½ In the Year of The Boar and Jackie Robinson ↠´ Download by ✓ Bette Bao Lord

½ In the Year of The Boar and Jackie Robinson ↠´ Download by ✓ Bette Bao Lord Shirley Temple Wong Sails From China To America With A Heart Full Of Dreams Her New Home Is Brooklyn, New York America Is Indeed A Land Full Of Wonders, But Shirley Doesn T Know Any English, So It S Hard To Make Friends Then A Miracle Baseball Happens It Is , And Jackie Robinson, Star Of The Brooklyn Dodgers, Is Everyone S Hero Jackie Robinson Is Proving That A Black Man, The Grandson Of A Slave, Can Make A Difference In America And For Shirley As Well, On The Ball Field And Off, America Becomes The Land Of Opportunity This story chronicles an immigrant experience during the mid 1940s A Chinese girl changes her name to Shirley Temple Wong when she learns that she and her mother will join her engineer father in multicultural Brooklyn, New York She arrives with lots of enthusiasm and no English language skills.
The description is beautiful I read this aloud to a class of fourth graders and was amazed how often I could highlight the author s use of figurative language, though I only did it occasionally of course Paragraph after paragraph, similes flood the pages without crawling all over or damaging each other.
The main character, Shirley, is also very well written because the scenes are simple, but highly enjoyable and illuminating We witness how a positive start turns into rejection We worry right along with her.
My students decided the story problem was Shirley s isolation Once she was clearly This is one of my favorite books to share with my fourth grade students There are so many mini lessons that can be taught that I have to pick and choose carefully in order to keep from spending too much time on it It helps my students relate to my non English speakers and the ones who are just beginning to grasp the language I use it to teach idioms, similes, and metaphors We discuss dealing with bullies while also discussing the rich vocabulary within the text Plus, my students laugh out loud every year Truly a fun learning experience that I would recommend for any 4th or 5th grade classroom.
All American children should read this lovely book about the journey of Shirley Temple Wong to her American home At first she cannot speak English to the other children in the school, and she is unhappy and deeply lost She finds solace in listening to baseball on the radio, when Jackie Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball not only helps Shirley get a grip on America soil, but also serves as a great metaphor In China, rules and hierarchies and traditions are set in stone In America, anyone can become anything Anyone can be great like Jackie Robinson And yet, Shirley will always love the traditions of China In one beautiful scene, she enjoys moon cakes with her family Though it isn t easy, Shirley finds the I LOVED this book when I was a kid I think I must have read it five or six times A recent immigrant, Shirley Temple Wong reminds me of Francie Nolan from A Tree Grows In Brooklyn Both characters are somewhat naive and get bullied by the other kids when they try to fit in It s a remarkably poignant book.
This is a positively charming and delightful book for elementary and middle school children Long a favorite of one of my granddaughters, I finally reserved it from the library so we could discuss it I can understand why she loves it She has been studying Chinese in a dual language program since kindergarten and she is now in fourth grade This book spoke to her With her background and introduction to the Chinese culture, I am thrilled that she has been exposed to the challenges of immigration, acceptance, developing new friendships, judging, letting go of and keeping traditions, family heritage, awareness, kindness and the importance of family and love This little book surprised me I acknowledge lovely writing, this is a good book for children to read about cultural differences and what children from other countries feel when they do come here besides that, this book was good, for it gave a lot of detales and it showed that children are quick adapters to there new world and I love how Shirly Temple became a Lover of baseball would recommend to a school or a younger person but for as oldies not so much.
It s a nice little book about immigrant life, although it lightens up many of the tough subjects maybe a little too much Nonetheless, the issues are included losing native language, mixing the old culture with the new, not communicating in the same ways and drifting away from parents expectations of how the kid should be It s a great read for kids My students even clapped when we finished Aww.
A lovely little story of a Chinese girl who moves to America in the 1940s and discovers her love for the Brooklyn Dodgers One of my favorites growing up, and it still has a place of honor on my bookshelf 333 I could have sworn I d written a review for this book already Edit Oh, I did write a review for the book, back when there was no cover attached Here it is, with my re review below it Ugh, why is there no cover photo for this book This is one of the few Asian American YA books I ve read, but even if that was a thriving genre, I ve no doubt this would be one of the best It s the story of a young Chinese girl around ten, I think who moves with her parents from China to Brooklyn in 1947 the year of the boar, and Jackie Robinson s major league debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers She is way smaller than any of her huge American classmates, and she doesn t know anything about baseball or Lucky Strike cigarettes or the Pledge of Allegiance She learns about all of these things in this beautiful story that strikes just the right balance of nostalgia Wow J

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