Ø Not Dead Yet (Not Dead Yet #1) ì Download by õ Jenn Burke

Ø Not Dead Yet (Not Dead Yet #1) ì Download by õ Jenn Burke Dying Isn T What It Used To Be Wes Cooper Was Dead Then He Wasn T Though He S Not Exactly Alive, Either As An Immortal Not Ghost, He Can Transition Between This World And The Otherplane, Which Makes Him The Perfect Thief For Hire For Seventy Years He S Made A Living Returning Items To Their Rightful Owners, Seeing His Fair Share Of The Bizarre In The Process But He S Never Witnessed Murder Until Now His Latest Mission Brings Him Than He Bargained For A Very Dead Actor Who Is Definitely Going To Stay That Way It S Just Wes S Luck That His Ex Boyfriend, Detective Hudson Rojas, Is Assigned To The Case Hudson Broke Wes S Heart Years Ago And Could Again, Given He S Rocking A Hot Silver Fox Look That Shouldn T Be LegalAs They Work Together To Track Down The Murderer Before Anyone Else Gets Hurt, It Becomes Clear Wes And Hudson Have Unfinished Business And When A Secret Hudson S Been Keeping Threatens Than Just Their Happiness, It Might Mean The End Of Their Not Life Together PermanentlyThis Book Is Approximately , Words I wouldn t say everything was going honky dory until 31% This did start out pretty rough, the world building wasn t all that fantastic, the writing was average and the MCs had zero chemistry and I didn t really care about either one of them I enjoy second chance romances, but I need to care about why they parted and care about why they should get back together, and that wasn t happening here But the case they were working on was interesting and the setup for that was going well and getting interesting, and that than anything else was keeping me going.
So Wes is a ghost, but he s not He can go solid, and even needs to sleep for some reason, and he drinks coffee and all that jazz But he can go incorporeal too Because, you know, ghost Except not sigh He can t see people clearly when he s incorporeal but he can see everything else just fine very plot handy Though not my usual type of read, Not Dead Yet was a very, very solid paranormal mystery romance, and I had a hard time putting it down.
I m not a mystery lover, but if well written mysteries mixed with a ton of paranormal goodies are your thing, you re going to be in love with this one The romance is a second chance romance, something that is hit or miss for me, but I really enjoyed it here I have a thing for gruff MCs, so the grumpy Rojas worked for me I understood him as a character, and I liked seeing him and Wes together I found the whole part ghost never aging thing that Wes has going on to be intriguing and super well done After you ve read a few hundred paranormal romances, the same old tropes start to get stale, and I think that Jenn Burke made this romance feel fresh and new Also, though it isn t spelled out for us readers, I think Wes is a gray asexual or maybe a demisexua

I totally digged this A thief recovery artist sorry, Wes turned ghost stuck in limbo with ties to the world of the living and the dead with some pretty impressive skills, reconnecting or less involuntarily with his ex lover, a v detective with his own secrets to bear in order to dig into some murders that suddenly turn into a mess hitting too close to home for comfort Movie references Enough snark and exactly my humor to make me crave for an oxygen tent to get in some air when I was not ROFLMAO Great characters down to the last side character Enticing worldbuilding Sign me up for the long haul Sooooo, ever read a book with an age gap where the older guy looks younger than the supposedly mature one No Curious now Okay, consider this my rec to you, then On to the next one 4,5 stars A fabulous alternative universe.
An excellent second chance romance.
A captivating mystery.
This one is a total winner New to me author Jenn Burke really scores with fantastic, original world building, an all engrossing plot and two intriguing MCs.
Wes is an immortal ghost and then again he is not Not telling how this works, but it does One thing s for sure though he really fell hard for Hudson when they were boyfriends over 30 years ago And he still loves him Even if he is trying to talk himself out of his feelings on every possible occasion and desperately tries to ignore them.
Which is just as well because Hudson.
clearly wants nothing to do with him If anything, he comes across as harsh, cynical and mean and stamps on Wesley s feelings every time t

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