Trailer ↠´ Glaucoma: What Every Patient Should Know: AGuide from Dr. Harry Quigley PDF by ☆ Quigley MD, Harry A

Trailer ↠´ Glaucoma: What Every Patient Should Know: AGuide from Dr. Harry Quigley PDF by ☆ Quigley MD, Harry A As a long term Glaucoma patient, I found this book to be most informative and helpful in explaining the genesis and treatment of this disease There is clearly no one qualified to explain the etiology of Glaucoma and Dr Quigley does a masterful job informing patients and their families of what they need to know to live with this chronic ailment I am fortunate to have Dr Quigley as my ophthalmologist and can personally attest to his experience and incredible depth of knowledge of Glaucoma I highly recommend anyone with Glaucoma, or who is a Glaucoma suspect, read this book It is a great resource and reference which will serve to complement the course of treatment There is no better patient than an informed patient and I am grateful for Dr Quigley s efforts to educate Glaucoma patients around the world in order that they have the I purchased this book Kindle version today, and it than paid off within an hour Let me tell you my specific experience.
My dad has glaucoma and has been prescribed diamox to control his eye pressure Diamox is causing him lot of side effects loss of appetite, constipation and discomfort So my intent was to find an authoritative source that explains why this happens and what are the alternatives I searched diamox in the book and found a chapter on Eye drops for glaucoma I was able to find suggestions for eye drops that have the same effect as diamox, but much lower chance of body wide side effects, which I have asked his doctor to consider.
I have scientific background in physics and can see that Dr Quingley has painstakingly distilled the medical knowledge without simplifying it too much.
This book is a great resource for management of glaucoma if you or someo I have been a Glaucoma patient for over thirty years so I read everything I canon the subject This book is one of the best presentations on this subject thatI have encountered I would recommend this book for all those interested in this subject.

This was written by my doctor He has a brilliant mind A seasoned professional with a zest for life and a dedication to his field You can tell that he actively engages with each patient out of genuine concern for the entire person, not just their eye condition I do believe he was treating in the holistic manner before it was generally accepted Great book Great doc.
If You Or A Member Of Your Family Has Been Told That You Have Glaucoma, Or, If You Have Glaucoma And Want To Be Sure That The Treatment You Re Receiving Is Right For You, This Patient Oriented Guide Was Designed To Answer The Many Questions You May Have The Guide Gives Authoritative Answers, Easily Understood Explanations, Helpful Suggestions, And Life Style Advice It Won T Matter If You Are Not A Medical Specialist, Since It Is Written In Plain English Most Glaucoma Patients Retain Good Vision And Live A Normal Life The Solutions Given Can Take The Stress Out Of Dealing With Glaucoma And Should Maximize The Chance That No Further Injury To Your Ability To See Will Occur There Is Good Evidence That Patients Who Try To Learn About Their Medical Care Do Better In The Long Run The Author Is Dr Harry A Quigley, Director Of The Glaucoma Center Of Excellence Of The Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute, Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine He Has Years Experience Caring For Glaucoma, Researching Its Treatments, And Has Performed , Medical And Surgical Procedures For This Disease His Published Papers On Glaucoma Represent The Work That Is Most Quoted By Other Eye Doctors In The Last Years He Was The Editor In Chief Of The Premier Vision Research Journal, Investigative Ophthalmology And Visual Science No Other Living Ophthalmologist Has Received The Friedenwald Award ARVO , The Doyne Medal Oxford Ophthalmological Congress , The Jackson Lectureship AAO , And The American Glaucoma Society Lectureship The Guide Has Quick Take Home Summaries At The Start Of Each Section With The Most Important Information For Those Wishing To Know Much , Detailed Explanations, Drawings And Photographs Follow The Sections Are Designed To Answer The Questions That Patients Ask, As Well As The Questions That They Should Have Asked For Those Who Know Little About Their Glaucoma, It Begins With A Simple Introduction To The Disease However, Those Who Want In Depth Information Will Find Discussions Of How The Disease Is Diagnosed, What The Treatment Options Are, And How To Live A Normal Life With Glaucoma There Are Not Perfect Answers To Every Question About Glaucoma Where There Is Controversy, The Different Sides Of The Issue Are Presented To Help You And Your Doctor To Make The Better Choice There Is Consideration Given To Alternative Approaches To Therapy There Is No Cure For Glaucoma, And We Cannot Yet Restore Vision Once It Is Lost The Guide Presents Ways To Continue Life At A High Level, Whatever The Stage Of GlaucomaDr Quigley Was Born In St Louis And Is A Graduate Of Harvard College And Johns Hopkins Medical School After Ophthalmic Residency At The Wilmer Institute, He Did A Fellowship At The Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami He Became The A Edward Maumenee Professor Of Ophthalmology In , Directing Both The Glaucoma Center Of Excellence And The Dana Center For Preventive Ophthalmology At Wilmer He Was A Founding Member Of The American Glaucoma Society He Was Elected To Year Terms As Chief Executive Officer Of The Association For Research In Vision And Ophthalmology ARVO And Editor In Chief Of Investigative Ophthalmology And Visual Science He Has Published Over Peer Reviewed Articles, And His Reports Are The Most Cited In The Ophthalmic Literature Over The Last Years Archives Of Ophthalmology, He Has Been Honored With The Friedenwald Award By ARVO, The Doyne Medal By The Oxford Ophthalmological Congress, The Leslie Dana Medal By The St Louis Society For The Blind, Awards From The European Society Of Ophthalmology Prix Jules Francois , Ophthalmological Society Of Scotland Mackenzie Medal , Australian Society Of Ophthalmology Gregg Medal , Irish Ophthalmological Society Mooney Medal , And The New York Academy Of Sciences Lewis Rudin Prize He Has Given Named Lectures, Including The Th Edward Jackson Lecture American Academy Of Ophthalmology Dr Quigley Has Trained Glaucoma Clinician Scientists Who Practice In The US And Worldwide His Research Has Improved The Early Diagnosis Of Glaucoma And Has Developed Instruments And Techniques To Identify Glaucoma Damage Better His Investigations Demonstrated The Degree Of Glaucoma Damage That Precedes Present Detection Methods He Was The First To Report On Long Term Success With Laser Iridotomy His Suturing Technique For Trabeculectomy Has Been Widely Adopted He Has Participated In Pioneering Studies Of The Epidemiology, Morbidity And Progression Rate Of Glaucoma And Other Eye Disease In American, African, Asian, And Hispanic Populations, Serving As A Consultant To The World Health Organization He Conceptualized New Roles For Iris And Choroidal Volume Change As Risk Factors In Angle Closure Glaucoma In The Laboratory, He Has Demonstrated Successful Gene Therapy To Protect Retinal Ganglion Cells From Experimental Glaucoma, And Developed Glaucoma Models In Monkeys, Rats And Mice

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