something about these enough to read all three but the totally irrational fantasy politics of these books just tired me out I often felt like the book should have been titled A Gay Hawk Blows Up the World instead of Condor and Falcon I actually think he word diplomacy isn t used once in the world of trigger happy peacenik, President Windsor His ethos is eerily similar to that of Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element, who when sent to negotiate with the aliens who have commandeered the spaceship he is on, shoots one in the head and then says OK, Now, who else wants to negotiate Unlike Teddy Roosevelt, Windsor s motto would be Walk loudly and carry a big nuclear warhead Though it s a fantasy I personally appreciate, the Mary Sue politics of the books just became grating and I wanted it to end.
Third in the Condor series I enjoyed it as much as he first two The ending did come rather quickly however which frustrated me a bit Almost as if the author either ran out of ideas or, had a new idea for a new book and needed wanted to finish this one so he could get on with it.
OMG 1st ill say the cover is hot And this is the best in the romance for David and Shane so far They are out and Shane is doing things on his own to help the LGBT youth There is still danger on David s life and bullet meant for him strikes Shane Luckily he pulls through and is able to assist David when he meets with people in the Middle East informing them that he is pulling out and threatens them to not attack the US I liked that we got to see the wedding between them, and them witnessing a new president since David and Shane agreed that David would not go for a 2nd term I wont spoil anything but she has 2 wonderful sons.
As the series continues, there is still the assassination attempts and high drama like in the first two books But this one focuses a little on the relationship between David and Shane Great story looking forward to seeing how things go in the next phase of David and Shanes lives together.

A little unbelievable but I really love David and Shane as a couple.
I liked that this book focused on David and Shane together, and I loved that they can be together openly now The book still dealt a lot with the Presidency and with a good bit of drama in the job as well, which was well done Some of David s ideas on how to solve things were great, but some were totally unrealistic Too bad that Congress and the press would never let these ideas go through so easily Then again, it s nice to hope it could all work out so well An enjoyable read.
Condor and Falcon is the third book in the Condor One series and the story picks up almost immediately where Talons of the Condor leaves off President David Windsor and Shane Thompson have made their relationship public and, as the President s life partner, Shane has quit the Secret Service to take on the White House duties of First Gentleman under the codename Falcon.
While the President is dealing with the aftermath of the highest incident of treason in American history, he continues to face challenges to his domestic and foreign policy initiatives and reforms, as well as to his open and public relationship with Shane from both within and without As First Gentleman, Shane has taken on duties of his own and while some of these remain traditional in nature, in

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