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Trailer Õ Dawn's Awakening PDF by × Lora Leigh An Erotic Thrill Ride About Genetically Altered Breeds With Feline DNA And The Humans Who Arouse Their Lust The Runt Of The Lab She Was Created In, Dawn Daniels Endured Years Of Torture By Her Pride Brother And The Council Soldiers Finally Freed From Her Torment, She S Now A Breed Enforcer, In Control Of Her Own Life Until She S Assigned To Protect The One Man Destined To Be Her Mate And Realizes It S Far Too Easy To Lose Total ControlOne Of The Breeds Most Important Supporters, Seth Lawrence Has Spent Years Trying To Forget Dawn, Knowing That Her Lost Innocence Has Made It Impossible For Her To Get Close To Anyone But Suddenly Neither Of Them Can Find The Strength To Fight The Overwhelming Passion Between ThemAt Least Until The Most Brutal Tormentor From Dawn S Past Reappears And Threatens To Destroy Their Newfound Love, Along With Their Lives I was going to write a full review, but I changed my mind I d rather read the next book in the series than waste my time saying how much I loved this book, LOL.
So, let s go straight to the point Dawn s Awakening is tied with Elizabeth s Wolf Breeds, 4 as the best in the series so far, IMO A true keeper.
I cannot believe that Seth would just abandon his mate for 10 years Not even bothering fighting for her and chosing to f other women.
no matter how the author try to excuse it thats CHEATING TO THE EXTREME Having a mate and still sleeping around and proceeding to marry another woman is a huge betrayal I would not be forgivenSeth never redeemed himself in my eyes for what he did to his mate Breeds 14Feline Breeds 8Featured Couple Seth Human Dawn Cougar Location Virginia Mountains Feline Breeds baseThis book is one of my top picks Very emotional book, with a happy ending An emotional rollercoaster, if I want to be precise.
Dawn knew Seth was her mate since the moment they met The Man Within book , but couldn t cope with him Dawn had been through a lot in the labs and by her pride brother Tempting The Beast book Thus, she was avoiding males Seth was introduced to her past and was told ordered by Callan to stay away from her.
Dawn didn t really reject Seth She was just afraid to let go of the past and make a new start with a man of worth Seth was willing to walk away and to give her some space even though it was killing him That was abs So Ladies,i devoted my entire night and half a day reading this book and i Freaking LOVED it Where to begin Seth and Dawn were amazing,i cried,laughed and got mad all threw out this bookI cried so many times,i felt so sorry for both of them What a shit 10 years they both had,Poor Dawn my heart shattered for her when she remembered everything,crumbled into fetal position and Seth grab her and then he started to cry and then i started to cry.
lol he took care of his women his mate It was an awesome story i loved that they had been mated 10 years ago and found there way back to each other I was super angry at her brother Callan,but i understood why he done what he done, I loved how protective he was.
And OMG what is up with Cassie And her Stalker who and what is he I really want to find out.
I really enjoy Really nice and sexy and trashy Just what you need when you don t want to get out of bed.
I ve been waiting for Dawn and Seth s story ever since they met in The Man Within second in Leigh s Breed Series Well worth the wait It was emotional, gripping, sexy, and I even had a little chuckle there at the end.
Here s the send up Scarred from their horrific time in the labs that created genetically engineered man animal cross breeds and from the treacherous dealings of a breed she had once considered brother Dawn is the most emotionally vulnerable of all of them.
Having met when Seth turned up looking for Roni The Man Within , his long lost sister and Dawn s sister in Law Seth and Dawn are destined to be mates Callan, head of the feline Breeds located at the Sanctuary compound, makes the decision to share with Seth her tortured background at the hands of their creators, knowing that Dawn was not ready for the demands of the mating heat an unfo Okay okay okay So, I started reading this yesterday morning and was infuriated by damn near all the characters for one reason or another I was extremely frustrated with the characters and where the story was headed I DNFed it before the 2nd chapter.
Then I read another Lora Leigh story and was pretty pissed off at that story, too Decided to see if maybe I was just PMSing or something and unfairly judged this book So I gave it a second chance.
My verdict Meh.
The reviews gushed that Seth is sooo sweet and all the readers just loved Dawn s vulnerability I dunno what those people read, but I obviously didn t read the same thing.
Seth was a god damn moron and so was Dawn They both allowed the other to suffer for a whole decade, without speaking to ea 4.
5 Es hora de despertar STARS Pero que libro las emociones, el suspenso, el amor, la pasi n ALDASLK JD LKAS JDLSKJ DKS es que AGGGGGGGGG No estoy preparada para una rese a normal, porque ufff, es que no puedo ni explicarlo Si pens que Kane era mi favorito, pues NOOOOOOOOOOOOO porque Seth, oh dulce Jes s, Seth me matTe amo susurr Seth y el coraz n de Dawn se aquiet en su pecho Te he amado desde el d a que te vi y la profundidad de ese amor no puede hacer nada m s excepto hacerse m s profundo, Dawn Si te quedas conmigo o te marchas dando media vuelta, necesito que sepas esto Defines mi almaY Dawn, qu puedo decir de ella si ya me hab a encantado Sherra por su forma de ser la peque a puma se rob mi coraz n y respeto.
Por cierto, odio In the beginning it seemed so sweet I was so excited I found something neworiginal I was so into the beginning scene where Seth was watching Dawn thru the glass or something, he said he loved Dawn, wanted to be with her but got turned away He was horrified at the video evidence of Dawn being raped, told them to let him know if she needed anything That was rly nice that he wanted to take care of her even tho he wasn t there He walked away I didn t know where it was going 10 yrs is a ridiculously huge amount of time to pass without them being together it wud have been so much better if a shorter amount of time went by It was like a Christine Feehan knockoff that the women of their species were rape victims they d been damaged I ve read that b4 I m sick of tortured characters that hav been abusedare emotionally wounded have nightmares

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