Ç Dont Forget Me (Konigsburg, #6) ä Download by ó Meg Benjamin

Ç Dont Forget Me (Konigsburg, #6) ä Download by ó Meg Benjamin A new to me author, but one I m really glad I found This book is fast paced, well written with an interesting storyline IMO worth your precious reading time.
The star rating given reflects my opinion within the official goodreads rating system Notice the two important words OPINION and RATING 1 star Didn t Like it2 stars It s Okay3 stars Liked it4 stars Really Liked it5 stars It Was AmazingI don t really give a rat fuck that there are some who think I owe an explanation for my opinion Nope, nada, and not sorry about it.
Sometimes I may add notes to explain what my opinions are based on, and sometimes I don t I do this for me, on my books, in my library and I don t owe any special snowflakes a thing Fuck off if you don t like it and stop reading my shit.
Particularly given the modifications to reader s personal content going on and outright censorship , unless particularly motivated I will not comment in detail It would help if GR was forthcoming in the new appropriate and would make a site Once They Said Goodbye Forever Now They Want To Walk It BackKonigsburg, Texas, Book Eighteen Months Ago, Kit Maldonado Was So Over Nando Avrogado, She Left Konigsburg Without A Backward Glance With The Family Restaurant In San Antonio Sold Out From Under Her, Though, She S Back To Manage The Rose, An Exclusive Resort Eatery Outside Town Dealing With A Stingy Boss, An Amorous Head Chef, An Understaffed Dining Room And Planning Her Aunt S Wedding Should Have Kept Her Hands Full But She Realizes She Might Not Be As Over Nando As She Thought As The Town S New Assistant Chief Of Police, Nando S Got Enough Trouble Without Sexy Kit Fanning Embers He Thought Had Long Ago Turned To Ashes Every Time He Turns Around, She S There And It Doesn T Help That Everyone In Town Wants To See Them Back Together One Incendiary Kiss, And There S No Denying The Force Of Their Attraction But There S A Mysterious And Oddly Familiar Burglar Who S Been Lurking Around Konigsburg, Someone Who Isn T Above A Little Mayhem Maybe Even Violence To Cover His Tracks Warning Contains Hot Makeup Sex, Wedding Madness, A Hot Chef, Vengeful Burglars, And Unlawful Abuse Of A Wedding Cake Now this story worked much better for me in the suspense part of it There was a previous bad guy returning for some revenge and some treasure he had left and the hero was with the police department, not to mention that he has been a side character in a lot of the other books in Konigsburg.
It was generally great to see so many familiar faces in the lime light Catarina Maldonado, the heroine takes up the charge to help her waffling aunt Allie she of the brilliant baking and the free short story Love Scones with organising her wedding to wonder dentist Steve.
And of course because they re old friends to Docia and Janie Toleffson and because Nando spends his evenings preferably at the bar that the hero and heroine of Brand N I ve read every book in this series and was happy to see these two characters get a second chance at love The romance took a bit long to get off the ground for me, but once they started getting to know each other again, it picked up There was a mystery suspense element which added to the plot, but at times overshadowed the romance A secondary character was also given quite a bit of page time and I know he s the hero of the next book, but I d rather have had of the main couple and saved him for his own story I enjoy this series and the setting After six books Konigsburg feels like a real town which I d love to visit Always fun to see how the author manages to start every book in the same hole in the wall bar.
I love this series but after the 6th one I get really annoyed with Benjamin s writing She uses ten dollar words, which I love, but she uses the same ten dollar words in every single book And I swear if I read she he licked his lips one time I may stop reading her books all together I understand as an author there is a writing style that defines them but the same exact phrases annoy me so much Every time the climax of the book hits the exact phrase is Many things happened at once BAH Get writing material Other than those slightly small writing details, her books are extremely good I like books that are romances but still have another story line to go with it Instead of just Nando and Kit s rekindling, it also ties in Brody and the mystery of everything tied with him I will be reading the 7 Konigsburg book, but I think that s were I liked this book overall, it was a bit harder to get into because both characters had nothing really to do with the Toleffson s that the series started out about I think if there had been like seven brothers, then we could just keep reading about them I enjoyed Kit and Nando s book, as I have the others, though I wish there were of the brothers Very sweet romantic story and a after how they left things, it was a great makeup story of how they overcame a terrible fight from the past I kinda want to read about the chef now, the way he says darlin sigh

More than a year passed between publication of the fifth Konigsburg book and this one This time, neither of the main characters is related to those in the previous books, although they ve both appeared as minor or supporting characters In addition, both are Hispanic One wonders whether this is Benjamin s nod to the changing demographic of Texas, to the fans of telenovellas, or simply to reality Regardless, this romance is as much fun as the previous five I m eager to read the seventh and the eighth.
The characters in this series have been strongly developed and you feel you could step on the streets of Koinsberg and spot them one by one The suspense elements do a great job of providing motion to the plot, and touch of mystery to keep you guessing.
I thoroughly enjoyed Meg Benjamin s Don t Forget Me I haven t read the entire series but I enjoyed book 6 as a stand alone After meeting the characters throughout the novel, I know I ll be looking for the first 5 books very soon AvaTo read Ava s entire review visithttp www.
guiltypleasuresbookreviews Another great read from Meg Benjamin All of the previous Konigsburg couples made an appearance in this one, which is great for readers who are following along with the series It s always nice to catch up with some of my favorite couples In the previous books, I d always found Nando to be very sexy, and Benjamin didn t let me down with his and Kit s story Their chemistry explodes off the page and left me breathless My only problem is that I have to wait for months another installment of Konigsburg Type faster, Ms Benjamin

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