[Alessandra Hazard] ☆ Just a Bit Twisted (Straight Guys, #1) [muslimah PDF] Read Online À usobet.co

[Alessandra Hazard] ☆ Just a Bit Twisted (Straight Guys, #1) [muslimah PDF] Read Online À 3.
5 starsI liked this I think I need to create a new shelf for the straight boy books and call it spaghetti love You know how spaghetti is straight until you get it hot and wet taps mic Is this thing on Anyway I fell for Shawn pretty quick when I found out he was one of those guys who takes family seriously With his parents gone, he is struggling and juggling the life of a working college student on a scholarship while trying to take care of his adorable four year old twin sisters He needs to keep his job to pay the bills and he needs to keep his grades up to keep his scholarship He is drowning under all the weight of responsibly but sees a the light through the darkness when his friend Christian tells him the rumor about Professor Rutledge Ah the rumor It seems the dear stingy and stoic professor likes him some youn 4.
25 StarsWhen Shawn s parents died they left huge debts Shawn is twenty year old he works two jobs but it s not enough He has two sisters twins, four year old and he must take care of them He is so responsible But he needs money and now besides money issues, they re going to terminate his scholarship if he doesn t improve his grades So one of his friends came with this idea that he can flirt with one of the Professors This idea is a little bizarre because Shawn is straight but Derek aka Professor Azzhole thirty three year old has another bizarre idea for Shawn I enjoyed this story a lot I loved it But I had some issues like always First it was really short I needed I wanted to read about them and their relationship Second, I really wanted Derek s POV I wanted to know what was in his mind, I wanted to know about his feelings toward Shawn and why his so jerk Haha Told in Shawn s P Professor Derek Rutledge Is Hated And Feared By All Of His Students Strict, Reserved And Ruthless, He Doesn T Tolerate Mistakes And Has Little Patience For His StudentsShawn Wyatt Is A Twenty Year Old Struggling To Provide For His Younger Sisters After The Death Of Their Parents On The Verge Of Losing His Scholarship, Shawn Becomes Desperate Enough To Go To Professor RutledgeEveryone Says Rutledge Doesn T Have A Heart Everyone Says He S A Ruthless Bastard Shawn Finds Out That Everyone Is RightHe Strikes A Deal With Rutledge, But Unexpectedly, The Deal Turns Into Something So MuchSomething All Consuming And AddictiveSomething Neither Of Them Wants You have a bit of an oral fixation, Wyatt Your mouth is very sensitive You like having your mouth full You like being kissed You like being fucked in the mouth Hmwhere to start Where to start Some DRANKS Gotta get a little comfy Don t worry This won t be too long since this is a very popular series and I m fashionably on time as always.
Being as this has been read by lots and lots, no need to rehash much.
SoI devoured this Why straight 20 year old college student Shawn Wyatt has the shittiest life forever broke, orphaned, works 2 jobs, on the verge of losing his scholarship and has to raise twin 4 year old girls his sisters piece of shit, controlling wealthy gay professor genius Rutledge who prefers to emote with his thick eight inch erection inside straight boys conversations are so last season And get this, the profe Why did I ever wait that long to start on this series Seriously Apparently, I m dumb So with an opening like that, you sure must know that I loved this book A LOT And if you need another endorsement, I finished this book within 90 mins so yea, I loved it Shawn is a 20 years old scholar student who has to work hard to support not only himself but also his 4 years old twin sisters He s attending university with a scholar and he has to work two jobs to support the family And he certainly can t fail Mr Rutledge aka asshole professor s class because that would surely make him lose his scholarship.
Mr Rutledge aka asshole professor aka Derek is a really fucked up guy Has Daddy issues, distant from the family, very uptight and control freak guy He doesn t do commitments and cocky and bossy as fuck But let me tell you, Rutledge is like a parasite he grows on you While you are annoye What a surprise The first book I finished this year is an honest to God anti romance I would never have thought that this appealed to me, but it so did I absolutely loved everything about this story.
It was morally wrong on so many levels Shawn Wyatt is attending college to become an engineer His parents died and left him and his two four year old sisters nothing but debts, so Shawn is working two jobs WHILE attending college on a scholarship.
When the college informs him in writing that his grades are too low to stay on the scholarship, he becomes desperate and tries to talk his a hole teacher Mr Rutledge into giving him a passing grade so he doesn t lose his scholarship.
The man says no.
Following a weird advice from his best friend, he offers Mr Rutledge a blowjob in return for a passing grade Even though Shawn is straight, he d do 4 Stars I am so late to this party Loved both MCs and the wrongness of this plot.
Derek s grumpiness was so charming and appealing to me I know, I know, you don t need to tell me that I am a weirdo.
But I can t help it I loved that he was a cold bastard whereas Shawn, was all heart And I loved even that his assholeness couldn t resist sweet Shawn But what the hell was that abrupt end Are you asking me to move in with you Derek s face was blank It would be convenient Convenient Yes, convenient Pressing his lips together to keep himself from laughing, Shawn nodded solemnly Very convenient Shut up, Wyatt, Derek said As I said, so charming snort Elsa, my friend, I ve read this because of you review LolGoing to PM you

re read 1 6 19Wowthis was a hot little numberdamnNot totally believable, but who cares SoShawn Wyatt is a 20 year old student, raising his 4 year old twin sisters His parents died a while ago and left him with a lot of debt This means he has to work multiple jobs and pay a babysitter he can t really afford To top it all off, he s also failing at school He doesn t have the time to attend all classes and is late with all his papers If his grades don t improve, they ll take away his scholarship.
He talked to two teachers, who agreed to give him time and help him out a little, but professor Ruthledge is a cold hearted bastard and he doesn t want to hear excuses.
Shawns best friend Christian suggests that he should flirt with Ruthledge, because he heard a rumor about the professor liking blond pretty boys Shawn has always considered himself straight, but he ll do 5 OMG Professor Rutledge Stars Holy shit someone hose me down Professor Derek Ruthledge was so yummy I think I melted into a puddle Just a Bit Twisted, was such a sexy and sweet read I really really REALLY loved Derek He was so buttoned up, and cold I loved his controlling domineering ways It made when he showed a softer side all the sweet I truly fell in love with Derek Ruthledge I also really like Shawn I loved how loyal and sweet he was Taking care of his sisters, working his ass off and going to school Shawn could see under Derek s rough exterior to the amazing man he was The sex was off the walls hot I loved the naughty hot teacher student thing going on But I loved the sweet moments the best I normally love little kids in books I am a total sucker for sassy little kids, but I was a little put off with Shawn s 4 year old twin sisters WELL,this was a hot oneAnd it definitely had me excited winks This wasn t so much about hot for teacher like teacher was hot for student.
Shawn is struggling at school.
When his parents died he is left with two young sisters to care for.
He is holding down two jobs to make ends meet and as a result his grades are slipping,especially in one classthat of Professor Rutledge.
One of his friends has heard a rumour that the Professor likes pretty boys and that Shawn should maybe flirt with him a little.
Shawn s attempts at flirting don t exactly go to plan and soon there s blow jobs involvedShawn is straight,or at least he thinks he is but after a while he actually starts to enjoy what s happening between him and Professor Rutledge and things get even hotterOk,so if you were to analyse this closely you d probably come to the conclusion that it s a bit unbelieva

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