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✓ Read Ö Muqtada: Muqtada al-Sadr, the Shia Revival, and the Struggle for Iraq by Patrick Cockburn ✓ Time Magazine Listed Him As One Of Its People Who Shape Our World Newsweek Featured Him On Its Cover Under The Headline How Al Sadr May Control US Fate In Iraq Paul Bremer Denounced Him As A Bolshevik Islamist And Ordered That He Be Captured Dead Or Alive Who Is Muqtada Al Sadr, And Why Is He So Vital To The Future Of Iraq And, Arguably, The Entire Middle East In This Compellingly Readable Account, Prize Winning Journalist Patrick Cockburn Tells The Story Of Muqtada S Rise To Become The Leader Of Iraq S Poor Shi Ites And The Resistance To The Occupation Cockburn Looks At The Killings By Saddam S Executioners And Hit Men Of The Young Cleric S Father, Two Brothers, And Father In Law His Leadership Of The Seventy Thousand Strong Mehdi Army The Fierce Rivalries Between Him And Other Shia Religious Leaders His Complex Relationship With The Iraqi Government And His Frequent Confrontations With The American Military, Including Battles That Took Place In Najaf In The Portrait That Emerges Is Of A Complex Man And A Sophisticated Politician, Who Engages With Religious And Nationalist Aspirations In A Manner Unlike Any Other Iraqi LeaderCockburn, Who Was Among The Very Few Western Journalists To Remain In Baghdad During The Gulf War And Has Been An Intrepid Reporter Of Iraq Ever Since, Draws On His Extensive Firsthand Experience In The Country To Produce A Book That Is Richly Interwoven With The Voices Of Iraqis Themselves His Personal Encounters With The Mehdi Army Include A Tense Occasion When He Was Nearly Killed At A Roadblock Outside The City Of KufaThough It Often Reads Like An Adventure Story, Muqtada Is Also A Work Of Painstaking Research And Measured Analysis That Leads To A Deeper Understanding Both Of One Of The Most Critical Conflicts In The World Today And Of The Man Who May Well Be A Decisive Voice In Determining The Future Of Iraq When The Americans Eventually Leave This is a valuable book if you want to understand the religious context behind the political struggle in Iraq today Violent circumstances forged the personality of the firebrand cleric and precipitated his rise to leadership of the major grassroots political movement in Iraq Muqtada has personally experienced what Iraqi citizens as a whole and Shiites in particular have gone through It is not fun reading I don t think we have no idea what we have done, what we are doing, or what we have gotten ourselves into in Iraq.
Cockburn is one of the few journalists writing on Iraq that is doing a good job of it The first half of this book lays out the context for Muqtada a rise to the top of the Shia resistance in Iraq, starting with the death of Imam Ali up to the horrid repression of the Shia under Saddam Cockburn clearly lays out the context for Muqtada s ability to become the leader of millions of Shia underclass and the most formidable opponent to the U.
S regime His reporting is even handed and detailed, which is impressive given the enormous complexity of Iraq today One of the things I liked most about this book is that it deals with Iraq from the standpoint of Iraq, not the U.
, placing the current war in a continuum of Iraqi history It shows the U.
S as one player in a complicated war with multiple sides and layers The name sake of this book is not introduced until over halfway through the book Before this, we are treated to the context in which the Shia primarily the poor Shia found themselves at the end of Saddam s rule Particularly relevant is the history of martyrs the Shia revere and the recent history of Shi ism in Iraq This book should be read by anyone professing to have current knowledge of Iraq.
Currently, there are three main Shia factions in the Iraqi government The SIIC was formerly the SCIRI, in command of the Badr Militia or the Badr Corps This group is distrusted by many shia as they did not help in the attempted overthrow of saddam in the first gulf war They are the most pro american of the three, and spend Saddam s rule living in Iran Dawa began as the political arm of a movement started by Baqir al Sadr Muqtada s step father and sponsors Clergyman cinder 2004 2004 2007 350 2013 Saddam fell in 2003 World witnessed the fall in shock and awe as US bombed Iraq The US liberated Iraq from Saddam s atrocity Did they Is it the complete truth What was on US agenda when they went for him How much is known what happened to Iraq post that How many of us know the rise of ISIS began from Al Qaeda of Iraq That US worked hand in hand with Saddam to fight against Iran That US provided the exact locations of the enemy to Saddam so that he can use chemical weapons, the very reason they used to invade Iraq I watched number of documentaries but there was always something that was left out Since 2003 so much has happened on political, religious and security front in Iraq that its difficult to get the complete understanding, as is Though the book is titled Muqtada, the book is much than him Its goes decades back to understand the 2003 I An outstanding book that details the reign and fall of Saddham, the manoevering of the varied political religious military entities in Iraq and how Muqtada Al Sadr is trying to fill the vacuum vacated by Saddham The narrative is fluid and explains the different shia and sunni sects, their genesis to the present day manifestation, which is core to the issues being played out in Iraq As Christopher Hitchens puts it No serious student of Iraq has failed to incur a debt to the intrepid and intelligent Patrick Cockburn.
A balanced and readable account of the machinations of Shi ism in Iraq Although framed around Muqtadah al Sadr, the volume provides an overview of not only the history of modern Shi ism in Iraq, but also provides an insights on how this different strand of Islam operates in the lives of the Shi a faithful Since there are a lot of misconceptions about Shi ism amongst Sunni Muslims, this book offers not only a detailed glimpse of what s going on inside post invasion Iraq, but an introduction to Shi ism as well Roughly the first nine chapters deal with the history of Shi ism under Saddam Hussein until the 2003 invasion by the United States The final few chapters finally manage to focus solely on the book s namesake The author, a brave and experience journalist, does his best to be balanced and, based on what I can see, he does admir Patrick Cockburn is simply the best there is This book s a good complement to his writings on Isis and the spread of Sunni extremism After the American invasion in 2003, Muqtada al Sadr became the voice of Iraq s vast Shia underclass While most western media accounts portray him as a dangerous fanatic, Cockburn instead shows the cleric to be unusually canny and principled Apparently he tried to form a common front to resist the occupation, but to no avail He was unable to restrain his followers from engaging in horrible sectarian violence against their Sunni brothers One important difference between Shia militias versus Sunni jihadists seems to be the importance of external sponsorship It s easy to assume the Islamic Republic funds and supports Shia death squads much like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States do Sunni ones It makes for a This book is both an invaluable work about Iraq, and kind of a mess It s a mess because so little information can be obtained directly about Muqtada Cockburn has done a good job of pulling together what can be gotten, though he ends up with a book that s about the history of Shiite Iraq than a bio of Muqtada The story is far from ended, and it seems to hit a brick wall in the last chapter, but some of that is simply because there s no end to the story yet.
I learned a LOT about Shiite history, Iraqi history, and interestingly Iranian history Most importantly, I withdraw my oft stated view that the Iraq war and Saddam s fall handed de facto control of the Gulf region to Iran I was getting that idea from what I believed to be good sources, but it appears to be a blockheaded

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