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☆ Little Angels ✓ Download by Ê Phra Peter Pannapadipo Excellent I teach novice monks in Wat Kireewong school in Nakhon Sawan, and this book really helped to prepare for my time teaching there and helped me to empathise with these young boys I am also friends with two of the novice monks written about in the book, who after ordaining as monks for a time have gone on to very successful careers due to the SET foundations help A must read for all.
Although I m usually happy as a novice, I m not going to become a monk , April 11, 2015This review is from Little Angels The Real Life Stories of Thai Novice Monks Kindle Edition This was a fascinating read, written by a British convert to the life of a Buddhist monk Here he explains something which travellers to Thailand may have noticed and puzzled over namely the huge numbers of monks including a large percentage of teenagers.
We learn that monasticism is not seen as a lifetime commitment on the contrary, many take the robe for a short while to gain merit for deceased relatives or as an expected rite of passage For many children on the other hand, most particularly those from a desperately poor background, spending their formative years in a monastery is their only opportunity to get a secondary education and better themselves.
The author The stories in this book are pretty heartbreaking, I m not sure if 18 years after its publication the social problems are as bad, I d be interested to know I REALLY did not like the introduction and almost gave up there The tone and judgement of the author was really offputting The other thing that made this a hard read was that the translation made every single person have the same tone and language so you didn t get an individual sense of each person in that way.
Engaging stories that introduced me some to poverty in Thailand and the important role that Buddhism and temples play in Thai society I feel like some things are going to stay on my mind for a long time such as the role of the water buffalo as than just a farm animal, children taking and introducing other children to amphetamines, and the Dhamma teaching on how nothing is permanent.
read this on my way back from spending a month in Thailand It confirmed my feelings that the temples are used somewhat as prep school for kids and that families often send them there much like we in the U.
A would send our kids to summer camp.
But, I wasn t prepared for the hard role that poverty plays in this Ordaining is often the only viable survival option for both child and family This book shares first person accounts of a dozen or so boys during their novitiate experiences The boys reflect on their home lives, their monastic lives and expectations for their futures Highly recommend to anyone visiting Thailand, or who is interested in Buddhism, religious beliefs and daily life abroad in a country that is still very poor in finances and resources.
I really loved this book, I ve been to Thailand a few times and have always loved to see the monks I ve always had a lot of respect for Buddhism but this book gave me even I m slightly ashamed that although I knew that the whole of Thailand wasn t rich, I didn t realise the extent of some of the poverty It tells the stories of the novice monks, many of whom are impoverished and use their time in the monastery to gain further education This is often the only way they can afford education and also relieves their families of the burden of trying to feed them The stories are all different but what shone through for me was the kindness of the monks and what a positive force Buddhism is The last story in particular was so sweet it had me in tears The English monk who wrote the book has set up a fund that helps some of the monks go onto university They will definitely be getting a donation fro The Real Life Stories Of The Novice Monks In Little Angels Reflect The Lives Of Many Youths In Rural Thailand Who Are Trapped In The Vicious Cycle Of Poverty, Broken Homes, Illiteracy And Drug Abuse When All Else Fails, Buddhism Becomes Their Last Resort Providing Them With Physical Shelter And Spiritual Refuge It Heals Their Childhood Traumas And Gives Them A Moral Framework For Living And A Better Outlook On Life Each Individual Story, Heartrending As It May Be, Subtly Shows What Phra Peter Sees And Hopes To Show To Others The Human Face Of Thai Buddhism I thought this book was very depressing I ended up skimming through much of it, as I found a lot of the stories to be redundant I was completely unaware of this problem in Thailand, young boys entering the monastery, not because they wished to someday ordain as monks, but because they wanted to escape poverty, drugs, and get an education It blew my mind to learn that these boys also enter the monastery as a sort of rite of passage from boyhood to manhood, and that not doing so causes a boy to remain immature Overall, I found this book interesting and informative I am glad I read it.
Phra Peter is an English monk who was ordained in the Theravada tradition of Buddhism in London but since has taken up residence in Thailand He has been working with novice monks, many of whom have been sent to monasteries because their parents may not have had the means to look after them The book provides touching portraits of some of the young novices.
Just bought this book Scared to read it, but I must.

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