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ñ Read Õ Darker Than the Deepest Sea: The Search for Nick Drake by Trevor Dann ↠´ A thoughtful biography of Drake by the former head of BBC Music Entertainment, this is only sullied somewhat by the Afterword where Nunn attempts a rather naive could it have been avoided exercise From the picture he builds up of Drake the end seems inevitable even if the journey may have been different.
Having said that, lots of good sources from each stage of Nick s life put together sensitively makes this a worthwhile read.
Mostly enjoyable read, limited a little by the elusive nature of the subject matter The focus is on the artist rather than the music or lyrics, but given the little lyrical analysis that does take place, this is probably a good thing The author at least twice pulls Drake up for his mis spelling of the title Tow the Line , as well as other similar techniques which are actually an important part of any decent songwriter s toolkit To suggest that someone who studied English at Cambridge and had a fascination for some of the language s great poets would repeatedly make a mistake like this shows that the author clearly has little concept of the use of the language in poetry or lyrics It comes across as rather smug and really took me out of the flow of the book, calling into question the other judgements of the author Probably a little balance less sycophantic than Patrick Humphries similar book Oddly, this is a really difficult review for me to write, so I ll do my best You can take the road that takes you to the stars nowI can take the road that ll see me through At my current job, we get to take turns picking records we sell within the store to play, which naturally results in a mosaic of musical choices and genres blaring through the speakers everything from Coltrane to Britney Spears to the soundtrack of Le Planete Sauvage We have a tiny Nick Drake selection which is usually bereft of any records or CDs because they re so popular Once we finally got the familiar Pink Moon in with its memorable Dali esque cover, I immediately started playing it, resulting in six customers making their way up to me and asking what it was that was playing The f Didn t really contain that much I hadn t come across in the countless magazine articles out there on Drake, but okay nonetheless Doesn t shy away from being uncool and saying that vast amounts of pot will fuck you up That, essentially is what caused Drake to spiral down into the abyss, just like smoking several bags a week caused a mate if mine to jump off a bridge.

I don t think most people would like this Unless you are a Nick Drake fan Some of the view points in this seem to conflict with Nick s family a bit I am a big fan of Drake and his music and legacy is a huge influence I can t help but think that maybe this isn t the best source of his life but still a good read I have seen some documentaries with family quotes and I felt a little informed from the blood relative If you are Nick Drake fan give it a go.
Trevor Dann s biography of the elusive Mr Drake is an infinitely polished entry than the threadbare Complete Guide that I reviewed not long ago Dann can indeed lay claim to being one of the main promoters in the rebirth of interest in Nick Drake and a champion who has acted as a gumshoe in ferreting out facts regarding this character who can be as pivotal or peripheral as you want him to be And so goes the book, fleshing contradictory eyewitness reports with teacher and family recollections, along with as you would expect the odd piece of wild speculation It s quite a story, after all, twisting and turning away, almost half a century after the troubled young man s demise, and the ebb and flow has been enhanced by the fact that Nick Drake spe An almost entirely anecdotal telling of Nick Drake s short life, made up of original interviews and snippets from prior publications, that actually does a pretty good job of putting you in the place and time It doesn t dispel all the mysteries, but it provides a great context for interpreting the seemingly arbitrary and scattershot elements that motivated Drake It s an atypical showbiz tale, in that Drake didn t flame out after experiencing overnight success he was never successful in his lifetime, as much a result of his own decisions as it was bad management Instead it s a slow spiral down for a guy who expected life to be easier, and could never comprehend why it wasn t Depressing Maybe But if you re a fan of Drake s music, then it won t be a surprise.
Overly speculative for a biography Only slightly informative than a Wikipedia entry, but not as well vetted.
When Nick Drake Died Of A Drug Overdose At Twenty Six, He Left Behind Three Modest Selling Albums, Including The Stark Pink Moon And The Lush Bryter Layter Three Decades Later, He Is Recognized As One Of The True Geniuses Of English Acoustic Music Yet Nick Drake Whose Music Was As Gentle And Melancholy As The Man Himself Has Always Maintained A Spectral Presence In Popular Music This Groundbreaking Biography Reconstructs A Vanished Life While Perfectly Capturing The Bohemian Scenes Surrounding The Music Business In London In The Late S And Early S Using Many Newly Discovered Documents And All New Interviews, Trevor Dann Reveals Detail On Nick Drake Than Ever, From His Upbringing In A Quintessentially English Village, Through His Hash Fueled School Days At Cambridge University, To The Missed Opportunities And Mismanagement That Defined His Career Friends And Colleagues Describe The Difficulties That He Faced As Each New Album Was Released, Only To Fail, And The Insidious Despair That Consumed Him Complete With Discography And Rare Photos, Darker Than The Deepest Sea Is Essential Reading For Anyone Who Has Been Moved By Nick Drake S Unforgettable Blend Of Beauty And Sadness

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