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[ Pdf Fear: Essential Wisdom for Getting Through the Storm ò aventuriers PDF ] by Thich Nhat Hanh È Without Fear, We Are Able To See Clearly Our Connections To Others Without Fear, We Have Room For Understanding And Compassion Without Fear, We Are Truly Free Most Of Us Live In A Constant State Of Fear Of Our Past, Of Illness And Aging And Death, And Of Losing The Things We Treasure Most But It Doesn T Have To Be This Way, Promises Zen Master And Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh Drawing On A Lifetime Of Mindfulness In Action, Thich Nhat Hanh Shows Us How To Use The Practice Of Living In The Present To Acknowledge And Embrace Our Fears, Recognize Their Origins, And Render Them Powerless The World Renowned Zen Teacher Guides Us Through Practical Exercises For Transforming Fear Into Clarity The Worries Of The Past And The Anxiety Of The Future Disappear As We Discover The Power Of The Present Moment Not Only Are We Are Able To Handle Challenging Emotions As They Arise, But We Can Summon Feelings Of Well Being And Contentment, No Matter What The Unknown May Bring Rooted In The Moment, We Have The Capacity To Restore Balance And Happiness And Be Present With What Is Beautiful And Affirming Inside Us And Around Us, Every Day I have chronic problem with FEAR Fear of loss, fear of death, fear of poverty, fear of aging, fear of criticism and fear of failure, and I have tried many ways to conquer my fears At the 1st chapter Thich Nhat Hanh told us about his encounter of a young soldier at an isolate aircraft area The soldier feared him because he thought this monk was a Vietcong in disguise The soldier was conditioned to fear Then I just had an a ha moment on this My chronic fear was conditioned too, by ME I conditioned myself to be fearful all these years So my way out of fear is to un condition them One by one.
I love all the books of Thich Nhat Hanh Every book is written in a very simple style and so gentle No fuss, just a very compassionate feeling throughout the book.

I have terminal cancer I saw this book decided I would read it see if it would be of any help to me And it was indeed I learned so much about acceptance, inner peace and breath work I recommend this book to everyone going thru a storm or not Why are we afraid Well, for one thing, we are all afraid deep down of one thing annihilation well, to be honest, I was afraid of trying to spell annihilation also We are afraid of many things really being unloved, going broke, losing our jobs Really though, if you ask yourself the question, why am I afraid of being made fun of Let s get to the bottom of this If someone makes fun of me, that means they don t like me If they don t like me, then others won t like me If others don t like me, I will have no one If i have no one, I will be miserable and alone If i am miserable and alone, I will die If seems dramatic when I write it all down, but if you really dig deep, this is the real reason why we feel bad when someone doesn t love us If i get fired, I m unloved If you get dumped, you feel

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