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[ Pdf Medusas Destiny (Monsters and Gargoyles Book 1) å dark-fantasy PDF ] by Lacey Carter Andersen ☆ I absolutely loved this take on medusa This was fantastically written I love the back story behind medusa and her overall personality It also makes you think that would the monsters in myths be actual horrible monsters I loved this book by Lacey Carter Anderson I love the characters, the World, and the storyline she created I loved a different take on Medusa not being the villain everyone thinks she is The chemistry of her Gargoyles Byron, Harold, Forrest, and Marcus was smoking Hot I really enjoyed this storyhad me hooked from the beginning Medusa is smart, strong, and selflessthe gargoyles never stood a chance against her sweet nature I really love that She is a tough woman who has survived many horrors in her two thousand some years She is lonely and has experienced a lot of heartbreak, but still retains her humanity and respect for human life No matter the bad that she has unintentionally committed and the fear and disgust she is shown by everyone, Medusa continues to strive to be a good person This was an amazing read Everyone Likes A Hero But A Scary Monster Not So Much And That S Exactly What I Am, A Monster Medusa A Woman Who Can Turn Anyone Into Stone With Just A Glance Is It Any Wonder I M Such A Screw Up The Thing Is, Maybe I Want Than Just To Be A Monster I Really Do Living Forever, Feared And Hated By Everyone Around You, Is About As Miserable As You Can Imagine And Now, I Ve Been Kidnapped By The Enemy Gargoyles Three Sexy Men Who Confuse The Heck Out Of Me, Because I M Not Sure If They Re Going To Be My Destruction Or My Salvation I Guess, We Ll See MEDUSA S DESTINY Is The First Book In An Exciting New Reverse Harem Series It S Also A Whychoose Romance, Meaning That The Focus Is On The Woman, And She Doesn T Have To Choose Between Her Hotties It S Steamy, Funny, And A World I Hope You Dive Right Into Medusa s Destiny is so steamy that I needed a break to fan myself cuz things got HOT lol Next thing I knew the author had me wanting tissues at certain moments in the story So let s just say this book is pretty awesome We all know the story of Medusa, the evil gorgon who turns people to stone Well, this story takes that one and flips it on its head Medusa is an awesome character She s engaging and truly fascinating I love how the author put this story together She gives us a unique twist on the story but still holds to things that we are familiar with in the original We easily get to see that the real monsters in this storyisn t the one that has been labeled as such, but are the ones who deceive themselves into believing that they are doing what is right Th SweetThere was something sweet about this tale, along with the underlying message that what you think you know may be wrong Shades of gray people, shades of gray.
Pros Medusa 2,000 years old and still dealing with the same crap The guys they all kinda blended in the story, but they each still played their role well Cons Fast burn that felt it could have benefited from slowing down More questions read the next one in the series But yes, this tale is stand alone, but the world goes on.
Stone hard Fast burn RH about a monster who changes the world view of monster killing gargoyles one sweet and snarky quip at a time I loved the authors interpretation of Medusa and she definitely tugged on the heart strings The book ends in a HFN, and the story arc changes to another monster and gargoyle quad But prejudices don t end with a happily ever after, and while some gargoyles are enlightened and learn from their mistakes, old habits die hard and the lives of monsters are still at stake Can t wait to read the next one Pros it s a book about Medusa Ista lust, not Ista love In the beginningthey have always a hard on her past raises sympathy.
Cons they have always a hard on it s a standalone It feels Rush the guys aren t very characterized the magic vagina strikes again After a night together they all fall in love.

A beautiful taleThis was quite interesting A kidnapping A strange romantic fall into love A terrible wrenching polarizing belief system And a whole lot of, well, hoping against hope Also, Athens is intense I don t like her at all A Easy 3 STARSWhen I saw the blurb for this, I was so excited, a book that puts a twist on Greek mythology, where the monsters aren t really monsters in this case Medusa isn t the frightening horrible women she is depicted to be through legends sounds great.
The premise of this is fab, but whilst this was an enjoyable light read, it wasn t the little gem I was hoping it would be In this reverse harem, enemies to lovers book, things heat up pretty quick between Medusa and her Gargoyles, a little intimacy and emotional layers would have added depth And it would have been nice if each of Medusa s guys were developed as characters I would have loved some rich world building, especially considering the premise Overall a nice light read, I m looking forward to book two in the series Acquired via KU.
Short, I liked that it was an alternative story about Medusa but it could have been longer

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