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[Joseph Slate] ✓ Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten (Miss Bindergarten Books) [army-of-northern-virginia PDF] Read Online Ô 1 Awards None2 Grades Pre school Kindergarten3 Summary Miss Bindergarten is getting her classroom all set up to welcome the students on their first day of kindergarten While Miss Bindergarten is setting up her classroom, we get introduced to her students in alphabetical order Miss Bindergarten has her classroom ready just in time as the students walk into their first day of school 4 Review I loved this book as a child What a nice book to read to your students on the last day of pre school or the first day of kindergarten 5 In Class Use a This is a great book to review the alphabet with It does not deliberately state that A is for.
, instead it highlights the letters as they appear b This can also be used as prompt to get kids talking or wr Title Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for KindergartenAuthor Joseph SlateIllustrator Ashley WolffGenre Concept Book, Alphabet BookTheme s Alphabet, Kindergarten, animalsOpening line sentence It is the first day of kindergarten, and oh, oh, oh Adam Krupp wakes up Brief Book Summary Miss Bindergarten prepares her classroom for the first day of kindergarten Her students, who each begin with a different letter of the alphabet, are also getting ready for the big day at home Emotions are high, as the students and Miss Bindergarten anxiously prepare in this humorous alphabet book Professional Recommendation Review 1 The Horn Book Guide Online In an ingenious alphabet and animal identification book, Miss Bindergarten a dog and her new students animals from A to Z get ready for the first day of school There s much to look at in the ch It S The First Day Of Kindergarten And Miss Bindergarten Is Hard At Work Getting The Classroom Ready For Her Twenty Six New Students Meanwhile, Adam Krupp Wakes Up, Brenda Heath Brushes Her Teeth, And Christopher Beaker Finds His Sneaker Miss Bindergarten Puts The Finishing Touches On The Room Just In Time, And The Students Arrive Now The Fun Can Begin This Rhyming, Brightly Illustrated Book Is The Perfect Way To Practice The Alphabet And To Introduce Young Children To Kindergarten Multifaceted And Appealing, This Book Can Be Enjoyed In Many Ways, At Home And At School The New York Times Book Review Not one we wanted to read over and over again, yet all my kids enjoyed it, preschoolers and older alike It reinforces the letters of the alphabet through alliteration, while going over activities that happen in Kindergarten I d put it at a level 1 reading level, since it s not labeled A good book when learning the alphabet or trying to find books to get a child ready for Kindergarten.
Rhyming and repetition are two elements included in this book and are one reason why this would be a great book for young readers This would be a perfect choice of book to read to students on their first day of kindergarten because it shows other students and the teacher getting ready for their first day as well One thing I enjoyed about this book was that even though the text does not say the type of animal explicitly, a child can guess by using the picture and the name of the animal For example, one line reads, Gwen McGunny packs her bunny, and the picture next to the text is a picture of a gorilla putting a stuffed animal bunny in her backpack, so a child can determine that this is Gwen the Gorilla The first letter of each name is also enlarged, bold, and colorful, which makes it significant that the name is related to the type of animal This book uses fairly simple langu There have been an awful lot of books lately about school Not just we are kids and we re in school types but here we are getting ready for school The actual event of going to school, especially for the first time IS the major plot event And kudos to that It IS a big event It IS a big deal It IS a great event on its own Simple yet important and a big milestone And it isn t easy and it takes a lot This book takes that even further It addresses the teacher Usually the teacher is just a nice lady waiting to hug you every day and give you A s and F s and break up your fights But here, you not only see how much effort it takes for the kids to get ready but a major focus is on the teacher and just how much it takes for a kindergarten teacher to prepare This fictional children s book could be used for something of an anticipatory set for all of Kindergartener It also contains creatures names for each letter of the alphabet and a rhyme scheme Through the reading of this book kindergarteners could be asked to put a thumbs up if they did what the current animal is doing in the picture In this way it could become an early lesson in comprehension and relating to a text After finishing the teacher may ask, if nobody has already mentioned it, that the book showed the alphabet, I m sure many of you already know the alphabet, and if you don t you will learn this year If you already know the alphabet, I want you to really think about how this book showed letters from the alphabet being used in meaningful ways This book had another skill in it that we are going to be working on during the year rhyming Then the teacher may also give a quick desc

1 Awards None2 Appropriate grade level s Kindergarten and First Grade3 original 3 line summary This book is about a new kindergarten class getting ready in the morning for the first day of Kindergarten It lists all different names of students by the order of the alphabet The book shows the reader what each student and the teacher do in the morning to get ready to start the first day 4 original 3 line review I think this is a great book to read to young children since they can all relate to getting ready for the first day of school The book might even bring up some children s names they know so they can feel like they can interact with it The names can be familiar to them, making the letter they start with have a personal connection to the child 5 2 3 possible in class uses Have the students draw what they did to prepare This is a great kids book Every other page you see Miss Bindergarten setting up for the first day of kindergarten And every other page there are 3 or 4 kids getting ready and going to the first day of class kindergarten What s so great about this book is it incorporates the alphabet in two ways In the back of the book is a cast of characters A through Z of types of different animals Those animals names also are A through Z When we first meet the kids, Adam the alligator and Brenda the Beaver and Christopher the cat are waking up for the big day Well done and colorful and gives children a look into kindergarten A classic for this time of year It is inclusive with an animal in a wheel chair 8 28 12Used again 8 28 13Used again in story time 8 27 14Used for TEC back to school story time for PreK s 8 11 15Huge hit in Story Time Small group, but they were so excited they couldn t remain seated.

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