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[ Pdf Paint Mojo, a Mixed-Media Workshop ✓ public-transport PDF ] by Tracy Verdugo é Sometimes with art books I feel like I m supposed to know something that I don t Within the first few sentences of this book is the title Recognizing and Claiming the Beauty of Your Unique, Authentic Voice I wasn t aware I didn t have this A few of the exercises looked okay, but nothing really technique based inspired me to review this book further The use of lettering was and intriguing technique, but I wasn t able to find anything concrete for a how to.
I love Tracy s work, however, I do not recommend buying this book if you are looking for plenty of technical information and projects She does have some good projects, however, I felt the book had way to much information about life in general I bought the book in an effort to learn mixed media techniques, not to hear stories As, a result I have used this book as a reference twice, I expected a lot.
Claim The Beauty Of Your Unique, Authentic ExpressionBreak Free Of Your Comfort Zone, Sharpen Your Senses To Perceive The World Around You And Find Happiness In Play On This Painterly Journey, Tracy Verdugo Leads You From Self Doubt To Self Appreciation By Helping You Find Your Voice Through A Myriad Of Vibrantly Hued Mark Making, Painting And Self Reflection Techniques There Are No Mistakes Here, Only Opportunities To Learn And GrowLearn The Language Of Your Own Sacred Marks By Painting With Personal SymbologyDiscover The Inspiration That Exists Around You, In Your Home, Your Community, The Present Moment Step By Step Exercises Use Popular Mixed Media Materials Such As Pastels, Acrylic Paints, Inks And See How To Use Art Making To Plant Creative Seeds And Cultivate Your Wildest DreamsTurn On Your Paint Mojo And Make An Awesome, Shiny, Perfectly Imperfect Mark Of You This book had a few projects, most of them were interesting and taught me something new since I m still a beginner at mixed media art Some of them the pictures didn t match up with the instructions and some did which was a bit confusing What this book really is a history and personal feelings of the author with some various other artists thoughts thrown in There is a LOT of reading that didn t teach me anything or speak to me in any way and felt like it was filler and got in the way of what I expected to learn from this book with the title having mixed media workshop in it.
I fell in love with this book I now love mixed media art I love looking at the pictures in the book and trying the projects and ideas using my own ideas too to tweak it First, really loved how the book is spiral bound so it s great while you are laying out your supplies and following along I love Tracy s art and the art she showed in the book was hoping for a little how to, but she does take you step by step in several examples There were a lot of essays and that I hadn t expected It was nice to get to know about her No super new techniques, but a good reminder on basics and also fresh ideas.
Great resource for anyone looking for instructions or inspiration on next projects.
Things I liked Some of the guest articles The inspiration and the spiritual touch The spiral binding The pictures of her paintings The workshops but Things I didn t like The workshops are not in depth and there are not many of them The title is misleading There were also guest articles I didn t like because they didn t had any connection with MM art Too much bio travel fluff I hoped there would be workshops included, especially about how to create art like hers, the layering techniquesbut it s not included in the book I guess the only way to really learn from her is by following a workshop in real life, so you can see how she is painting.

I picked this up for inspiration, and while I liked the colorful art the author creates, this book did not work for me None of the text I mean Simply not my style There are mini artist essays interspersed in this book, and though I already knew and really love some of their work, I was not moved by any of their essays here Not a book I d recommend, though if you are a fan of the author s work and manner of teaching, you ll probably like it.
I liked the book It seems to be a blend of personal stories and art projects There are a lot of other contributors to the book which is something that I usually don t like The ones chosen seem to fit with Tracy s theme and style so I think it was ok I thought there would be art than there was but once again I loved all the stories from all the contributors I am left with a satisfied feeling and the desire to paint Thats a good thing Great job Tracy.

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