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[Connie Ann Kirk] ä J. K. Rowling: A Biography (Unauthorized Edition) [strippers PDF] Read Online ✓ The Unprecedented Popularity Of The Harry Potter books Took The Publishing World By Storm And Captured The Imaginations Of Readers Around The World This Unofficial Biographical Study Of J K Rowling Invites Fans And Critics Alike To Take A Close Look At The Person Behind The Phenomenon, The Facts Of Her Life As A Writer, And The Extraordinary Success Of An Ordinary Woman L This Detailed Book Explores Both The Critical Acclaim And The Controversies Surrounding Rowling S books And The Characters, Who Seem To Have Found A Life Of Their Own Chapters Take The Reader From Rowling S Early Childhood In England Through Her School Years, Friendships, And Early Influences, Tracing Her Family Life, Her Travels And Personal Relationships, And The Development Of Her Career As A WriterThe Harry Potter books Are Carefully Considered Against The Backdrop Of The Fantasy Genre And Are Also Situated Within The Broader Framework Of Popular Culture A Bibliography Provides Reviews, Critical Articles, Biographical Sources, And Related Web Site Information A Timeline Highlights The Events Of Rowling S Life And Career Other Appendices Cite The Many Awards Her books Have Received Around The World Also Included Are Lists Of Her Special Literary And Humanitarian Interests This is still the best of the myriad Rowling biographies, even though by now it is widely outdated It is well researched, nuanced and well written too There are some repetitions, but overall this is very readable still Most of the other biographies are either straight hagiography or sensationalist bullshit.
Maybe Rowling is still too young a writer to have a really good biography written about her.
for english class i have to read a biography i m learning a lot about J.
, but i really don t like the way it s written.
I really enjoyed it It was really interesting, it gives you a different point of view in Harry Potter and also of a different time Since it s from 2002 you can read about what the Potter phenomenon was like when it was truly happening I also loved reading about her life and what Harry meant to her when her life was crambling.
I totally recommend Very good, thorough bio of Rowling, rags to riches story, it took a long time to read as the print was very small 8 or 9 point.
I just wanted to know about the story of Jo Rowling and how she came about writing and publishing the Harry Potter series and this was the best biography I could find at the library It is not the most comprensive bio but it does provide a decent narrative of Rowling s life up until 2002.
It s a good book but I wish the info was recent.
THis is the best biography for the Harry Potter author that I have seen It provided lots of information about Jo s life while keeping the story interesting.
It is interesting to read that our role models make mistakes and have struggles too I also liked how the timeline went from being born to present I liked learning where and how one of my favorite authors grew up It is a little slow in the middle, however I wish it had told us about the publishing process in detail Also, it kind of gets a bit boring, but otherwise, I enjoyed it.
This book showed that there was a different side to the multi millionaire author Who would ve known Connie Ann Kirk is referenced in my book.

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