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[ Pdf Dressing Myself ï 16th-century PDF ] by Rosalind Burgess ì very enjoyable and easy to read Set in Indianapolis with familiar landmarks These co writing authors have a good backstory this book is a nice departure from their Val and Kit mystery series This was an kindle freebie.
Meet Jessie Harleman In This Contemporary Women S Novel About Love, Lust, Friends, And Family Jessie And Kevin Have Been Happily Married For Twenty Eight Years With Their Two Grown Kids Now Out Of The House And Living Their Own Lives, Jessie And Kevin Have Reached The Point They Thought They Longed For, Yet Slightly Dreaded But The House That Used To Burst At The Seams Now Has Too Many Empty Rooms Still, Jessie Is A Glass Half Full Kind Of Woman, Eager For This Next Period Of Her Life To Take Hold The Problem Is, Nothing Goes The Way She Planned This Novel That Explores Growth And Change And New Beginnings Is Written By The Authors Of The Val Kit Mystery Series A departure from what I m used to from these authors, but equally goodI became a fan of these authors after reading their mystery series featuring Val and Kit I love their writing style and I think it suits that genre well So when I heard that they d also written a contemporary romance type of novel, I was both intrigued and a little bit scared.
Why scared Sometimes when authors try to branch out, it comes off being a big let down Considering that there wouldn t be any crazy murders to solve and zany antics while doing it, I wondered if I d be disappointed I was anything but.
This story focuses on Jessie, whose husband Kevin has just let her know he wants a divorce They ve been married for decades and have two grown children Jesse s blindsided, but eventually realizes that the signs that he was unhappy had been there for quite some time Hi

I should have paid attention the one star review I read.
Premise is the h plans on meeting her husband at the airport, nude under a trench coat, in order to sex things up Sadly, he has other plans he wants a divorce but not because he s having an affair with a younger co worker or anything, the mid life crisis to end all mid life crisis cliches.
The h goes through all levels of grief interspersed with begging him to come back Her children are so supportive To dad The worthless daughter says the mom was too much of a nag and has NO sympathy The college aged son who still has mommy do his laundry pitches a fit.
No bueno.
The h is lucky enough to find herself a hunky guy with a beard who s good with his tools He redoes her kitchen She also has great sex with him Guy s name is Heck Awesome name.
Guess what Once the doormat starts dating, guess who gets jealous and concerned Did not enjoy Dressing Myself as I wanted to First the husband lied, cheated after 28 yrs, got mad at wife for talking to OW and kids seems to wanna blame her or at least didnt support her fully at first I usually want the H h together at the end but I sort of was hoping for Heck om to be the winner Husband did not grovel, did not offer enough of a reason especially after having ungoing affair I think it would have been better with his POV, harder with just wife s perspective Great supporting friend and sister though that was nice The ending was quite rush, felt bad for OM who ws so sweet and understanding Well still looking for that one great cheater romance that leaves me feeling satisfied with the ending you know genuine remorse and lots of groveling that makes me think he wont do

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