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[ Pdf Earthian, Volume 4 Ê 14th-century PDF ] by Yun Kouga º Frankly the only volume worth reading in the whole Earthian pile is the 4th The main story is filled with cliches and is entirely predicable The bonus story Secret Garden from this volume is a refreshing and thoughtful, possibly because it is a later addition to the series and Kouga Yun manages to refine her craft a bit by the time she writes it If you bother reading Earthian at all, go ahead and just skip to the 4th volume, it s the only one you ll need.
Blu Presents Earthian S Secret Garden Collection Filled With Heartbreaking Tales Of The Forbidden Relationship Between Lord Michael And Raphael, This Volume Also Includes A Never Before Seen Bonus Story Specifically Created For This Special Deluxe Edition And As A Fitting Epilogue To The Unforgettable Manga Series, Catch A Glimpse Of The Future Of All Your Favorite Earthian Characters Includes Special Notes By Kouga Sensei i liked this than the main story i hate to admit it, but twincest mostly i find earthian interesting for the light it sheds on loveless the characters are all a bit too earnest or not perverse enough which is odd considering, for example, elvira s story kouga s early art is too ethereal for my taste in loveless her assured sense of line comes togther with a much better use of mass and blocking and i have trouble telling the characters apart raphael is the one with the straight hair but the production is beautiful and the colour story blu has included is gorgeous.
I feel a little unsatisfied, like the book just suddenly ended without really revealing what comes next for some of the characters, are they dead What s going on But at the same time, that s something I really liked about it Depending on who your favourite characters are, the ending could be great or bittersweet.

Amazing series Beautiful art, interesting characters and plot I love it very much Much better and very different of anime adaptation I am only sorry, that it is too short for me there are two main couples, Kagetsuya Chihaya, who has happy ending plus some brief views into their happy future and Raphael Michael, or story of Raphael which is gay and loves his friend Michael who seems not share the same feelings for him and who loved his own sister Lucifel And about Raphael there is no ending, his story stops in very dramatic and sad moment and what is later I don t know and I am angry because it I want know about his story I love Rapahel and I feel sorry for him, I wish very much happy ending for him but bad ending would be better that none ending at all.
I pry for continuation With Raphael Or at least for new anime adaptation with collaboration of Yun Kouga, with respect for plot of Did I mention I love Earthian As I mentioned in my comment on the 3rd volume, the manga is a complete 180 of the anime I was glad we got to find what happened to some of our favorite characters, because the ending of the third one, while happy as far as Kagetsuya and Chihaya s relationship goes, felt a little rushed We find out that Miyuki and Taki did not die, though Taki is in a coma, and we learn the fate of Elvira as well I thought the scene which is in color between Kagetsuya and Chihaya where they count down the time to the new year was really lighthearted, and it was amusing to see Kagetsuya wearing glasses Chihaya s facial expressions throughout the whole series were the best.
What I would have liked to have seen of in this volume was not just what happened with Mic

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