É Love Spin è Download by É Ann Charlton

É Love Spin è Download by É Ann Charlton Ann Charlton likes her meet cutes with a hostile hero and a indignant heroine ready to teach him a lesson about misjudgments That happens here heroine is chauffeur to hero s uncle and he thinks she is a bad driver and might be having an affair flirtation with the older man It s quickly established like two chapters in that heroine is not a bad driver in fact she was a race car driver before her marriage She is not having an affair She is a widow who is raising her teenage step son.
With that little appetizer we get to the central conflict has a bit meat on it Heroine has to overcome the trauma of her last race, the trauma of her husband s last race that killed him, and the trauma of letting her stepson go ahead with a career in racing The hero actually helps with this as they bo Downgraded to 3 stars from 3.
25 stars Sorry If I hadn t read the blurb again, I would ve forgotten what the MCs s names were This story had many things that I liked 1 A heroine who isn t a slave to her libido.
2 A hero that isn t devastatingly handome3 A non manho hero There aren t many details about his past, but he seemed like was a decent guy when it came to women There wasn t any OW drama during this story and that was nice since the heroine wasn t giving into the hero s suggestions of a relationship.
4 No insta love or lust, for that matter 5 A decent OM, who wasn t a loser.
6 The one intimate scene wasn t too graphic and I appreciated that.
However, there were quite a few things that I didn t like 1 The story felt rushed Even though I would consider this romance of the slow burn variety, I have to say that there were quite a few underdeveloped and then unresolved thi This book ticked all the boxes for a great romance Darcy is working as a chauffeur driving Patrick He is cold and treats her rudely, not knowing that she is really a retired racecar driver Darcy is still grieving the death of her racecar driver husband and is raising her stepson, who also has dreams of racing Darcy is has a bit of PTSD surrounding her husband s crash and her own near accident Patrick also has his share of demons from the past He sees himself as the family screw up even though he is smart, talented, and great at business.
These MCs come together and sparks fly There were several times I was laughing out loud at the funny situations they found themselves in.
These two are obviously attracted but keeps things as friends only They get closer and closer but each hold back for reasons of their own The angst was mild in this story but the roman He Made Her Remember The Way She Used To BeDarcie S Past As A Racing Car Driver Was Ancient History After Her Husband S Death In A Grand Prix Race, She Refused To Lose Her Stepson, Matt, That Way Nowadays, She Only Drove As A ChauffeurEverything Changed When She Began, Driving For Patrick Stafford He Had All The Sensitivity Of A Centurion Tank And The Power And Though He Wasn T Her Type, He Stirred Her To Desire For The First Time In Three YearsDarcie Wondered If She Had The Courage For A Comeback As A Driver Or As A Woman

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