Ú How Smart Machines Think ☆ Download by ✓ Sean Gerrish

Ú How Smart Machines Think ☆ Download by ✓ Sean Gerrish Sean Gerrish explains how AI works, clearly and correctly, without getting into the mathematical formalism He takes you as close as it is possible to get to full understanding without getting your hands dirty in writing code He helps to clarify what AI can do and how it does it , probably will be able to do in the future, and probably will not be able to do unless and until revolutionary advances are made The book takes all the mystery out of why self driving cars never seem to get any closer to realization and how AI bots have been able to defeat the best human players of tough games like chess and go In the process Gerrish tells us a lot about the human stories of the pioneers and leaders in the field.
The Future Is Here Self Driving Cars Are On The Streets, An Algorithm Gives You Movie And TV Recommendations, IBM S Watson Triumphed On Jeopardy Over Puny Human Brains, And Computer Programs Can Be Trained To Play Atari Games But How Do All These Things Work In This Audiobook, Sean Gerrish Offers An Engaging And Accessible Overview Of The Breakthroughs In Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning That Have Made Today S Machines So Smart Gerrish Outlines Some Of The Key Ideas That Enable Intelligent Machines To Perceive And Interact With The World He Describes The Software Architecture That Allows Self Driving Cars To Stay On The Road And To Navigate Crowded Urban Environments The Million Dollar Netflix Competition For A Better Recommendation Engine And How Programmers Trained Computers To Perform Certain Behaviors By Offering Them Treats, As If They Were Training A Dog He Explains How Artificial Neural Networks Enable Computers To Perceive The World And To Play Atari Video Games Better Than Humans Gerrish Weaves The Stories Behind These Breakthroughs Into The Narrative, Introducing Listeners To Many Of The Researchers Involved And Keeping Technical Details To A Minimum Science And Technology Buffs Will Find This Audiobook An Essential Guide To A Future In Which Machines Can Outsmart People Good info I got the audio version My expectations were toward understanding the magic of AI and machine learning What I got is a nonprogrammers report of what happened in some competitions I would have preferred first hand accounts of developers finding their way to better algorithms.

This was one of the most enjoyable books I have read in a while It presents a general overview of how various AI powered systems work in technically accurate but lightweight, hobby level reading terms that still give enough details to satisfy professionals in analytics, AI, and optimization.
This book had the best explanation of how autonomous cars work algorithmically Routing algorithms have been around for several decades The hard part is recognizing pedestrians and fire hydrants and moving vehicles versus open roads in real time Enter neural networks, which took image classification to the next level making the technology for driverless cars nearly obtainable.
Autonomous vehicle algorithms is just one section of the book Also discussed is how statistical learning can be used to power a Netflix recommendation engine How AlphaGo works and how it involves game tree search and The book reviews the under the hood of several famous success stories of artificial intelligence Some pictures are not clear in the Kindle version.

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