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Trailer ↠´ Dear Zari PDF by Ó Zarghuna Kargar One thing I loved about this book is that some of these interviews were done by women Zari trained to do interviews What this means is that the lives and stories of the women in the book are ones not usually covered by the Western press Some of these stories are hard to read, but there are many similar stories that have yet to be told Zari s own story woven throughout added great insights into the lives of Afghan expatriates who may live among us in the West Highly recommended.
The son who was going to sleep with me was also very young he was fifteen years old He would also sometimes beat me while telling me that I was soon going to be his wife, but he didn t beat me as much as the others did Zarghuna Kargar was born in Kabul in 1982 When civil war erupted across Afghanistan, she and her family escaped to Pakistan, where she trained as a journalist She came to the UK in 2001 and started working for the BBC World Service This book was born out of the research she did for Afghan Woman s Hour and comprises thirteen ordinary Afghan women telling their own, extraordinary stories Over the course of thirteen chapters we learn a great deal about what it is to be a woman in a country of which we ve heard so much and yet know so little We learn about the children given as brides in part payment of debt, who are star

This book is disappointing because it could have been And that is the heart of the issue Without a doubt, Zaraghunna Kargar deserves acclaim simply for her work on the BBC s Afghan s Woman s Hour Yet The central problem with this book, why it doesn t live up to the promise, is that it doesn t know what it wants to be It can t decide if it wants to be a memoir or a collection of personal experiences And because of this, it suffers The flaw shows up when Kargar interjects her personal story into the stories of the other women Undoubtedly there are reasons for this, but I can t figure out what they are unless it is to try to relate or connect the woman s stories to those that live outside of Afghan Kargar does this by relating how her life as an Afghani women whose family fled during the Taliban s regime as well as the pres I don t know how to properly rate a book that is so unpleasant in its honesty and its bleakness The book itself is well written, poignant, approachable and important The subject matter is depressing, hopeless, infuriating and incomprehensible It leaves the reader wondering is there a normal Afghan experience Is there an Afghan family unit with ties of loyalty, fidelity and love Because after reading these stories, you are left jaded and cynical to wonder if such familial ties exist or are even possible in such an environment It is a bleak portrait of a world that is so foreign as to be incomprehensible Foreign, not because it is a land far away or because women s rights are non existent, but foreign in the sense that the most basic hu This is an incredible book A must read The women who bravely came forward and told their stories deserve all our admiration and support Cudos to Dear Zari She and her journalists provided a platform for women who had been silenced to speak, and for thousands of silenced women to hear stories reminiscent of their own We who live in a society in which women have rights and the freedom to live their lives productively and without fear, would do well to understand the plight of Afgan women and their children.
I thought this book was going to be about women all over the Middle East and their different stories Where this was present it was also A LOT about the author herself I did not want to read a memoir but different stories I actually got tired of the author interrupting the other women s stories to talk about her own life and the radio show she does When I want to read only about the author, I will get her biography.
Other than the aforementioned complaint, I found these women to be braver than anything I could imagine for myself I don t know how they do it I am so proud and incredibly blessed to have been born a Christian in America where I am free to make all of my own decisions in life I pray for these women and am truly amazed at their resolve An amazing book of women of Afghanistan Portrayals of women who are locked in a world where they are neither valued nor respected These women were treated as property and with suspicion, and having almost no freedom of movement The book raised several questions for me, including how typical are these portrayals why are women so unfeeling towards other women and what lasting impact has the Afghan Women s Hour had on the lives of women in the country.
This collection of stories of the lives of women in Afghanistan deserves to be read by a wider audience Despite the traumatic lives that these women have lived, their stories carry a message of strength and courage and we could all learn a lot from them.
Beautifully written, Dear Zari will touch the hearts of many.
Moving, Enlightening, And Heartbreaking, Dear Zari Gives Voice To The Secret Lives Of Afghan Women For The First Time, Dear Zari Allows These Women To Tell Their Stories In Their Own Words From The Child Bride Given As Payment To End Of A Family Feud, To A Life Spent In A Dark, Dusty Room Weaving Carpets, From A Young Girl Being Brought Up As A Boy, To A Woman Living As A Widow Shunned By SocietyIntimate, Emotional, Painful And Uplifting, These Stories Uncover The Suffering And Strength Of Women In This Deeply Religious And Intensely Traditional Society, And Show How Their Courage Is An Inspiration To Women Everywhere Book 83, Week 44Dear Zari by Zarghuna KargarRating 4 5I bought this book many years back but just hadn t gotten around to reading it Especially having received a Kindle 2 years ago has affected my paper book reading drastically I m glad I finally picked up a book, and it was this one.
Dear Zari is an anthology of real life experiences of Afghani women from across the country, hailing from different towns and family backgrounds Unfortunately, the stories are sad than happy The radicalization of Islam coupled with a highly patriarchal culture have made life quite difficult for women of Afghanistan The book shares stories of a dozen women, along with the author s, who worked with BBC to produce Afghanistan s Women s Hour, a radio program that was broadcast in Afghanistan from 2005 2010 and featured insprirational stories of women It sought to give the

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