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↠´ Gods of Jade and Shadow · Download by ↠´ Silvia Moreno-Garcia The Mayan God Of Death Sends A Young Woman On A Harrowing, Life Changing Journey In This Dark, One Of A Kind Fairy Tale Inspired By Mexican FolkloreThe Jazz Age Is In Full Swing, But Casiopea Tun Is Too Busy Cleaning The Floors Of Her Wealthy Grandfather S House To Listen To Any Fast Tunes Nevertheless, She Dreams Of A Life Far From Her Dusty Small Town In Southern Mexico A Life She Can Call Her Own Yet This New Life Seems As Distant As The Stars, Until The Day She Finds A Curious Wooden Box In Her Grandfather S Room She Opens It And Accidentally Frees The Spirit Of The Mayan God Of Death, Who Requests Her Help In Recovering His Throne From His Treacherous Brother Failure Will Mean Casiopea S Demise, But Success Could Make Her Dreams Come TrueIn The Company Of The Strangely Alluring God And Armed With Her Wits, Casiopea Begins An Adventure That Will Take Her On A Cross Country Odyssey From The Jungles Of Yucat N To The Bright Lights Of Mexico City And Deep Into The Darkness Of The Mayan Underworld 5 starsUnlike anything I ve ever read This Mayan death god myth making tale was perfect.
Writing Concept Characters Pacing First off, I am probably in the minority here, but I did not see this story as overly similar to a Cinderella tale the similarities end after the first few chapters The marketing for Gods of Jade and Shadow bills it as a Jazz Age Cinderella, but the story felt muchlike Hades and Persephone with a dash of the Art Deco I could not get enough of this story Gods of Jade and Shadow follows the story of Casiopea, a girl growing up in rural Mexico in the early 1900s who discovers a chest of ancient black bones in her grandfather s bedroom Accidentally cutting herself and bleeding on the bones, Casiopea resurrects the Mayan god of death, Hun Kame Hun Kame was cursed and imprisoned in his bones well, most of his bones by his twin brother, and suffice Oh, my heart So, so very good This is a evocative and moving fairy tale about a downtrodden girl and the Maya God of Death and how they both find each other and their humanity together Moreno Garcia consistently knows how to find my heartstrings and pull them not in a sappy way but in quiet moments of vulnerability and honesty Her vision of 1920 s Mexico and,strikingly, the Maya Underworld, are vivid and enchanting and bring the story alive I m convinced both are were equally real Also, this book is highly addictive I read it in 24 hrs, having to know the fate of both the main characters, which is, in Moreno Garcia fashion, quite bittersweet Loved it Highly recommend.
a dark fantasy set in 1920s Mexico inspired by Mayan mythology and is that a hades persephone reference i see this is WONDERFUL sign me up a dark fantasy set in 1920s Mexico inspired by Mayan mythology this sounds AMAZING Publishing July 23rd, 2019I was so excited when I heard about this book and so was beyond thrilled when I was lucky enough to be granted an ARC from NetGalley and WOW DID THIS BOOK NOT DISAPPOINT I loved it Absolutely loved it This book to me is the perfect blend of fantasy, mythology and historical fiction It s filled with Mayan folklore that truly came alive for me I must confess I know nothing about Mayan mythology but this book has been a wonderful starting point for me Apparently it is inspired by the Popol Vuh which is a text that recounts the mythology and history of the K iche people, one of the Maya peoples, and ahhhh I just need to knowThe story focuses on the Mayan gods of death, Hun Kam and Vucub Kam , and their fight for control of their underwor Why I love it by S A ChakrabortyFrom the moment I spotted the phrase the Mayan god of death in the Jazz Age, I knew I needed to get my hands on Gods of Jade and Shadow I ve always been a fan of historical fantasy, and there s little I lovethan seeing ancient figures thrown into amodern world Add in a stunning cover, hints of a rags to riches protagonist, and a journey to the Underworld I was sold.
But this wondrously written book is so muchthan that The story follows Casiopea Tun, who, in an attempt to escape her grandfather s home, inadvertently links up with a Mayan god eager to take back his throne Soon she finds herself on a death defying adventure, and experiencing the equally terrifying prospect of first love.
This is both a classic fairy tale the mysterious box, the alluring figure offering the promise of a new beginning and a fresh, comi I have two reviews for this beauty A video on booktube Some people are born under a lucky star, while others have their misfortune telegraphed by the position of the planets Casiopea Tun, named after a constellation, was born under the most rotten star imaginable in the firmament Yucat n, Mexico, during the 1920s Casiopea has found herself in an awful situation Her beloved father, a lover of mythology and fables, has died Her mother is a weak woman who only knows how to cry and pray The young woman has been left practically alone, struggling to cope with the insults of her tyrannical grandfather and disgusting cousin Until the day an old chest is opened and the God of Death escapes In order to fight against treason and fulfill a mysterious destiny, Casiopea and the dashing god will lead us on an unforgettable journey in one of the most fascinating countries of our planet through folklore, mythology and e Thank you, Del Rey books Ballantine I am so happy to have the opportunity to jump into this story early.
A freed Mayan God, 1920s Jazz eraWhatdo you need

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