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[Ilya Kaminsky] ✓ Deaf Republic [world-of-warcraft PDF] Read Online Ü At the trial of God, we will ask why did you allow all this And the answer will be an echo why did you allow all this What is the language of resistance Deaf Republic, the much anticipated and long awaited fifteen years since his last collection Dancing in Odessa new collection of poetry by Ilya Kaminsky addresses this question and many others across its haunting narrative This book is incredible an epic poem told in a series of contemporary, short form poems many of which are powerful on their own , Deaf Republic is a potent tale of oppression, military violence and the resistance against it The city of Vasenka a city without much context but manages to register as universal is under occupation of a violent military In the opening poem, the soldiers shoot an innocent deaf child for spitting at them Our count I finished the book in one sitting, memories of my first life in a different country chasing Kaminsky s brilliant pen like ghosts in the dark If not the whole book, I beg everybody to read the last poem In a Time of Peace, at the very least I could quote the whole book If you have a twitter account here s a thread I posted while reading the book.
Our country woke up the next morning and refused to hear soldiers In the name of Petya, we refuse At six a.
, when soldiers compliment girls in the alley, the girls slide by, pointing to their ears At eight, the bakery door is shut in soldier Ivanoff s face, though he s their best customer At ten, Momma Galya chalks No One Hears You on the gates of the soldiers barracks By eleven a.
, arrests begin Our hearing doesn t weaken, but something silent in us strengthens In the ears of the town, snow falls from Deafness, an Insurgency, Begins Deaf Republic is an amazing collection of poetry, a both lyrical and narrative poetry sequence that takes place in an occupied country At a protest, soldiers kill a deaf

Brilliant I wish there were an infinite number of stars to give, because this is that kind of book A must read if ever there was one.
If there is a perfect book, it might be this one.
Simply brilliant This dark fable of a town under siege is a statement on our times The people of the town become deaf after a soldier shoots a deaf child at a public gathering The deafness here is purposeful, though, and a statement on how we can remain silent in the face of government atrocities and institutionalized biases Tragic, yet filled with beauty, this is a powerful book of poetry.
The linked poems in Deaf Republic glint like icicles against a stark background The light source a gentle, insistent humanity in the face of tragedy In the space between sound and silence, action and inaction, the collection builds and re builds kindness in unexpected, crucial ways Like a sacred text, Deaf Republic offers new meanings each time I turn to it, and turn to it again I m convinced it holds a prayer inside it, or is a prayer itself.
Thanks to the wonderful folks at Graywolf for the ARC.
POETRY BOOK SOCIETY CHOICE Deaf Republic Opens In A Time Of Political Unrest In An Occupied Territory It Is Uncertain Where We Are Or When, In What Country Or During What Conflict, But We Come To Recognise That These Events Are Also Happening Here, Right Now This Astonishing Parable In Poems Unfolds Episodically Like A Play, Its Powerful Narrative Provoked By A Tragic Opening Scene When Soldiers Breaking Up A Protest Kill A Deaf Boy, The Gunshot Becomes The Last Thing The Citizens Hear In That Moment, All Have Gone Deaf Inside This Silence, Their Dissent Becomes Coordinated By Sign Language The Story Then Follows The Private Lives Of Townspeople Encircled By Public Violence A Newly Married Couple, Alfonso And Sonya, Expecting Their Child The Daring Momma Galya, Instigating The Insurgency From Her Puppet Theatre And Galya S Puppeteers, Covertly Teaching Signs By Day And By Night Heroically Luring Soldiers One By One To Their Deaths Behind The Curtain At Once A Love Story, An Elegy, And An Urgent Plea, Deaf Republic Confronts Our Time S Vicious Atrocities And Our Collective Silence In The Face Of Them Absolutely astonishing.
Absolutely incredible from start to finish.

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