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✓ Metropolis ð Download by ☆ Philip Kerr Sadly, last March British author Philip Kerr passed away Kerr was a prolific writer of over thirty books, including works of adult fiction and non fiction, in addition to writing children s books under the name, P B Kerr At the time of his death he had just completed his last novel entitled, Metropolis, the last iteration of his successful Bernie Gunther series that dealt with German history from the 1920s through the Cold War Kerr, one of my favorite purveyors of historical fiction consistently laid out his view of Nazism, its effect on Germany, and how Germany navigated the Cold War through the eyes of Gunther Metropolis is the 14th book in the series and the reader has experienced the progression of Gunther from his time as a Berlin detective, a reluctant member of the Gestapo, and the course of his c I ve been with Bernie Gunther on this long ride and now it is over Philip Kerr has died and this is the last book that he will ever write about Berlin s detective Those who have been following Gunther through the Second World War and beyond now have the opportunity to read about how it all began This book deals with Berlin during the post World War I period and how Bernie Gunther becomes an expert in murder and other crimes.
Here is how one of his mates at his boarding house describes Germany and the Metropolis The show is very empty and pretentious, it s true But these days, tell me what isn t If you ask me, the inflation didn t just affect our money, but everything else, too Sex, drinking, drugs, nightlife, art, you name it It s like everything is rampantly out of control, you know E Berlin The Dying Days Of The Weimar Republic Shortly Before Hitler And The Nazis Came To Power It Was A Period Of Decadence And Excess As Berliners After The Terrible Slaughter Of WWI And The Hardships That Followed Are Enjoying Their Own Version Of Babylon Bernie Is A Young Detective Working In Vice When He Gets A Summons From Bernard Weiss, Chief Of Berlin S Criminal Police He Invites Bernie To Join KIA Criminal Inspection A The Supervisory Body For All Homicide Investigation In Kripo Bernie S First Task Is To Investigate The Silesian Station Killings Four Prostitutes Murdered In As Many Weeks All Of Them Have Been Hit Over The Head With A Hammer And Then Scalped With A Sharp KnifeBernie Hardly Has Time To Acquaint Himself With The Case Files Before Another Prostitute Is Murdered Until Now, No One Has Shown Much Interest In These Victims There Are Plenty In Berlin Who D Like The Streets Washed Clean Of Such Degenerates But This Time The Girl S Father Runs Berlin S Foremost Criminal Ring, And He S Prepared To Go To Extreme Lengths To Find His Daughter S KillerThen A Second Series Of Murders Begins Of Crippled Wartime Veterans Who Beg In The City S Streets It Seems That Someone Is Determined To Clean Up Berlin Of Anyone Less Than Perfect The Voice Of Nazism Is Becoming A Roar That Threatens To Drown Out All Others But Not Bernie Gunther S This is the fourteenth Bernie Gunther novel and, sadly, the last to be published after the tragic loss of Phiip Kerr last year I read the first Bernie Gunther novel in 1989 and was delighted when Kerr brought the character back in 2006, after the initial trilogy, which was completed in 1991 During the series, Kerr wrote about the life of Gunther before, during, and after, WWII The previous book, Greeks Bearing Gifts, was set in the 1950 s and I had, half hoped, that Philip Kerr would have had the opportunity to complete Gunther s life story and, even, possibly, give him a happy ending This instalment, though, is set in 1928 I do love the early years of Gunther s career, as a Berlin detective and, as such, I am pleased that this series does finish when our anti hero is young and not aware of all the problems awaiting him Perhaps that is how it should be.
It is 1928, Weimar Germany Set in 1928 during the Weimar Republic, this features a younger, innocent, less cynical Bernie Gunther who has just joined the murder squad in Berlin and is on the trail of not one, but two serial killers one targeting prostitutes, the other cleaning the streets of begging wounded war veterans.
For me, this has the strengths and weaknesses of the other books in this series for one, the story is overlong, bloated with filler Kerr is never one to leave any research unused so there are endless descriptions of the precise route that Bernie takes every time he leaves the house police building he can t pick up a reichsmark note without lecturing us on the man whose portrait is on the note, even though he s never heard of him and it s irrelevant anyway.
It s also notable that many men, including Bernie, seem to suddenly be feminists I wonder if this is Kerr s response to So the inevitable last book of the Bernie Gunther books has arrived, Philip Kerr died last year in March just days before the release of the previous Bernie Gunther novel I expected that to be last one and bless his heart he had another one for us in stock I love the little introduction that Ian Rankin provided for this book and love the gentleness he lays in there when he speaks about his friend and fellow writer he shall be missed I expect this book to be a bittersweet experience it being the last book of a really brilliant series written by a man who has passed away and shall never be able to hear the praise it undoubtedly will receive.
This final installment of the Bernie Gunther books is in essence a prequel, a return to the beginnings of Bernie Gunther as a policeman for the Berlin Mordkommision In the opening we see him being asked to join the Murder squad by his new b My first Bernie Gunther is also the last written by Philip Kerr, who died shortly after completing the book.
The story was enjoyable and had some great descriptions of Weimar Germany, along with characters who were alive in those days playing larger or walk on parts in this Metropolis.
Bernie himself is a Great War veteran and is affected and influenced by his experiences throughout his adventure He has just been recruited from vice to the murder department, and is immediately immersed into murders that are worrying his boss and some parts of Berlin society Our Man needs to help his experiences colleagues connect the pieces and stop the killer or killers.
At the end of the book are some author notes in real life people who feature in the story.
A good read and one that will set me off reading the others This book needed no prior knowle I ve been with Bernie Gunther since the beginning 1989 and the publication of March Violets the first in the series of 14 novels about a street savvy Berlin police detective whose working life as a cop mirrors the rise of Nazism in 1930 s Germany through the years of World War II and beyond to a divided Germany of the Cold War era Over the 1930 s, 1940 s and 1950 s, I ve travelled with him throughout Germany to various towns and cities in Eastern Europe and to Cuba, Greece, Argentina and even Monte Carlo.
Bernie started out as a policeman but when the Nazis gained power he resigned from the force and became a private detective, although the Nazis never forgot about him and he was forced into carrying out investigations for the regime s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and Reinhard Heydrich, one of the main arc

Berlin in 1928 is between two epochs the Weimer Republic is at its dusk, and the Third Reich is just about to arrive Berlin is still the city of decadence, cabarets, WW1 veterans, however, new ideas are on the horizon Bernie Gunther is a only a young detective, tasked with finding the culprit behind brutal murders of four young women He already has the perfect sense of investigating the crime that he will only master in his future cases Philip Kerr s portrayal of Berlin is just perfect,and it matches the way I envision it in the the 1920s Truly loved this last book with Bernie, and, as I listened to the audiobook, I can only add that John Lee s interpretation is a masterpiece.
The book is entitled Metropolis, not just because of the appearance of Fritz Lang, but because the main character might be better described as Berlin than even Bernie Gunther Here, Kerr gives us a taste of early Gunther, right when he was promoted to the homicide bureau, putting his detective mind to work solving a case of a serial murderer roaming the streets of Berlin But, best of all, Kerr places Gunther in a time of Weimar Germany with the whole country still suffering from its bitter defeat in World War One There s a darkness festering in the air And, some areas are filled with the raunchiest of nightclubs and cabarets and sex clubs, a real Sodom and Gommorah Legless veterans who survived the trenches are begging in the railway stations Prostitutes line the alleys and the world is bitter, cynical The Nazis are advancing towards 1933, but they re not yet in power as their evil spect

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