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[ Pdf Thicker Than Water ¹ mineralogy PDF ] by Oyinkan Braithwaite Ð Pulpy, Peppery And Sinister, Served Up In A Comic DeadpanThis Scorpion Tailed Little Thriller Leaves A Response, And A Sting, You Will RememberNEW YORK TIMES The Wittiest And Most Fun Murder Party You Ve Ever Been Invited ToMARIE CLAIRELONGLISTED FOR THE WOMEN S PRIZEA Short, Darkly Funny, Hand Grenade Of A Novel About A Nigerian Woman Whose Younger Sister Has A Very Inconvenient Habit Of Killing Her BoyfriendsFemi Makes Three, You Know Three And They Label You A Serial Killer Korede Is Bitter How Could She Not Be Her Sister, Ayoola, Is Many Things The Favorite Child, The Beautiful One, Possibly Sociopathic And Now Ayoola S Third Boyfriend In A Row Is DeadKorede S Practicality Is The Sisters Saving Grace She Knows The Best Solutions For Cleaning Blood, The Trunk Of Her Car Is Big Enough For A Body, And She Keeps Ayoola From Posting Pictures Of Her Dinner To Instagram When She Should Be Mourning Her Missing Boyfriend Not That She Gets Any CreditKorede Has Long Been In Love With A Kind, Handsome Doctor At The Hospital Where She Works She Dreams Of The Day When He Will Realize That She S Exactly What He Needs But When He Asks Korede For Ayoola S Phone Number, She Must Reckon With What Her Sister Has Become And How Far She S Willing To Go To Protect HerSharp As Nails And Full Of Deadpan Wit, Oyinkan Braithwaite S Deliciously Deadly Debut Is As Fun As It Is Frightening 3.
5 stars rounded up My Sister, the Serial Killer is a unique novella following the perspective of a young woman, Korede, living in Lagos, Nigeria Heavy emphasis on the word novella.
Korede is a nurse and seems to lead a fairly normal life she is on the straight and narrow, if you will Normal until you discover that Korede s younger sister, Ayoola, kills all of her boyfriends and then Korede cleans up the messYou re a big sister now, Korede And big sisters look after little sistersApparently, this is the sentiment that Korede was raised with and now, no matter what her sister does, she feels obligated to PROTECT HER from everything Protect her The witch is crazy She shows no remorse or empathy for the things she does At one point, Korede muses,I am haunted by her actions than she isYeah No kidding I did fluctuate throughout the story between feeling bad for Ko Clever novel about two sisters, one of whom is a serial killer, the other the resentful, yearning enabler The satirical bent works really well here because it walks that fine line of being, given the contretemps, entirely plausible Interesting observations about social media, men and what they want, and women who see right through them Well worth a read.

My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite is a 2018 Doubleday books publication Genius That provocative title and amazing cover art certainly piques one s curiosity Noticing all the positive reactions the book received, I just had to see for myself if it was worth all the kudos Well, I have to say, this is my kind of book Seriously, I really, really, really love satire and dark humor I do understand it is often an acquired taste, but it takes a special kind of creativity and balance to pull it off Dark humor and satire are often very subtle and if you aren t in on the joke, it can sail right over your head It requires a little effort, from the reader, too, on occasion, and that is the case with this book.
Family is supposed to help one another out, right Set in Nigeria, amid a corrupt system of law and order, Korede is forever coming to the aid of her Femi makes three, you know Three, and they label you a serial killer.
In case you haven t noticed, Oyinkan Braithwaite s My Sister, the Serial Killer has been taking the social media scene by storm the past few weeks And I get it the cover art is pardon my pun killer and the title exudes a certain titillation that will make a reader quickly reach for the book on the shelf For me, My Sister, the Serial Killer, was an easy, brisk read that I mostly read in one sitting And I was additionally excited to read it when I realized that the author and I graduated from the same university in England and likely had the same creative writing instructors The short chapters some only a few sentences long created the effect of breezing through the novel at record speed, which is a plus, but it also created a few issues for this narrative.
Oyinkan Braithwaite s debut novel fo

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