Ü Night's Sorceries ë Download by Å Tanith Lee

Ü Night's Sorceries ë Download by Å Tanith Lee Although this volume is perhaps the weakest of the 5 published in the Flat Earth series, the consistent flavor of the writing, the energy of the phantasmagorical imagery and the lovely, cyclical ending keep it consistent with the brilliance of the rest of the series.
This road took me fifteen years to complete Since I read Night s Master, the flat earth of Tanith Lee has become a part of me This particular book, the last in the series, is similar to that very first one separate stories barely conected between them, without much of the epicness of the fourth book The great characters and unbound imagination, alas, persisted in all of them.
In The Age Of Demons, When The Earth Was Still Flat, Prince Chuz, Delusion S Master, Stole Azhriaz, Daughter Of The Demon Lord Of Night, From The Underworld Citadel Meant To Be Her Eternal Prison Pursued By The Vengeful Lord Of Night, Chuz And Azhriaz Fled To The World Above, To The Lands Of Mortal Men, Seeking A Haven For Their LoveYet When Demons Dwelt In The Realm Of Men, Terror And Wonders Were Bound To Result And So It Was For All Who Came In Contact With Chuz, Azhriaz, And Their Dread Pursuer As All Three Worked Their Powerful Sorceries, Men And Women, From The Highest Lords To The Lowest Peasants, Were Led Into New Kingdoms Of Enchantment Where A Man Could Learn To Commune With Beasts, Where Magicians Found Their Spells Recast, Where A Woman S Kindness Could Turn Back Time, And Where A Mortal Might Fulfill A Prophecy That Would Place The Very Sun And Moon Within His Grasp Incidental tales to the grander ones of earlier books in the series In the night, by the side of a crackling fireplace, Lee whispers into your ear rich, heady and often hedonistic stories that seem slightly familiar and might offer lessons in life or might be there simply to entertain which they certainly do Dunsany s in there, Clark Ashton Smith is, and there s a smattering of Howard and Vance A good end to the Flat Earth series.
Excellent What can I say A loosely tied collection of short stories in her Flat Earth Universe Reminiscient of Scherezade s Tales The stories are variable in quality, and sometimes seemingly pointless, but it does all come together in the final story.

Das letzte Buch in der Serie um die Flache Erde, eigentlich erg nzende Kurzgeschichten zum Inhalt des vorletzten Vielleicht nicht so pr gnant wie die ersten, aber nach all den Jahren etwas Neues ber die faszinierend d ster bunte Welt zu finden hat sich mehr als gelohnt.
This book contains seven stories, and all of them are somehow connected to Delirium s Mistress There are dark comedies and fairy tales with unexpected twists, which are able to profile the life of Sovaz Azhriaz Atmeh from the viewpoint of different bystanders The last two stories, Game Players and The Daughter of the Magician , relate what happend to Atmeh after the end of previous book, and the ending is so lovely and delightful Besides, there is also a short story about Azhrarn, an important character who appears in all five books in the series Black as a Rose is perhaps the darkest story in this book, and also my favorite.
Tanith Lee you ve done it again After what seemed to me to be a disastrous fourth book my favorite fantasy author has gone back to form and expectedly delivered a fantastic set of stories of myth and magic The stories in this collection take place during the events of Delirium s Mistress One way to think about this collection is as being side stories that expand on the events of Delirium s Mistress and that help to fully explain things better and that in the very end advances the story between Azhriaz and Chuz into a nicely resolved conclusion that brings the series full circle and that was satisfying I admit that I didn t really understand Delirium s Mistress so I might have to go back and re read that one now that this book has better informed my understanding of events In fact, I m going to have to go back and re read the entire series at some point Then that way maybe I ll catch

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