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[ Pdf Drinking Partners (Vampire Territory, #1) ¶ underground-railway PDF ] by Allie Ritch Ï Being The Master Vampire For The Mid Atlantic Territory Is A Tough Job Between The Human Rebellion Trying To Kill Him With Poisonous Suicide Donors And Snobby Born Vampires Bucking His Authority, Lucas Thane Has His Hands Full What He Needs Is A Regular Drinking Partner To Feed From And A Bigger Power Block He Finds Both In The Form Of Alexandra Gage, The Master Of The Territory South Of HisAlex Could Use A Little Help Herself, But She Has No Intention Of Letting Lucas Take Over Turned Into A Vampire Against Her Will, She Has Had Enough Control Taken From Her She Ll Never Let Lucas Usurp Her Right To Rule, But Will She Let Him Steal Her Heart Passion Ignites Between Them, And It S Amazing What Two Determined Vampires Can Do I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.
I liked this book than I expected to The world that the author has created is similar to the world we currently live in, but with the vampires holding the upper hand.
Vampires in this realm can both be born or turned but turned vampires are looked down upon When Lucas took over the Mid Atlantic Territory as Master, Lucas faced, and faces, opposition from some born vampires as he is seen as weak due him being turned.
Hearing of a new Master taking over the Southern Territory, Lucas makes the trip to Atlanta to meet the new Master Imagine his surprise when he finds the new Master is not only a woman, but a newly turned vampire Alex is wary of trusting anyone She s on he

Feb 2019I reread this and I still like it but really it has too many sex scenes for the 2019 me.
5I am surprised that I enjoyed this book so much It was an unexpected treat For those of you who like erotica in their paranormal, there is plenty here, I had to skip a few scenes but that did not detract from my enjoyment of the story The heroine and the hero were both cunning in regards to their territory and their almost insta love I say almost insta love because the reasons why they were drawn to each other was a mix of political expediency and lust that turned into something else along the way towards their goals Generally I like of a slow burn, in romance but this was not just a book about romance.
I found the action scenes to be quite exciting and I will definitely be checking out the next book in this series There was quite a bit of story in the 211 pages an Humans are running scared in this novel in which the US is divided into territories, each controlled by a master vampire Two vampires from rival territories join forces for political and romantic gain This book has some of the best written sex scenes of any erotic romance I ve read Excellent plotting too the ending surprised me Very well done.

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