Download Epub Format î I Know My Own Heart: The Diaries of Ann Lister, 1791-1840 PDF by ¾ Anne Lister

Download Epub Format î I Know My Own Heart: The Diaries of Ann Lister, 1791-1840 PDF by ¾ Anne Lister Brilliant woman uncovered by a great scholar Took me 3.
5 yrs to read, but worth it It s a primary source, so not super compelling in of itself, but I m very very glad I read it.
Upon Publication, The First Volume Of Anne Lister S Diaries, I Know My Own Heart, Met With Celebration, Delight, And Some Skepticism How Could An Upper Class Englishwoman, In The First Half Of The Nineteenth Century, Fulfill Her Emotional And Sexual Needs When Her Sexual Orientation Was Toward Other Women How Did An Aristocratic Lesbian Manage To Balance Sexual Fulfillment With Social Acceptability Helena Whitbread, The Editor Of These Diaries, Here Allows Us An Inside Look At The Long Running Love Affair Between Anne Lister And Marianna Lawton, An Affair Complicated By Anne S Infatuation With Maria Barlow Anne Travels To Paris Where She Discovers A New Love Interest That Conflicts With Her Developing Social Aspirations For The First Time, She Begins To Question The Nature Of Her Identity And The Various Roles Female Lovers May Play In The Life Of A Gentrywoman Though Unequipped With A Lesbian Vocabulary With Which To Describe Her Erotic Life, Her Emotional Conflicts Are Contemporary Enough To Speak To Us AllThis Book Will Satisfy The Curiosity Of The Many Who Became Acquainted With Lister Through I Know My Own Heart And Are Eager To Learn About Her Revealing Life And What It Suggests About The History Of Sexuality This book represents a good chunk of the diaries of 19th century lesbian Anne Lister, recently made somewhat famous by the Gentleman Jack tv series It is remarkable what Lister was able to do in an age when most women were not educated and homosexuality was frowned upon Still, it is sad to read about how above all else, what Lister wanted was a life partner, and that was something that just wasn t available to her Sometimes it s hard for me to read diaries of this era because I don t always understand the terminology or what is really going on It is a glimpse into daily life of 19th century English landed gentry.
Initially it seemed like this would be boring it s a lot of practice flute for half an hour called on a friend studied latin went to bed at 10 but there is quite a lot going on I was actually shocked at some of it I ve always assumed same sex relationships existed in history, but I suppose I imagined these upper class ladies being too timid to actually do much Anne doesn t give explicit detail, but she makes it quite clear that she is sleeping with both M and Tib, and at one point she suggests to her friend Miss Pickford she made another lesbian friend that surprised me too that she use a phallus.
I found that I didn t actually like Anne very much She spends a lot of time dismissing everyone around her as stupid and vulgar At one point she acquires This is not the exact edition I read My edition was 360 pages and only included 6 years of Anne s diary.
Actually, let s start off with that Including the years of Anne s birth and death suggested to me that this book was going to include the entirety of her diaries I heard about Anne Lister from an episode of the wonderful Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast, which referenced I Know My Own Heart and made me determined to include it in June s reviews honoring Pride month Anne lived in early 1800 s England, helping her aunt and uncle run Shibden Hall and assuming its management entirely after their deaths in the 1820s She was well educated, flirtatious, and sassy Anne wrote frankly about being attracted exclusively to women she doesn t use the word lesbian and I believe her diaries predate the inclusion of that word in the lexicon and had many romantic and It s about what you would expect out of reading a diary which means that I know far about her flute playing practice times than I really wanted to know It s far interesting than other historical diaries that I have read.
Such a fascinating woman Things I thoroughly enjoyed She talks so vividly about her love affairs She bribed a librarian to let her borrow as many books as she liked A lot of details that I wouldn t have expected about her life.
Dislikes The organization of it is a little lacking notes etc It could have been better organized.
Completely fascinating to hear a woman so bluntly talk about her love for women and orgasms and desire BACK IN THE 1700 s AND 1800 S Somehow very comforting, for someone under the LGBT umbrella Somehow solidifies that there have always been people such as us, somehow makes me feel firmly planted in our history.

I learned much about boiled British meats than I ever expected.
The Diaries of Anne Lister is definitely the oldest lesbian book I ve read to date I m putting lesbian in quotation marks because what is actually the most fascinating things about the diary is how Anne Lister explores her attraction to women and her sexual identity in a time before sexuality was such a defining characteristic for our identities and before the word lesbian even existed with our contemporary understanding of it if anyone as nerdy as me is wondering, lesbian was first used in 1890 as female homosexual, according to the Oxford English Dictionary so it s really a relatively new word Back to Anne Lister she was an upper class Englishwoman living in Halifax and Shibden Hall, West Yorkshire in the early 1800s

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