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À Read ï Oiorpata by Richard Ferguson ï This book was a huge and pleasant surprise I started reading it because I had to don t ask but very quickly became engrossed in the story and the very well developed characters 4 stars only because I reserve 5 stars for Harlan Coben et al.
Richard Ferguson has written a masterful spy novel here that will blow your socks off The plot centers on Russia as being thoroughly beaten in the Cold War Unfortunately for the USA, that is what the Russians have wanted them to see, and they are far from beaten All throughout this time they have waited to unleash a plot to dominate the world Ferguson allows the plot to unwind through the eyes of a CIA agent Ben, and his counterpart in Russia, a beautiful Soviet agent named Marina.
The author masterfully invites the reader into the minds of these two agents and their closely intertwined lives Through them, the plot unfolds, and the reader is able to see both sides Russian espionage and the US response Even Historical thriller where KGB has big plans to take out all opposition I gave this novel 4 stars because it was a slow start but gained momentum fairly quickly and by the end I couldn t put it down.
Decided on 5 stars because it gathers steam from the beginning to the end.
Like someone esle said, I was fascinated by the story of the female agent Good plot, good characters, good ending.
i thought the book was goodvery well writtenstrong chartersit could me guessingit had some twist turnsand muderi give this book 10 starsthank you for giving me the chance to read this book I had picked up this book based on a 5 star rating given I have never been so thoroughly dissatisfied with a reading experience The style of writing is totally amateurish The character buildup is poor In fact sometimes it staffed towards being incoherent It reminds you of the plot of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy But a far far far inferior version There is absolutely no pace, no tension and no intrigue Avoid this book It s a sheer waste of time, energy and money.
When Those In The Intelligence Community Gather To Drink, They Joke About The Myth Of The Oiorpata, Beautiful Assassins Trained In Seduction And Programmed To Kill Using Firearm, Knife, Bare Hands, Or A Myriad Of Seemingly Benign Objects With Equal Ease The Oiorpata Have Practiced Their Deadly Art Undetected Until NowThe United States And The Western World Have Won The Cold War Or Have They When Ben Gordon, CIA Station Chief, Sets Out To Recreate A Blown Network Of Agents, A Minor KGB Clerk Tells Him Of A Mole In The Highest Ranks Of The CIA Ben Sets Out To Identify The Mole And Along The Way Meets A Woman Who Helps Him, Or Does She The Ben Learns Of The Plot, The Enormous It Becomes Every Discovery Proves To Be Ephemeral, Vanishing To Reveal Something Monstrous And Far Dangerous Behind It All, Soviet Spymaster Alexei Karkarin Uses The World As A Chess Board, Now Feinting A Move, Now Sacrificing A Man To Gain A Queen, Always Anticipating The Future, And With One Goal To Conquer The WorldTheir Memory Erased, Programmed To Hear And Obey Only The Good Words, The Oiorpata Are Perhaps The Most Deadly Creatures Ever Imagined The Woman Known As J Is The Best Except For One Little Thing Of All The Oiorpata, Only She Retains A Wisp Of Memory

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