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[Rob Moore] º Life Leverage [counselling PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ Nothing really new here This book pulls together ideas from several sources elsewhere and I d advise you to go to these It s very repetitive with lots of annoying typos and primarily focused on making money than anything else.
I never thought I d be the one for reading a self help book but I had had this on my reading list for a while so finally got to to reading it It has a lot of useful life advice, and even if you have no inspiration to be a serial entrepreneur than it ll still help you make the most of your time and manage any available opportunities.
If anything, it ll help you work better at work and spend time focusing on what you want to do, without being taken along for a ride.
5 5 stars to this fantastic book Life Leverage is an awesome book in so many ways and I am here going to explain just a few It is practical and filled with great ways to optimize your life and the way you work It challenges you to look seriously at ways you do things, and also to jump into start leverages areas if you life I do feel like the end of the book went a little over board and some of the information appeared to already have been talked about in earlier chapters or extremely simple stuff that all people know Apart from these few irrelevant chapters did I enjoy the book There is so gold to gain as we learn to maximize and cut away practices in our life that takes us away from our calling mission.
Not impressed at all Broken record The actual info is spread in very tin all over Total waste of time money Disposing.
This book is an excellent read and I will definitely be implementing some of the methods that Rob Moore talks about in this book Time management and a balanced work family lifestyle is something I have struggled to organise in the past but this book explains simple ways in which you can do this and have spare time to do the things you love This book makes you look at the things you do daily that are time consuming and wasteful and explains ways in which you can streamline your time and create a flexible and enjoyable lifestyle.
One of the best books I have read for a long time and I will be looking up titles by the author Highly recommended.

Good book, easy to read and lots of actioable content I enjoy the way Rob writes lots of passion and easy to understand and digest.
I felt a lot of the writing could have been broken down and the book madr slightly shorter about 250 pages and I d say you probably only need half of that.
The philosophy that he presents makes a lot of sense and definitely motivates yu to get started in your busines ventures, although if that s what you re looking for I d suggest Seneca s On the Shortness of Life as a way to make you get the most out of your time.
Overall, good book but there are books I d read before this one A useful book that teaches you how to manage your life to be most efficient Its main points are to prioritize highest value tasks and outsource everything else, to merge professional life with personal life and to plan your vision and actions top down It covers few interesting concepts, such as 80 20, levels of money management, importance of letting go to let the business operate without you, monetary value of tasks etc.
A good, easy to understand book to inspire.
Really enjoyed reading it, quite quick to read and written with plenty of passion I ve picked up some good points I hope to implement in my own life, a few I already put into place.
I was lucky enough to win this on goodreads giveaways, for an honest review.
This is a great book full of passion and great tips to improve your business and personal life Highly recommended for anyone chasing wealth and starting their own business.
The Life Leverage Philosophy Is A Way Of Living Your Life To Get Done In Less Time, Outsource Everything And Create Your Ideal Mobile Lifestyle It Is A Way Of Thinking, Feeling, Deciding, Doing, And Then Getting The Results And Feedback Accordingly To Build Momentum And Get Closer To Your Vision And Legacy Life Leverage Doesn T End With Sitting On A Beach Drinking Pina Colada S, Or Retirement, Or Freedom, Or Balance It Allows You To Live That Moment To Moment, Or Whatever That End Goal Is To You, Now, And Not Rear Loaded, Merging Your Passion With Your Profession And Your Vocation With Your Vacation The Life Leverage Philosophy Is Living A Fulfilled And Inspired Life, In Balance Of Passion And Profession, Without Overly Sacrificing Either The Life Leverage Philosophy Doesn T Understand Work Life Balance Or Separation It Merges Every Aspect Into One Inspired Life The Life Leverage Philosophy Understands And Accepts The Balance Of Ups And Downs, Happiness And Sadness, And Moves Towards Its Vision And Legacy, Constantly Tweaking And Accepting Feedback It Disdains Duplication And Wastage Getting Maximum Leverage And Maximum Time Preservation With Minimum Time Erosion And Wastage It Doesn T Rear Load Retirement, Instead It Lives Continual Mini Retirements

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