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[ Pdf Kate: Kate Middleton - Princess in Waiting Ï landscaping PDF ] by Claudia Joseph Ï As I m getting psyched about the royal wedding, I decided that this would be a good read I very much enjoyed this book and the mirrored look of Kate s family history along with William s It was interesting to see from where she came and how she has become a mature girl hoping to be a future queen I look forward to watching their wedding and wish them the best in their life together.
I read this because I have always liked the Royal Family Kate is a breath of fresh air into the older stuffy royals and I think Diana would have approved of her.
I had originally thought this book would get a four star rating from me, but alas, it didn t The direction that Claudia Joseph originally went with this was a fascinating breath of fresh air compared to, well, this Miss Joseph begins this book with a history of the Duchess family her mother s side and her father s side It was indeed interesting, and sometimes sad, to read about the coal mining, but I found myself thinking very early on how it would have been so much better if Miss Joseph had done it chronologically than she already had When I selected this from the biography section of the local library, I glanced at the titles for the first nine chapters Ooh I thought, This could be interesting Unfortunately, Once I got to chapter three, I found it a bit tedious to go back in time Basically, we go from 1837 to 1

I enjoyed reading the history of the Middleton Family.
This was a fun read The author went to great lengths about Catherine s ancestors and their lives So much so in fact that I found myself getting a bit confused about who was who I had to do some back and forth page flipping in order to get back on track.
I ve enjoyed reading as much as I can about The Duchess I didn t know much about her when she was dating William and would only occasionally see her picture on the cover of magazines This book was a nice filler on the events that took place through out the beginning of her relationship with William and the subsequent years afterwards up until about 2008.
Luckily my fellow Royal watchers and I know that their story continues.
Kate Middleton Princess in Waiting by Claudia JosephAvon, 2009268 pagesNon fiction Royalty3.
5 5 starsSource LibrarySummary A brief biography of Middleton s ancestors from the Victorian era to Kate s own life.
I really liked the concept of this book The first eleven chapters focus on Kate s ancestors, giving brief insight into the four main branches starting with the great great great great grandparents and even brief mentions of William s family especially to compare circumstances Those chapters were a little difficult as many names appear but they gave a brief peek at a particular time period and of people living under those conditions.
The rest of the book traces Kate s own life including the brief breaku After all of the hype this past summer with the royal wedding, I decided that I wanted to know a little bit about the newest member of the royal family This book was interesting but not quite what I was looking for It was rather heavy into Kate s family background.
What I was looking for when I picked this book up was about Kate herself It is important to know where a person comes from, but in this case, I think that it is also important to know the person I don t think that I got enough out of this book about Kate Middleton But that is just my two cents.
Overall, this book was all right, although I found it a bit dry and tedious.
With Her Glossy Dark Hair, Classic Looks, Natural Appearance And Cut Glass Accent, Kate Middleton Displays All The Poise And Breeding Expected From The Wife To Be Of The Heir To The Throne Sophisticated Beyond Her Years, As Well As Academically Gifted, Kate Has Charmed William S Louche Circle Of Friends As Well As The House Of WindsorYet Behind Her Polished Veneer Lies The Extraordinary Tale Of An Impoverished Working Class Family That Overcame Deprivation And Adversity To Rise To The Upper Echelons Of SocietyClaudia Joseph Has Spoken To Members Of Kate S Family And Friends, Who Have Provided An Intriguing Insight Into The Extraordinary Journey Her Family Has Made From The Mining Villages Of Durham To An Apartment In The Royal Residence Of Clarence HouseDrawing On Exclusive Interviews And Containing Previously Unpublished Photographs, This Is An Authoritative Account Of Kate Middleton S Life So Far I thought this was overall not a bad book At times I felt that the author included a lot of irrelevant information that was not needed She also could have been specific when talking about the different sides of Kate s family This made it confusing for the reader I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the royal family because it is very factual I like how the author included quotes from friends and family of Kate This was a key part of the book.
Once you get past the several chapters of extreme family history, its a good book I wish it had started just after she was born Or even given a paragraph or two about her great great great grandparents and so forth But that being said, you can always skip through that part and get to the good stuff

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