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✓ Midnight Shadows (Wildefire, #3) ñ Download by ✓ Ella Grace This is a great finish to the Wilde sisters story It brings out all the emotions that any reader wants during a great story I highly recommend this story If you ve not read 12 in this series Don t wait another minute You ll love them as much as this one I m a HUGE fan of Ella Grace aka Christy Reece I know I will always get a story that has me cheering, crying and ending with a sigh of happiness, when I read the last line She always write evil villains and scary scenarios that make me triple check that my doors are locked at night Great read The third book in Ella Grace s aka Christy Reese Wildefire series Sabrina Wilde is the third triplet from the small Alabama town of Midnight The story begins the day she meets Ian Mackenzie, another private investigator, while she was on a case A woman suspected her husband of cheating They hook up and have a casual relationship through the years Forward to present day, Sabrina Bri gets into a bit of a pickle while undercover on a case and Ian manages to save her She returns to Midnight but the case she was on comes back to haunt her.
I loved Ian but I have to admit I wasn t loving Sabrina Even when the reason for some of her stupid actions was revealed, I thought it were a flimsy excuse Nonetheless, she gets her HEA I just thought it took too long for her to come to her senses But truly, I loved this series and I do recommend it Known As The Wild Child Of Midnight, Alabama, Sabrina Wilde Has Worked Hard To Earn That Reputation But Beneath The Tough Girl Fa Ade Lies A Hurting, Vulnerable Heart Fiercely Loyal And Protective Of Those She Loves, Sabrina Will Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Her Loved Ones SafePrivate Investigator Ian Mackenzie Has Loved Sabrina For Years Understanding Her Pain And Wariness Of Commitment Doesn T Stop Him From Hoping That Someday She Will Trust Him With Her Heart When Sabrina Puts Herself In Jeopardy, Willing To Sacrifice Her Life To Save Others, Ian Has No Choice But To Foil Her Plans He Never Knew What It Would Cost HimAs Evil Descends Upon Midnight And Sabrina S Worst Nightmares Are Realized, She Is Forced Into An Impossible Position Trust Her Loved Ones With Her Shameful Secret Or Forever Live In The Shadows Of The PastOne Man Is Determined That She Doesn T Survive To Do Either Had the timing for Bri s big secret been quicker in the book, I would have given this a higher rating But by the time we had the big reveal, Ian and I were both sick of her wishy washiness Ian you did the right thing by kicking her to the curb and you should have made her grovel a bit before you took her back But that is ok, I know which head was in control.
22 12 Pros I only picked up two editing errors The hero, Ian, wasn t an arsehole.
Cons The heroine, Sabrina, was foolhardy and reckless She was also an idiot her excuse for being hyper vigilant about the safety of her family and the entire town was ridiculous She treated Ian like crap I think in an attempt by Grace to turn the whole women want commitment, men want a one night stand thing on its head, but that s no excuse as it s crap coming from either gender I saw the twist coming from the moment we met the character who brought it about I never felt much for Ian and Sabrina s relationship, they felt lukewarm together and I wouldn t have been bothered if they d decided to go their separate ways by the end I really only finished reading this so that I could put an end to the series For me the series got worse the longer it went on and this should be rated lower than t Midnight Shadows3 StarsThe final book in Ella Grace s aka Christy Reece Wildefire series, Midnight Shadows continues the secondary plotline from the previous installment when Sabrina Wilde goes undercover in an attempt to protect a client from a notorious crime boss Things do not go has planned, however, and Sabrina soon finds herself in over her headAlthough the suspense plot is stronger than in the first two books, Ian and Sabrina s romance does not live up to expectations primarily due to the fact that Sabrina is an unappealing heroine Her apparent death wish, TSTL moments, and constant rejection of Ian despite his obvious love for her contribute to the negative impression of her character Moreover, she is also keeping a secret an exceedingly annoying trope that turns out to be rather ridiculous and not worth the angst it causes.
Ian, in contrast, is a fant When I give a book 5 stars it must be something special I want to be moved by a story and that is exactly what you get with this Ella Grace book I had so many emotions while reading it, but at the end of the book I realized I didn t want it to end, that is when you know you have read something great I loved the chemistry between Sabrina and Ian and the fact their HEA wasn t an easy road Their struggle was so real and the bond was so well written I also loved that the entire family was featured, they weren t front and center but getting to catch up with their lives and see what was happening since the last book.
I don t know what is next for Midnight, but I do know that it will be on my must buy list

The final instalment of the Wildefire Trilogy was well worth the wait Book three focuses on Sabrina Bri Wilde and Ian Mackenzie It starts with how the two meet, and then jumps forward to now and revolves around they tying up of lose ends with regards to Lauren Kendall, a client of the girls Wildefire Security company This book had me going through every emotion from laughter at Bri s favourite saying lowlife, scum sucking Insert appropriate insult here , to holding my breath when the unexpected happened and almost tears when Bri finally opens up to her sisters and Ian It was a great conclusion to the series, full of twists and turns and had me not wanting to put my kindle down I can only hope that the author dec originally posted on The Book NymphoQuick summarySabrina Bri Wilde returned to her hometown of Midnight inexplicably six months ago Now we learn the reason why as she s been vigilant daily in monitoring the town for unwelcome visitors Of course it s related to work she was conducting in Florida, sort of with her former partner and still current lover, Ian Mackenzie What I lovedThere s much tension and suspense in this story compared to the first two books in the series That doesn t mean the romance takes a back seat because I can t think of too many men romantic and sexier than Ian He s constantly challenged by the commitment phobic Sabrina and never fails to meet them beautifully He s always got her back and saves her hide on numerous occasions The villains are truly awful, scary and always in the background when So sad that this steamy southern suspense trilogy is completeted I would have enjoyed having the series continue with the male PI colleagues of the sisters That probably isn t in the cards, though as Grace s Christy Reece alter ego has a new series just started, and it took forever for her to get this last book out A little OTT at the end, and the reason behind Sabrina s issues was a bit of a dud but the the overall story was well worth the read Great evil, smarmy villain Good book, good RS series.

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